Sound of Universal Flow moving through Sun

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This Sound is really the Sound of Universal Flow Moving through our White Sun and through our Centre and I see its movement, reminds flow of water from above. And this Sound I often hear in my left ear sometimes soft, but usually extremely loud. This Sound and the sight of the Flow reminds a Waterfall or a heavy rain coming from above through me. A few times I described this Sound, which I hear, on our sites. Explanation of this Sound, given in this article, is wrong. Nevertheless here is the article and the Sound:

SOLAR RADIO STORM: All week long, sunspot AR2673 has been seething with activity, producing not only a fusillade of strong flares, but also a roar of shortwave radio static. Amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft has kept his radio telescope trained on the sun since the sunspot first appeared: "I have been listening to a intensifying radio storm on the sun for the past four days," he says. "It is one of the strongest I have ever heard." Click to hear a sample of the static-y sounds emerging from his loudspeakers: