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Ascending Human White Souls are visible above Earth !


Election of a president of Russia is planned on 18 March 2018. Earth Humans don't need any physical/non-physical human or alien government! Global government of our Planet must be the Source of All Suns, because we originated from the Source, it is our real HOME ! Millions of SINGLE MOTHERS and those, who mentally supports them, need to demonstrate and announce this decision with such placards (signs) in the streets of cities of Earth's countries! And if we, HUMANS, announce this decision to the whole world, then we will create a enormous Leap in our Evolution. The management of the Planet Earth will be passed on to SINGLE MOTHERS of all countries, because SINGLE MOTHERS are the strongest, the most experienced and the less selfish part of the population of our Planet. Millions of SINGLE MOTHERS are the ones, who've given birth, fed and raised millions of children through the history of our Earth, often taking care of more than one child or adult for years, working and getting less wages, than men! Not many people can do that! It is the sign of Force, Abilities and a Great Tolerance towards Pain and towards  living together with all kinds of people. People can live without alien negative governments in all countries if Negatives don't stick their nose into human affairs! SINGLE MOTHERS can organise people, people can make their own decisions on the spot; they are capable of solving all kinds of problems with natural disasters, with their dwellings, with repare and building new roads, with distribution of food and water, solve problems with waste and with shortage of electricity, with upbringing of children and so on! My mother was participating in WW2 till the end of it, got a few decorations, became an invalid and a homeless pennyless SINGLE MOTHER with 3 children (including myself). I also know from my own experience what it's like to be a homeless pennyless immigrant in another country. We must have no wars, no armies and no aliens globally (they must leave this Planet with our Solar System)! People must declare this openly!
George and I made a few examples of a few appropriate signs in pictures. Compare these signs with those ones during Women's Marches on 20-21 January. New demands people need to announce during demonstrations. We can try to live with such Global System of Earth's management till 11.11.11. But whether we succeed or not is up to us!

My mother was participating in WW2 till the end of it, got a few decorations, became an invalid and a homeless pennyless SINGLE MOTHER with 3 children (including myself)!

There is a photo above showing our new sign (in russian and in english) on the fence of our Centre in Australia ! This sign is an Ultimatum for all aliens to leave our Planet Earth and our Solar System at once! The fact, that this ULTIMATUM WAS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN (ME) IS VERY SIGNIFICANT FOR THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS, BECAUSE OUR OLD UNIVERSE IS 99% - FEMALE, NOT MALE ! What is interesting, that curious White Human Spirits (white spots above) already started gathering around our Sign, looks like they've never seen such a sign!
PERSONALLY, I MENTALLY RUIN ALL OUR WORLDS EVERY DAY AND DON'T SUPPLY THEM WITH MY ENERGY ANYMORE (my energy is in a form of thoughts, emotions, actions). I advise everyone to do the same esp. russians and esp. Women! Be more of an observer-
quiet achiever, this way you will move Home to the Source with the Flow of the Old Universe!
After living in Australia for about 14 years, in 1991 someone asked me what I would like to happen to the Soviet Union? Initially, this question surprised me, then I answered:"I wish this Union would collapse!" Dragons took it into consideration (I obviously wasn't the only one, who wished the same) and that same year the rotten foundation of the Soviet Union started collapsing! There were no real socialism there, no real Communist Party, just total hypocrisy, a party of chameleons: real socialists were removed from this Union, from Earth long ago. Constant party appeals to build Communism in the Soviet Union in the future was total illusion, because Communism can't be build on the 3d physical level Planet with Planetery Game on it! The vibration of the Earth was/is too low for that. Communism starts from higher vibrational level 5th and higher: everyone on those levels can be considered a communist, everyone put their own effort into mutual work of running smoothly the whole Universe without expecting any rewards (usually Jews expect).
No wonder, that in that same year 1991 Draconian Soviet Union was split into separate republics with the help of Jews (Dragons' right hand). Later, it was much easier to choose a Jewish "leader" in every former soviet republic and ruin them one by one. Divide and conquer is Draconian favorite tactic. Dragons began these actions 3 years before the Start of our Old Universe's Disintegration, which started from the 23 March 1994 (this date is 11, if you count all numbers)! That was a Sign, which everyone was waiting for so long ! Finally Aquamarine Energy (Binding Force) of broken Boundary between negative low vibrational civilizations and positive high vibrational civilizations started emanating from all known Black Holes of our Old Universe! Before that all borders between Galaxies consisted of Aquamarine Binding Force and suddenly they started breaking up! Aquamarine Binding Force also binds particles of everything physical together and if it's broken, then all material things in the Universe are gradually become ruined: nothing glues particles together anymore, which is logical! To prevent that happening on Earth, Negatives constantly pump artificial vibration of Aquamarine Binding Force into Earth! 

Dragons were given ability to know the future (but that wasn't given to us) and they knew in advance when the Old Universe would start breaking up. So they started disintegration of the Soviet Union 3 years before that (1991), giving World's Jews an opportunity to profit from it, so they did it by robbing Russia and other republics of their national wealth and aiming for the power over the whole world.
Jews planned to move the whole Israel to Southern Ukraine esp. to Crimea (the best piece of land in Ukraine). The war in Crimea and Donbass (Ukraine) was all about these Jewish plans of capturing the best territories for their World Expansion! For that, they used jewish-minded clone Putin, who used naive russian guys for that jewish trick to fight in Ukraine, in Crimea, the rest you know. Now, there is no more time for Jewish World Domination Plans anymore: everyone must leave the Planet by 11.11.11 because Earth will explode/
implode from methane !
Disappearance of Aquamarine Borders between Galaxies led to Universal Breakdown and Mixing of all kinds of civilizations together, led to a colossal production of White Sun Energy as a result, and only in Sun Energy the Old Universe can return to the Source of All Suns!
Dragons do all destructions physically, but we can destroy worlds mentally in our brains without pumping more of our energy into these holographic worlds (our energy in forms of thoughts/emotions/actions)! I do that all the time with a great success! Dragons never told Jews, that our Universe' started disintegrating, but Andromedans informed Alex Collier about it and about the plans to divide USA into separate states (divide and conquer like the Soviet Union), then Alex discussed it at his talks and wrote about it in his book. But now it's not important: don't waste your time on Edgar Caicy, on Nosterdamus and others like them, don't waste your time on guessing what pieces of land would be saved to live on in case of "Apocalipse"! The whole Planet will be evaporated !

Final Destructive Blow against all kinds of worlds (material/holographic) will come from conscious people of pennyless Russia, because poor part of Russians have nothing to lose, except their chains! It has already started! And it is easy for people, because all worlds have been changed and became so NEGATIVE: it's getting harder and harder to stay in them! Aliens' Time is over: we are entering a new phase of much higher vibration, where there are no worlds, which we are so used to, and where we can show our real abilities, which Robert Monroe described in his books! After the Start of Self-Destruction of our Old Universe took place on 23 March 1994 (11), the Event everyone on higher levels was waiting for so long, Robert Monroe wrote his last book "Ultimate Journey" and left Earth on 17 March 1995 (a year later)!
The Start of Self-Destruction of our Old Universe' low levels of consciousness (1,2,3,4) happened on 23 March 1994 (11), but the Finish of Destruction of all low levels of consciousness (1,2,3,4) will happen with Earth's destruction on 11 November 2018 (11.11.11) ! Number 11 is a Symbol of the Source of All Suns, Symbol of Creation and Destruction of any Universe, including ours. I'll give you an example. Do you remember 9-11, the destructive event in New York, when two Twin Towers were deliberately exploded, many people lost their bodies then and american government tried to scare people with 9-11 for years after the event? It's because 9 and 11 are important numbers and 11 is really the number of Destruction ! I was born on 11 November 1946 (11.11.1946), it makes me number 6 and I will leave Earth on 11.11.11,
it means this year and again I will be number 6 !

Planetary Game became such a BORE FOR ME, people-players of this Planetary Game are such a BORE FOR ME: I know what they are going to say before they say it, I wish their topics were vibrationally higher! Suns in the Source are more interesting for me to be with, than people or aliens on Earth! Earth's Players could be refined, educated people, but their knowledge is always based on wikipedia-
encyclopedia low vibrational "knowledge" of the Planetary Game and for me such people are also a BORE, because they have NO HIGHER UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE ! I am not allowed to move from Earth higher (I tried) and out of the Game, I guess many people are tired of waiting, that's why I mentally ruin the whole Game and this I recommend you to do, to help the process ! Our Old Universe and the Source want it to be done, we must turn everything and everyone possible into White Sun Energy and help to move it back to the Source, before we leave this Old Universe, only then we will return Home to the Source of All Suns!  It's a mutual effort: we are doing it our way - mentally, Dragons and other Negatives are doing it their way - physically.  The best Time for me is when I observe from our balcony clusters of our White Souls moving through the Sun to the 5th Level! Such clusters often choose our place for this action, perhaps they find our place more appropriate for this process; they do it at night too when the night weaker Sun is in the skies, it takes about an hour for the huge cluster of White Souls to disappear into such Sun one by one! It is an unforgetable Sight and became like narcotic for me: I want to see it more and more, it is so Majestic, so Unbelivable, that you want to fly with them, but the duty makes me to stay on Earth ! Emotions are overheating my head and tears start running down!

As I wrote before: the number of REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS are not more than a million on Earth right now and they don't participate in the Game much, they keep to themselves as Robert Monroe wrote in his books. They don't occupy positions to attract public to themselves with actions and speeches; they don't have professions to be well known to the public in movies or on stage, you wouldn't usually watch them on TV or on videos (except Robert Monroe). They use Internet, but they usually don't create their own sites or use social sites like facebook and others to communicate with an average public; they might communicate with other Originals. Robert Monroe and I are exceptions from the rule, because of our duty to prepare humanity for the next stage in evolution, to inform the public about Higher Knowledge, to raise the consciousness of Humanity with books, lectures and sites. Usually REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS don't know who their parallel personalities are and what they do, not to influence them and not to spoil the Game. The same was with me for many years, but now I know a few of my parallel personalities and try not to influence them, some of them lost their bodies and merged with me. Everyone, who is famous or well known in certain circles are parallel personalities of REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS especially politicians, wealthy businessmen/women, bankers, doctors, lawyers, movie/stage "stars" and so on. It is easier for Negatives to do all sorts of things behind the back of parallel personalities, hybrids, clones, minions, in other words, to manipulate the whole Planet, than to manipulate REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS !

There are parallel personalities, whose features resemble REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS, they are called - Doubles. But most of parallel personalities men, women, children, who doesn't look like the Originals. They could be of different nationalities (and even different aliens), different gender, age, appearance, different mental and physical development, social background, rich or poor and so on. But usually they are not interested in Higher Knowledge (though there are some exceptions) and don't go further than esoterics, metaphysical sciences or electronics. That is the reason why such a chaos in the Planetary Game and it is so difficult to spread Higher Knowledge! Many average people take parallel personalities of politicians like Trump, Obama, both Buch presidents, Putin, Jews Zhirinovsky and Soloviev, English Queen and Prime Minister May, Ksenia Sobchak and all the others for REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS. 
We all originated from the Source of All Suns, that's why our Global Government must be the Source of All Suns, not some fake alien governments, which must be liquidated, as well as other groups (like Jews), which I already mentioned in other articles , because these groups have been slowing down our vibration instead of speeding it up!
Election compaigne of a new president similar to the last US election compaigne (reshuffle) between Hilary and Trump has been taking place last few months in Russia, the fight between all those cloned parallel personalities. The date of "election" is on the 18th of March 2018. I hope, that it will fail and there will be no government at all in Russia, or in any other country! We all originated from the Source of All Suns, that's why our Global Government must be the Source of All Suns, not some fake alien governments, which must be liquidated !
The Planet was always run by Negatives behind every ruler, not anymore: now it is different - 11.11.11 - the day of our Departure is not too far away! Well, when I say we must mentally liquidate, disolve all politicians, members of secret societies, jews and others, I mean only these parallel personalities, because they all are! REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS leave the Earth's Planetary Game at their own time, when they are ready, when they gathered all their parallel personalities (clones). I also was writing, that apart from parallel personalities, there are Group Souls of former alien civilizations (hybrids) or animal group souls (minions or zombies), both in human form for the first time. That is causing even more confusion. REAL ORIGINAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL PLAYERS have only one desire: to finish with the Game and move higher, but it is not always the desire of their parallel personalities esp. Jews, for whom death of their body is a tragedy!
Below is an extract from (Original Player) Alex Collier's book "Defending Sacred Ground" about enormous amount of Sun Energy it takes for a Sun on 11th Level of Consciousness to focus on the body and send Sun Energy down to the physical body of its Original Player for participating in this Planetary Game on Earth; saying that an Original Player is just a holographic projection, an image of the Sun on 11th Level of Consciousness, image, which materialised. Briefly: I am on 11th, on 3d and on all the other Levels in between :

Alex Collier: "...Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to take yourself from 11th density and focus in to this little box? This tiny box (our physical body, LM). It's awesome. This part of me, that you see, is only one percent of who I am...You are seeing a holographic projection and image, that I have projected from myself (from his Sun on 11th Level, LM) that has materialized in 3rd density. You may come up and shake my hand, but you are not shaking all of me...According to the Andromedans, it is the Male aspect of ourselves, that creates the Thought and the Female aspect of Ourselves, that makes things (physical, LM) manifest through Emotion."

Video : Life in a prison with 5,500 other inmates. Thousands of those caught up in the Philippines war on drugs end up in Manila City Jail where they often spend years waiting for their day in court. Dennis Garcia, accused of two counts of robbery, has spent 16 years waiting for his trial. He tells the BBC's Howard Johnson what life inside the jail is like.

For those, who wants to know more about me:

My Place of Birth:  The Source of All Suns!
The Date of Birth of my physical body on Earth : 11.11.1946 (my Soul is eternal, never dies)
My temporary address:  This Old Universe!
My phone number:  There is no phone, because there is no need for it: we are using NVC (non verbal communication in this Universe)!
What is my favorite sport ? -  Flying! I fly from one Universe to another one: for business!
Where do I get money for Outer-Inter Space Travel?  - I fly for free: through my personal multidimentional Portal in my bedroom to different Parallel Universes!
What music do I like? - Music of Balanced Energy, of Universal Flow and Music of Flow of Clusters of Galaxies !
What movies I am interested in? - The movie called: "Our Planetary Game"!
What diseases do I have?  - None, including "Star's Disease"!
Who are my friends?  - All Suns (the ocean of them) in the Source of All Suns and all Higher Selves of our Old Universe, doesn't matter what Level they are on!
Who am I working for?  -  For the Source of All Suns !
What is my occupation? - I am one of the Representatives of the Universal Law of Change! And you can't make Changes in any Universe with just Niceties!
What is my Goal in life?  - Our Old Universe has a Goal: to return to the Source of All Life in a form of White Suns! I help it and I wish, that all of you have the same Goal: to help our Old Universe to return Home ! There is nothing more noble, than helping our Real Home! See you all at the "Gathe-Ring" or Sun on the 5th Level of Consciousness!

The Real is only White Sun Energy of Balance, the rest are Illusions, which have been gradually falling apart ! Suns in the Source of All Suns have GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR and often laugh at our wheeler-dealings !


Video: Nikola Tesla on Women - Why He Never Married. Jun 18, 2017 interview for a newspaper, showed his views on women and why he never married. Even though he was alive over 100 years ago, the observations he made on the deteriorating nature of women seem to have gone its full course. We are the unfortunate men, who are forced to deal with Tesla’s disturbingly accurate predictions. Nikola Tesla was a great inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist, who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

Video: "Nikola Tesla on Women - Why He Never Married" is an interesting interview with Nicola Tesla, his views on growing freedom for Women and on his refusal to marry. Here are a few sentences from this video:
"I had always thought of woman, as possessing those delicate qualities of mind and soul, that made her in these respects far superior to man. I had put her on a lofty pedestal, figuratevly speaking, and ranked her in certain attributes considerably higher, than man. I worshiped at the feet of the creature I had raised to this height and, like every true worshiper, I felt myself unworthy of the object of my worship...The Power of the true Woman is so great, that I believe if a beautiful Woman - that is to say, one beautiful in spirit, in manner and in thought, in fact, beautiful in every respect, a sort of goddess - were to appear suddenly on Earth, she could command the whole world. Her leadership, I believe, would be universally recognized...Perhaps because woman is finer and more highly sensitised instrument , she knows by instinct her power and understands, that the extent of it lies in the high position she takes for herself.
But the superior never descends to the level of the commonplace."

Inspite of a deep respect towards Nicola Tesla, I don't agree with some of his views, to me some of them are old-fashioned. Tesla never had an experience of a poor woman, also I am not sure if Tesla knew, that the whole Universe is propagated and supported mainly by Women! But I am sure, that after this life, Tesla chose life of a woman (for balance) and maybe already changed his views. This time Tesla didn't see, that there is a steady evolutuon towards merging male and female into one being, to create a male/female combination - an Androgynous Being! The time came for a woman to learn to do all kinds of males' jobs and vice versa: for males to learn to do females' jobs. That training started for women in the Soviet Union and many other countries at the time of WW2 and even before that: they had to do all men's jobs, because most men were fighting the war, there were almost no men left in cities and villages.

Some thoughts of a guy, who posted this video on Youtube, make me laugh like 'deteriorating nature of women' or 'We are the  unfortunate men, who are forced to deal with Tesla’s disturbingly accurate predictions'. It shows, that this man never had experience of an ordinary woman as well! I advise him to read Robert Monroe's books about his experience of being an ordinary woman in one of his past lives. Living in poverty; giving birth to 11 children, who were dying one by one; her alcoholic-husband didn't work much; regularly bashed her and, eventually, raped her with a group of his drunk buddies till she died of unbearable pain! Robert was so relieved from such a life, that he  swore never to become a woman again!
If I remember correctly, Andromedans said to Alex Collier, that level of Consciousness of any society is valued by how men treat their Women. But there was never respect for women on our Planet, because we are 
surrounded and penetrated by overwhelming number of negative stinking low vibrational civilizations, who make a bad influence on men. It makes it difficult for Women to fight for respect and equality, but they do! I don't know whether Women win this battle or not, because the End of our presence on Earth is approaching (11.11.11)!

I would like to add a few of my thoughts to Tesla's views about a leadership of a Woman. Such a Woman-Leader must have experience of great Pains and not to be afraid of death of her body. This 
Woman-Leader must understand that, if it is the End of Life of our Old Universe, then all worlds must be ruined, because they are artificial, as well as all: planets, moons, comets, asteroids with worlds on them or bodies of people/aliens/animals/plants etc. all this need to be ruined inspite of protests of those, who occupies them! She must comprehend, that the Goal of Humanity is to turn all various chaotic vibrations of Earth and the whole Old Universe into White Sun Energy and help these Suns to return back to the Source of All Suns from where they originated! She must help people and aliens not to be afraid of this process and explain to them that our Old Universe was based on Sun Energy, that everything on Earth originated from Sun Energy and everything must turn back into Sun Energy, that people produce Sun Energy with their bodies, that a lot of Sun Energy is released when worlds are collapsing and bodies die, that it was happening many times in the history of Earth, but this time is the last time! Such Woman would not be comfortable with naming her a goddess, because it belongs to numerous low vibrational religions (gods-goddesses).
In fact, in my opinion, it would be more logical if the most suitable Leader of our Old Universe is an Androginous Being, who has experience of a man and a woman. The best candidate for this role I would choose HeShe, a Being, who lived on Earth longer, than anyone else, who had lives of men and women, who had experience of all professions on Earth and looked like a bright Spring Sun.  Robert Monroe was lucky to meet such a person, this meeting he described in one of his books. The extract about this meeting is somewhere on our two sites. Such person knows how to be a Leader and will turn up at the right moment, I am sure! But my task is to push everyone up from this dying Planet ! The number of real humans on Earth is most likely not more than a million, the rest are our numerous Parallel Personalities or Doubles, Hybrids and Minions (this life is their 1st one after being a part of a group Soul of an animal); for them the death of the body is a problem.
Below is a video of protests of tens of thousands of people across Brazil: a woman-politician, a leader, who fought against police brutality, was killed on 16th March 2018!

Tens of thousands protest over killed woman-politician. Tens of thousands of people in Rio de Janeiro and other cities across Brazil have taken to the streets to mourn a murdered politician who had campaigned against police brutality. Marielle Franco, a 38-year-old Rio city councillor, was viewed by many as a champion of women's rights. Ms Franco and her driver were both shot dead while in her car on Wednesday. 16 Mar 2018.

Why Planet Earth is so Rotten, Stinking and just about to blow up from Alien Gases?!

Let's analyse what our Planet consists of.

1. Stinking Negative Civilizations of all kinds, starting from Dragons and wolflike Sirians and finishing with slimy Candida Albicana (Yeast infection from flour), worms, cancer viruses and other visible-invisible parasites-creepers on/in our bodies, in our heads and in our dwellings. Negatives always stink and their presence near people is detectable, even if they are invisible - mentally destroy them!

2. Inside our Planet 2-3 Liquid-Crystal spheres in the centre, but outside them a few layers of crusts of other Planets of our Solar System, like layers of an onion, and the thickest outer Layer is the Earth's Crust. In all those crusts there are numerous smelly negative: alien bases; prisons, where people are tortured and kept in dirt like cattle; genetic labs, where all kinds of experiments are perfomed on crossing humans, aliens and animals; brothels with captive females, males and children, used for sex by aliens and by human high echelon from different countries. Mentally crush everything and everyone inside Earth (captives are better of without bodies, not to feel pain, move souls up)!

3. The Earth's surface have been also parasitised by all kinds of visible-invisible stinking negative races. hiding behind various governers, people-robots, who are calling themselves: kings-queens (like queen Elisabeth), prince-princess, csar-csarina, lords-ladies, shahs, sultans, presidents, prime-ministers, chairmen, party secretaries and so on. They all are scared to lose their bodies: burn all of then mentally! The same stinking negative races are hiding behind every religion on Earth and behind their high and not so high echelon like in Vatican. All religious servants suck energy from Humanity and force Humanity to worship aliens, alien deities, idols and gods: mentally destroy all of them and their "gods"!

4. Dragons' Right Hand is Jews, low vibrational human race, which was specifically designed by Dragons to help them to suppress the rest of Humanity! Jews have a tiny soul, just a spark, but huge ambitions, and who wouldn't do anything without a reward in different form. Pure Jews are heavy stinkers and are able to perform all kinds of atrocities against humans, that people would never do, Jews are also scared to lose their bodies, they are more like biological robots. And these robots made Humanity worship them, because they have been occupying the highest positions in every branch of our societies for thousands of years: in politics and governments, in mafia and banks, in religions and medical establishments, in military and secret organisations and so on! Destroy all of them mentally with emotion!

5. Dragons' Left Hand is DEROS (STINKING DEGENERATES-ROBOTS), human race, who were also modified by Dragons to suit their agenda. Deros are cannibals of low vibration, like all Negatives, destroy Deros mentally! Deros are in underground caved premices, observing aboveground population by using alien equipment. Deros steal people from the surface to either eat them or turn into slaves underground or experimental subjects for labs, depending on the orders from reptilian races. Deros inject into our bodies all kinds of diseases (like vaccinations), when we leave the bodies after falling asleep; Deros scoop all Human Females from their fetuses once a month when they fall asleep (periods or menstruation) and either eat them or pass fetuses to their negative bosses; Deros are organising mafia in all parts of the world, sales of humans (for labour and for sex) and sales of human meat through the Internet or shops. Deros destribute narcotics, stinking tabacco and alcohol, start various diseases' epidemics, explosions and fires on the surface. Deros use certain vibrations in their generators to cause in people strokes, constipation, epilepsy, heart, asthma and panic attacks, car/train/plane/boats collisions and much more, like for example use of Nirvana frequency generators to attract people to churches, sinagogues, ashrams, mosques, cathedrals! It means the use of everything just to suppress Humanity.

6. An army of programed medical profession (esp. men) knowing and not knowing this, is also a Dragon's Force, which helps to mutilate population of Earth in clinics and hospitals. Their often false diagnoses, 'cure' and 'medicines', unnecessary surgeries and vaccinations are very good proof. I advise everyone to kill mentally all of them. Their ambulances in all countries
exist to save bodies for an army of alien walk-ins and to get rid of the owner of the body (which makes his families and friends confused). Their ambulances can break all the laws, drive like mad with deafening sirens and push everyone out of their way! Their Time is over: enough is enough! My advice: don't give them any way and mentally crush all of them, the same you do with all churches, funeral agencies, banks, who rip everyone off! Greedy banks make people lose their minds with all their unlawful 'deals', they throw people out of their dwellings, making them homeless or suicidal.

7. Males with rotten nature are leaders of secret police, police, military, religious and political establishments, of numerous and various secret societies (closed for women) in most countries (like masons-illuminati) and TROLLS undermining the Internet (mainly JEWS).
All of that army of degenerates has been helping Earth to decay to the Core! You must just mentally destroy them all, esp. when you feel angry. These people do terrible things for personal power, position in society, material things, sex, gold and money, these people lost their human nature. Most of these men are Jews! On their gatherings such people decide destinies of countries (after getting instructions from Dragons or other stinking negative civilizations). On those meetings members decide where to induce a natural disaster, shortage of: water, food and housing; financial or migrants' crisis; unexpected change of governments or political regime; wars and famine; when, where and how many people to kill or mutilate. At present, because it's not much time left till the final day: 11.11.11, people dissappear from the Planet into 4th non-physical level in much bigger numbers than before. Group of minions ( humans, who are former animals) or animals (like dogs/cats) lose bodies, stop playing and move out of this Universe into the New One to continue to evolve.
Hybrids leave physical Earth by big groups and may or may not still continue playing the Game on the 4th non-physical level, but eventually gather as a population of the whole Planet and move higher to the 5th level. Our individual parallel personalities may do the same: after losing physical bodies to continue playing the Game on the 4th level. They can join their leader - the Original player - either on physical or non-physical Earth and when the Original player collects all parallel personalities, then they all move higher to the 5th level. The Original player is Higher Self for parallel personalities, but the Original player has also a Higher Self above, which is one of the Suns.
Apart from all of that, Dragons inserted into our heads their rotten brain, implants - into our teeth, ears and nose, which interfere with existence of our bodies and they started decaying. We also started to behave like Negatives, imitating them in life (zombies) and on stage, performing and playing their dreadful noise (pop 'music'). A very popular modern style of dancing and of music is RAP, which originated from the word RAPE, and also connected to the word REP-TILIAN ! Over the years a lot of people pronounced this word and played RAP music on different devices! That became a signal for some men to rape Women, men and children.
A teddy-bear Winnie the  Pooh is really Winnie, the stinking Poo ! Pests-trolls rubbished the whole Internet just to please their masters! There is a russian expression in cases of missing people 'as if he fell through Earth'! Sinkholes are not a novelty, for thousands of years Negatives used devices capable to make any size/depth hole in the ground instantly and trap anyone in it in order to use a human the way they want! There are a few videos on Youtube, showing how people are falling into unexpected holes in the ground while walking!     

We got from these stinking aliens their Selfishness, Self-Importance, Greed, Violence and other negative features especially in men
(all arabs, indians, many whites and in lesser extent - chinese)! Most men have rotten alien sense of their Superiourity over Women
(esp. hybrids). Many men still consider Women of lower class and think that Women are their property, that they can do anything with it.
I advise Women mentally to kill such men and such aliens! Our Planet reminds  a rotten apple, no wonder under such conditions! All Planet is shaking from constant earthquakes, the result of inner explosions of constant production of methane-animal gas; gas is blowing from numerous volcanos and from many holes and cracks on the surface (examples: Yellowstone and Sinabung in Indonesia)! Often volcanos throw stinking smoke, methane, ash, lava, stones and mud with a force of explosion! And not just rotten methane exploding from the Planet, but methane  is trying to get out of our bodies with a force and loud bangs we call stinking wind or flatulence. What do you expect if we are surrounded by stinking Negatives, who penetrates our bodies every day, we eat not healthy foods, drink not clean water or or have lack of it or substitute it with poisoned drinks, and breathe polluted air. If someone will hold a burning match  near human or animal bum at the time of release of methane from the body, you'll get an explosion! A good example of our rotten environment can be black mould (like crude oil), which deposits itself not only in swamps, but also on moist surfaces of our dwellings and places of work/study: bathrooms, kitchens, any inside/outside taps, pipes, floors, windows, roofs, swimming pools etc. In order to get rid of it, we have to clean everything constantly. We live in the ocean of foul moulds, bacteria, microbes, viruses, fungi and other parasites (negative civilizations); they thrive on lack of oxygen. Tesla was very fussy, he could see this ocean of germs and tried to protect himself from it.

Less and less oxygen is in the air, because more and more Ozone Holes are created in the skies, and because of that more parasites are breeding in our bodies! Less and less oxygen is in the water, because plankton, which also provides oxygen, disappeared as a result of enormous quantities of foul animal gases-methane from decaying alien/human/animal/plant remnants in the oceans, seas, lakes and rivers, which shows in toxic foam, covering shores of coastal towns and villages. There is no longer life in many parts of oceans and many parts of land (dead zones). This stinking foam, when frozen instantaniously, creates unusual crystals and some videos show them (though scientists' explanations are false, as usual). Rivers, lakes and some parts of seas are burning from methane or boiling from high temperature and I have a lot of videos on our both sites to prove it. Our ocean and sea sandy beaches becoming black from stinking black oil sipping from the bottom or green/yellow from foul mould of negative civilizations. Black oil is product of dead and decaying organic life, from which stinking petrol is produced, which is rightly called GAS (stinking methane) in USA (though it is a liquid). Russian Gas-prom (gas industry) should really be called SHIT-PROM, GAS-PIPE AS A STINKING METHANE PIPE, and a PETROL STATION - A SHIT-HOLE, because you can't call them otherwise! And this shit companies sell us for big bucks, not allowing us to invent some other, more appropriate fuel. We buy this rotten stuff, use and breathe it in our cars; we buy foul methane to cook with or warm our dwellings and work places with, we breathe this shit at home, in cars/motocycles/buses, on roads and gas stations, in factories and farms, in cities and villages, on ships and boats etc. Dragons knew beforehand, that the future population of the Planet would increase with the arrival of new civilizations to Earth from all corners of Old Universe. They knew, that the waste products coming from future alien/human/animal/plant life would only increase, that's why Dragons pressed human governments to find ways to turn these waste products into something useful, but damaging to the health of people beforehand. These waste products are lowing our vibration as well, which suits negative aliens in order to mix with us. Governments organised and encouraged  chemists and chemical industries worldwide, and they created such products like stinking petrol, gasolin and a huge number of other foul chemicals, which have been used and reused by humans in everyday life. The fields worldwide were covered with stinking chemical additives to yield bigger crops, they were given to our cattle, poultry and even to people to make them grow faster. Such unnatural stinking products, made from decayed oil, gas and shit, were added to our foodstuffs, to our drinks and sold to the public everywhere: supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, universities, colleges, schools, kindergardens, hospitals, nursing homes all over the world. All plastic and other synthetic materials are made from rotten shit (black oil), and people are surprised why their synthetic shoes or socks stink so much. No wonder that we also stink from such polluted food, drinks, water and air! The whole Planet is turning into a huge GARBAGE TIP and started burning in many places, so aliens have to freeze Earth in many places to somehow delay the Big Blow !

Authorities are always under stinking alien influence, they deliberately sell land for human settlement near rubbish tips, swamps, mines  and deafening motoways or streets with heavy traffic to make humans breathe this stinking air, to become deaf from the roar of roads and to camoflage their own stinking alien presence among us. I had to experience all of it myself! In my childhood our house was next to a rubbish tip, so this rotten smell is familiar to me; George and I built our house in a quiet country road in Castle Hill in Sydney, Australia, which turned into roaring, stinking road in a few years, we got stuck in that rotten place next to the council for 20 years (not without alien 'help')! Finally, after years of struggle with the council, we were allowed to sell the place and move to a coastal village as far from Sydney, as we could, where we live already 17 years. This village is next to Elliott river heads, and full of mangrove tree forests, which love slippery stinking soft clay bottoms of such tidal rivers. Underneath them there are numerous stinking negative alien bases (I learnt about it later)! Most australians and new zealanders live on the coast or not too far from it and this is ideal for stinking aliens: they prefer land near ocean/sea water with human settlements on such shores. Well, under all australian and new zealand's shores there are numerous alien bases esp. in hot northern regions!

Why do our favorite swearing words are based on shit, piss and sex? Because these 2 chakras are in those places below and can receive the lowest red vibration from the Negatives, whose  alien minds are occupied only by that! Those chakras in anus and genitals in a human esp. female's body, are their favorite places to interact with and they make us to constantly talk about about those points with negative emotions esp. acting on people of low vibration, that's called swearing !
World's governments, being under alien influence, often find reasons not to clean from piles of rubbish streets or sites of cities and villages, to make people to suffocate from stench even in our dwellings and get sick from alien presence. The Planet is full of rubbish tips and it is getting even more polluted from destruction of cities and villages after natural disasters. Poverty makes people dig out rotten food to eat from those rubbish tips or dig something they could sell and buy food. Sometimes these stinking tips are flooded, burnt or landslided deliberately to bury working people under the piles of gabbage! That's what we came to, who needs such a life and such a Planet!? Big piles of junk are now floating in oceans, seas and rivers worldwide, because water is leaving oceans and expose stinking sites and bottoms of canals in cities like Venice, Amsterdam, Paris and Petersburg. Under every city, town and village there are underground stinking narrow canals or caves full of gabbage, junk, mould, rats, mice, cockroaches and spiders. So many articles are written and videos/films are made about all of these subjects, but with no results, in fact, things are getting worse. Below you can find some videos about such stinking canals under London, Moscow, Rome, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires.

Our dwellings, hospitals, schools, places of work and other places, where we are present, would be covered with dust and black soot like mould esp. in wet places like bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, swimming pools etc. if you don't clean and ventilate them regularly; our tap water sometimes or all the time shows undescribable colors and smells, and no good for drinking, or there is no water at all (like in South Africa and other african countries now). We are already used to buy drinkable water, when clean water, air and land must be free for us, if we have such enormous amounts of all of it around us! 
Smelly methane is not just sipping through soil, rocks and ocean bottom, but also from sand of beaches like in New Zealand, from volcanos and geisers like Yellowstone or Rotorua in New Zealand, because all Inner Earth is full of black rotten material, which is highly flammable and can burst Earth open any time. We observe this rot coming out of volcanos as heated orange lava, smelly gases, ash and rocks like what I was observing on Big island of Hawaii. Same is happening to our stomach and anus/bums: they nearly burst from gases. We are taught, that it is very bad to let gases out in public, that we must keep stinking gases inside, but if you hold a burning match in front of anus of a human and let this gas methane out, you might have an explosion. Rarth is blotted as well, as our insides, its surface is covered in methane bubbles, which are shaking, moving under our feet and explode from time to time, forming craters like in Yamal, arctic part of Russia. There are 7000 of such craters in Yamal alone and heaps in other places, like arctic Scandinavia, Canada, Alaska, Japan, Christchurch in New Zealand.
People are paying money to visit those stinking craters, geisers and hot mud baths, to besmear themselves with stinking dirt thinking, that it will make them younger and healthier. I have seen a very unhealthy looking skin of girls-guides (greenish-brownish), who worked in Rotorua, New Zealand for years! The pressure of Methane brakes mountains, causing land/mudslides, avalanches, sinkholes, multimeter cracks, causing explosions, fires and breakage of septic systems underground cities and other forms of deformation of Earth's Crust. Methane burns and explodes under lightnings or hot temperature in summer, causing forest, petrol stations or house fires. Negatives also add to the picture by deliberately blowing up water or septic pipes in many cities of the world, to spread stinkng smell as their cover up, to make water to flood the place, causing chaos and emotions among people, or aliens even create manufactured mudslides for some of us to drown in mud.

No wonder that mason-Trump called neibouring countries: stinking. But these politicians have never done and never will do anything to rectify the problem, because of the huge number of negative stinking civilizations, who are thriving on this Planet. Positive (not stinking) civilizations of high vibrations are not physical, they are not on the surface or inside the Planet, because the surface is like a wall for them. They are in our skies, we can see them in Auroras, in skies of many parts of the world now (apart from Arctic/Antarctic, North/South Poles) or as blue/violet/pink colored skies/clouds. They can only mix with aliens, when they lose their physical form, with their energy. The best, visible to us, example of Mixing between Negative, low vibrational and Positive high vibrational civilizations would be Northern Lights or Auroras, producing White Sun Energy. Remarkable feature of our bodies is to take in both negative and positive vibrations through our points of vortexes, called chakras, and turn these chaotic vibrations into White Sun Energy! That's why we are mercilessly used by aliens for all our lives.

The presence of invisible negative low vibrational civilizations on the Planet can prove fading autumn leaves on trees, shrubs and flowers. The process starts from green leaves (the highest of negative vibrations) are penetrated by yellow civilization (lower, than green vibration); then yellow leaves are penetrated by even lower vibrational civilization - orange and then even lower, than orange, by red vibrational civilization; the last vibrational civilization will be brown - the lowest of all. Slowly a leaf becoming lower and lower vibration, turning into humus or dust and this process was repeated for thousands of years. You would never see natural blue, violet or pink leaves, unless they were first artificially raised, grown in labs and then in gardens (like all flowers). You would never see natural aquamarine leaves or bark, because aquamarine is a unique neutral colour, it is a combination of 2 vibrations: negative green and positive blue and, because of that, Aquamarine was made a border between low negative vibrations and high positive vibrations for thousands of years. But this border was broken 23 years ago (on 23 March 1994, which is 11, if you count all these numbers: 23+3+1994), to give the opportunity for both: negative and positive vibrations to mix with each other and produce Sun Energy. Looks like the Start and the End of Departure of Old Universe coincide with number 11 !

The danger of Earth's Blowing Up from methane and other gases is the NECESSATY TO LEAVE THE PLANET, which Robert's non-physical Inspec friend was warning him about! Stench of gases, ash, rock, mud in a form of lava are thrown out of volcanos, that's why rains, snow, hail and floods all over the globe are being manufactured: to cool the surface and have more time to take people/aliens/animals/trees from Earth! Negatives are so scared of Global Warming from gases, that they deliberately low the temperature on the surface to delay the release of extremely explosive foul gases from animal/plant/human decay, which have been stored for thousands of years in the snow and ice in glaciers all over Planet esp. in Arctics/Antarctica! It's like in the fridge: when you keep your food frozen, it will last longer, but if you don't soon you would feel stench from it!
It took thousands of years to develop all this Stinking Draconian System, in order to suppress Women, the most powerful Beings and not just on Earth, but in the whole Universe! Dragons achieved it: most Women are still suppressed, still didn't wake up, still don't know about their rights and about their Power! We don't need such a rotten right through Planet! Aliens ignore the Ultimatum, which I gave them and new ones continue arriving to our Planet. That's why the only way to finish with aliens, with those, who are helping them, with human slavery and with all these rotten stinking worlds is to mentally and with all our emotional Power to destroy all these disgusting worlds and elliminate all aliens and other parasites in human form: politicians, buisnessmen/women, rabbies/popes/cardinals/prists, bankers, doctors, lawyers, all police and military! We all originated from the Source of All Suns, that's why our Global Government must be the Source of All Suns, not some fake alien governments, which must be liquidated !!!

Instead of having beautiful, healthy and always young population, we have mostly old, sick, maimed invalids on our Planet as a resuld of Draconian involvement! People are turned into stinking bugs constantly digging into rubbish tips, because they don't know any other life, all their memory and consciousness was destroyed! In Russia, for instance, all children, who was born after 2012, are not considered existing humans and are not provided with accomodation, which is sometimes given to those poor, but real human families, who lost their dwellings during natural disasters or never had any dwelling. Comfortable free dwellings are usually given to former aliens in human form, not to true humans.  `
Well, in order to finish with such horrific sexual abuses, All Women of Earth must unite and start mentally with emotions complete destruction of not just the existing worlds, but also of all those, who I've just mentioned (aliens and those, who helps them)! Their released energy will be used for production of White Sun Energy, which is done with our help. The destruction of worlds I do all the time and continue doing it till 11 November 2018 (11.11.11). Bodies of everyone are staying here on Earth, nobody (even aliens) can take them higher, where we move. We will fly all together as a Sun to the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy where the Gathering is, and destroy all other physical worlds on our way!
Below there are some videos to watch, articles and photo, showing bubbles of methane constantly coming from lake in Canada, videos, which show inhuman living conditions in Russia and other  countries. When masons Putin and Medvedev, jew-mason Abramovich, mason Zhirinovsky, Peskov, Soloviev and others lost count of their money, servants, villas, yachts, cars, planes and other material possessions when the whole Earth is drowning in rubbish and shit! You will see videos about numerous stinking gabbage tips in many countries, Moscow is called a Tip-city (you'll understand even if it is in russian). I didn't write anything new: everyone knows about it, you are not blind!

How New York City's Shit Ended Up Stuck On A Train In Alabama Apr 16, 2018. No one, it seems, wants the poop train. And not the city of New York, which paid an Alabama landfill company to take it. Not small towns in Pennsylvania, where several sites recently stopped accepting the city's treated human waste. And not the town of West Jefferson, Alabama, where the waste, a product called biosolids, was transferred to dump trucks at the local rail yard — until the city won an injunction to stop the landfill company, Big Sky Environmental, from using their town as a transfer point. That federal court decision stranded roughly 250 containers full of treated New York sewage one town over, on rail cars in tiny Parrish, Alabama. The overwhelming smell polluting the air here on warm days underscores how easy it is for something to go wrong in the nation’s fragile sewage-disposal system. New York City once sold its biosolids to farmers as fertilizer. But the city decided that method was too expensive, and now ships treated sewage to cost-saving landfills. Until recently, one of those site was the landfill run by Big Sky Environmental. Then, New York City cancelled its contract with the company after Parrish residents complained about the smell, and the company has begun to move cars out of the area. So there's a solution in sight for residents of Parrish, but New York has an endless stream of waste that has to be dealt with, without breaking the bank.

Garbage pile saves Vangelis (Angelo) Kapatos, 26, who tried to commit suicide in midtown.

Permafrost thaw might be even more potent than we thought. When there is no oxygen in soil, then methane turns up; when there is oxygen in soil, then carbon dioxide turns up! Mar 16, 2018. The trend from frozen tundra soils shifting to thermokarst erosion and thaw ponds, may in the future be exacerbated by increased rainfall and weather events . Hundreds of thousands of such ponds in just Hudson Bay, Canada!

Edge of Extinction: Moving South Won't Save You. Feb 20, 2018

People are so stupid, believe that this stinking dirt (shit) will give them health, but it would do the opposite! LM.
Russia. Кучугуры, грязевой вулкан, лечебная грязь. Aug 20, 2016

Place of Burning Hell - Город инферно. Jan 26, 2017. Раз в год жители Джхарии покупают блестящую мишуру, свечи, факелы и устраивают Дивали – весёлый праздник огней. В этот день они стараются забыть, что под тонким слоем почвы непрерывно пылает адский огонь, угрожающий их жизни и здоровью. Авторы фильма «Город инферно» увидели своими глазами, как живут люди над горящими угольными пластами… Это месторождение на востоке Индии – крупнейшее в стране. Добыча угля – единственный заработок жителей окрестных селений: они каждое утро спускаются в карьер, над которым расстилается ядовитый дым. Правительство пытается переселить их в другие районы – вот только жизнь там оказывается едва ли не тяжелее, чем в родных местах.

Philippines'Hell Life. - Жизнь по соседству с трупами: Адские трущобы района Navas в Маниле на Филиппинах. Feb 16, 2017. Жизнь на кладбище: Трущобы Навас Манила. Более 20% жителей Манилы живет в трущобах, и это количество увеличивается с каждым годом. Подобные районы нет необходимости долго искать — большая часть Манилы и есть таковой. А самыми ужасными считаются кварталы района Navas, где отчаявшиеся люди, не найдя лучшего места, поселились на кладбище. Везде гниль, мусор и фрагменты трупов. Шагать нужно осторожно, чтобы не оказаться в сточной канаве. Запах и атмосфера — ужасны.

Life of people in Guatemala Tips and Dumps - Гватемала-Сити. Зона зверя. Feb 9, 2017. В столице Гватемалы есть так называемая Зона 3. Местные жители называют её Майна (шахта). Это граничащий со старым городским кладбищем гигантский овраг, в который каждый день сваливают тонны мусора. Сюда стекаются тысячи людей, которые зарабатывают на жизнь сортировкой отходов: ведь металл, картон, стекло можно продать перекупщикам. Редкие счастливчики находят монеты и даже серебро или золото. Но и риск велик – то могильная плита упадёт на людей, то оползень увлечёт вниз несколько человек. Никто не будет искать их тела – кажется, что они просто растворяются в этой агрессивной среде…

Russia: About 7,000 methane bubbles can explode in Siberia. Mar 22, 2017. About 7,000 methane bubbles can explode in Siberia. In the Arctic regions of Siberia, in an investigation with field expeditions and satellite surveillance, up to 7,000 methane bubbles have been identified that could explode at any time. According to reports the agency TASS is a number of bubbles extraordinarily superior to what was supposed. These methane bubbles are probably eruptions of methane gas released by the thawing of permafrost that is caused by climate change, and appear as bumps in the earth, as if the soil had swollen. According to Alexey Titovsky, head of the Department of Science and Innovation of the Yamal region. It moves! Grass bizarrely bubbles in Siberia. Jul 20, 2016. Researchers discovered rippling bubbles of methane under the grass in Bely Island in the Kara Sea, Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District....At the bottom of one of them, 30 meters, methane concentrations were detected that reached up to 9.6% when in the air barely contains 0.000179% of this gas.

Permafrost: The Tipping Time Bomb. Feb 28, 2013. One of the most feared of climate change "feedbacks" is the potential release of greenhouse gases by melting arctic permafrost soils.  New research indicates a critical threshold of that feedback effect could be closer than we once thought.

The Amazon’s Boiling River Kills Anything That Enters. Oct 23, 2017.  (It is alarming, there is nothing sacred about this river! LM).

Бездомные Нью-Йорка - фильм. Jan 25, 2015. Эти люди оказались без крыши над головой в самом большом городе США. Они ночуют на скамейках в парках или в метро, просят милостыню и получают обед в бесплатных столовых. А ведь когда-то у них была работа, семья и дом. Лишь немногим удаётся вернуться к нормальной жизни, а вот число тех, кто опускается на самое дно, увеличивается с каждым днём. О гражданах Америки, вынужденных жить на улице, этот фильм.

Бургеры из насекомых уже в супермаркетах Швейцарии. 23 февраля 2018

"Кухня личинок": самая странная трапеза в моей жизни. 3 декабря 2015

Апокалипсис. Мировые свалки

The Horrible Plight of Hong Kong's Poor


Video: How meat is recycled and sold to the poor. Ever wonder what happens to restaurant leftovers? In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is recycled from landfill tips, washed and re-cooked. It's called "pagpag" and it's eaten by the poorest people who can't afford to buy fresh meat. 23 Feb 2018.

Christchurch earthquake feb 2011 - ground swell (same as in Yamal, Russia! LM)

Japan Moving Ground Natural Phenomenon. Feb 4, 2015. This video of the moving ground in Japan after earthquake on Mar 11 2011 shows actually the ground moving and opening up. The ground beneath japan seemingly coming alive, moving and swelling like ocean waves. Water also seems to appear out of nowhere.

See the ground actually open up and move! Shot during the earthquake in Japan. You can actually see the ground moving and opening up. Amazing

All the water's gon dola! Venice's famous canals dry up... Feb 2, 2018. Unusual weather has left some of Venice's legendary canals dried out - forcing gondolas to park up on dry land. Cold winter weather, low tides caused by the 'super blue blood moon' and little rain have caused the storied waterways to drop by up to 23in in some cases.

Ground Looks Like It's Breathing After Earthquake. Mexico City, Mexico. Sep 19,2017. After the earthquake this footage emerged from Mexico City, Mexico

What National Geographic Didn't See in Yellowstone (Ugly and stinking ground of Yellowstone! That's what! LM) . Feb 16, 2018

Таганрог: Богудония в ожидании смыва в море. НЕИЗВЕСТНАЯ РОССИЯ. Jan 29, 2018. Странный район - его дома непонятно как держатся на крутых склонах Таганрогского залива. Они - словно ракушки на прибрежных камнях - обдуваются ветрами, омываются морем. И отчаянно цепляются за грунт и за жизнь. Это - Богудония, самый южный квартал Таганрога. Когда-то очень красивый - с белыми домиками, зеленью и чистыми пляжами - сегодня этот район больше похож на городское гетто. И живут в нём поистине отчаянные люди. Рискующие в любой момент отправиться в морское плавание, прямо в своих собственных домах…

Березники: жизнь в ожидании провала. НЕИЗВЕСТНАЯ РОССИЯ. Nov 28, 2017. Березники — один из самых загадочных городов России. Внешне так похожий на многие индустриальные центры, в своих недрах он изрыт бесчисленными туннелями шахт, которые словно образовали ещё один, уже подземный город. Он постоянно напоминает о себе огромными провалами в грунте и трескающимися домами. При этом никто точно не знает, где и когда в следующий раз раздвинется земля и к каким последствиям это приведёт.

"Нас ставят на колени...": 30 лет в вагонах. НЕИЗВЕСТНАЯ РОССИЯ. Oct 3, 2017. Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ — самый богатый нефтью регион России. В этом регионе ещё остались целые кварталы, больше похожие на трущёбы, чем на жилые районы. Это — "вагон-городки", в которых живут тысячи человек, что помогали и помогают стране становиться богаче за счёт добываемого здесь "чёрного золота".

Сities Of Trash: World's Worst Garbage Problems

New Images Show Plastic Pollution in Caribbean Sea

Plastic Ocean

Trash Town: Moscow suburbs deep in waste with dumps overloaded.

Load of Rubbish: Moscow turning into Mount Garbage?

Big Rotten Apple: NY gags on garbage as waste mountains pile up.

Статья: Как в Сибири возникли «ворота в ад»? 28.12.2017



I consider sky as 4th Level of Consciousness and advise you to do the same. Invisible civilizations of high positive color vibrations (like blue-indigo-violet-pink) don't have Sun Energy as we have, but they want to get it. The same situation is with visible-invisible civilizations of low negative vibrations (like red-orange-yellow-green): their absence of Sun Energy, which they want to obtain. In our Portals these invisible negative-positive color vibrational civilizations have been mixing up. My vibration and my Intent help them to turn into White Clouds of Sun Energy and move up through the Sun. I find this process exciting and take photos and videos; there is just a part of gained material in this video!
Some nights I see different colored stars, covered up with fake holographic patch, imitating Moon's surface. Group Souls of numerous civilizations as clouds of different forms and colors are gathering around such stars (you will see them in video). These colored clouds are moving through such stars and disappear into the New Universe to continue to evolve. Star is not White Sun, star can't help to move colored civilizations up to the 5th Level, only White Suns can. Almost every day I watch in skies this collossal Departure of Earth's population as endless groups of White Clouds (full of identical small forms), entering Sun one by one to reappear on the 5th Level. Occasionally, huge Gray Clouds (negative Group Souls of hopefuls) are arriving and their transformation is taking place in the sky. First Gray Clouds are mixing up with surrounding invisible high vibrational civilizations in the sky and change color to White. Then they surround the Sun and disappear into it to the 5th Level. The main thing for me and for all of us is to turn everything possible into White Sun Energy as soon, as we can!
A few words about liquidation of all Earth's governments. People of Earth don't need alien governments and alien mindcontrol. People can manage very well without all of that.

Description of video - 9 Jan 2018

Please, stop video in order to read important info and make video larger by pressing square at the bottom!
In this video all these kinds of White Clusters of clouds are Souls of former human players of Planetary Game, who are moving up together through the Sun to the 5th Level. They are visible on the 4th Level of the sky, but become invisible to us, when they get to the 5th Level of Concsiousness. This kind of sight you will see, when you are on 5th Level of Consciousness: huge number of little white clouds (or white threads), who will talk to you and whom you might recognise. White Clouds can represent individual Souls or a Group Soul of a former Planet. I made these videos and pictures on many days within last few months in 2017, the scale of Souls' Departure was impressive: sometinmes the whole sky above the ocean and above our Centre would be full to the brim (covered) with thousands of departing White Souls as white clouds of different forms, sizes, density and colors. Clusters of Souls were surrounding the Sun and disappear in it without stopping!

ЦЕЛЬ-INTENT Нового ВИДЕО, которое мы с Юрой сделали.

Рассматривайте небо как 4й Уровень Сознания. У невидимых цивилизаций высоких положительных вибраций (как синяя-индиго-фиолетовая-розовая), Солнечной Энергии, которой мы обладаем,  нет, но им её надо получить. То же самое положение с видимыми-невидимыми цивилизациями низких негативных вибраций как: красная, оранжевая, жёлтая, зелёная. Им тоже нужно получить Солнечную Энергию. В наших Порталах эти невидимые позитивные-негативные цивилизации смешиваются. Моя вибрация и Цель-Intent помогают им превратиться в Белые Облака Солнечной Энергии и пройти выше через Солнце. Меня этот процесс очень радует, я снимаю это на видео и делаю фото и только небольшая часть всего материала показана в этом видео!
По ночам в нашем небе я иногда вижу разного цвета звёзды, закрытые голографической сероватой нашлёпкой (маскирующую звезду под луну). Вокруг таких звёзд тоже собираются многочисленные Групповые Души в виде облаков разной формы и цвета (их вы и увидите). Они постепенно двигаются и исчезают в ночной звезде. Звезда это - не Солнце, звезда не может помочь групповым Душам попасть на 5й Уровень, только Белое Солнце может это сделать. Но звезда может двигать в Новую Вселенную цивилизацию какой-то одной световой вибрации для продолжения дальнейшего эволюционного развития там. Почти каждый день я наблюдаю в небе повальный уход населения Планеты в виде непрерывных скоплений Белых Душ вокруг Солнца (отдельные кусочки белых облаков), которые один за другим исчезают в Солнце. Интересно, что иногда прибывают Серые огромные облака Инопланетян (их Групповые Души не потерявшие надежду). Серые облака на моих глазах превращаются в Белые Облака с помощью, окружающих их, положительных, невидимым нам, цивилизациям высоких вибраций в небе. Потом эти Белые Облака окружают Солнце и через него поднимаются вверх на 5й Уровень! Для меня и для всех нас главное - это  скорей-скорей превратить всё, что можно, в Белую Солнечную Энергию!
Несколько слов о ликвидации всех правительств на Земле. Людям на всей Земле инопланетные правительства и контроль над человеческими умами - не нужны, люди без всего этого  прекрасно могут справиться!


Описание видео - 9 января 2018

Все эти Белые Облака в небе - человеческие Души бывших игроков Планетарной Игры, кто поднимается через Солнце вверх. Души видимы глазу на 4ом Уровне, но уже невидимы нам когда переходят на 5й Уровень Сознания. Вот как выглядит то, что вы увидите на 5ом Уровне: огромное количество белых маленьких облаков, которые будут с вами общаться и многих из которых вы узнаете из какой-то, прожитой вами, жизни. Белые Облака могут представлять Душу одного Выпускника Игры или Групповую Душу какой-то одной бывшей планеты. Я снимала материалы для этого видео в основном вокруг нашего Центра в Австралии в 2017. Отбытие Белых Душ происходит в небе над нами почти каждый день, а над всей Землёй количество улетающих трудно представить. В этом видео вы увидите как небо над океаном и над нашим Центром иногда заполняется до отказа тысячами уходящих Белых Душ разной формы, цветов и размеров (как индивидуальных так и групповых Душ). В видео также показаны некоторые фото из других стран. Останавливайте видео когда нужно прочитать важную информацию и сделайте экран видео больше, нажав на квадратик внизу.


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With this statement With this statement I hope to turn your focus in the right direction! I ask you, Great Beings (true humans), to throw away all the senseless rubbish of holographic Planetary Game and start acting as masters of the situation, masters of this Old Universe! It is for masters (us-true humans) to decide what to do next, how to manage it with a thrifty master's eye! I mean actions, which we need to take in connection with the Departure of Humanity from Earth, the Departure of our Earth and Our Solar System, and the Departure of our Old Universe. Please, don't waste your time and energy on trying to "save anyone and anything inc. planet Earth" like many players among well known women/men do, for instance, TV personalities Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. Saving of anything/anyone in the Old Universe would only bring you a lot of trouble, because saving of Old Universe is not in the plans of the Source of All Suns and your interference would only make things worse, because you would go against the Universal Flow, against the Goal of the Old Universe!
I expect actions from true Women and Men with real Sunny Souls, and not from fake humans: clones, reptilian-sirian hybrids or minions, who are unfortunately majority on this Planet at present. It's high time for true Women to start real job: you can be smarter and calmer in making the right decisions, but only if these decisions are in accordance with the plans of the Source of All Suns. To acheive it you need to study the Universal Knowledge, which is on our both sites. I am sure: your intuition wouldn't fail you.
We are GREAT SUNNY BEINGS and we can do anything! This statement Robert Monroe got from his non-physical inspec-friend (a part of his Higher Self) when travelling in Cosmos.
What do we need to do!? Maybe noone ever suggested that and it will be new to you. I'll draw a picture, a kind of a plan of our mutual actions.

GREAT SUNNY BEINGS, we have a monumental task: we must mentally turn everything and possibly everyone on Earth and in our Solar System into White Sun Energy and do it in our brains first (visualise)! It is expected of us and we must do it step by step. In general, we must mentally ruin all material worlds in our brains first and we must stop providing new energy to everyday worlds with our thoughts and emotions on daily basis (especially Women)! Then the worlds will start collapcing by themselves and it will be easier to mentally mix everything material with all invisible vibrations on Earth and in our Solar System and mentally move resulted ash and dust into the New, Young Universe (imagine New Universe the way you like). Especially it concerns true Women: you are not mothers, daughters, grandmothers or wives, you are GREAT SUNNY BEINGS ! Don Juan was often  reminding his students to replace constant Inner Dialogue (conversation) in their heads with Inner Silence, in order to save the energy for flights without bodies. Our thoughts and emotions, which support our daily worlds, take a great deal of our energy. Stop wasting it! By the way, fans in stadiums during matches or players in casinos also waste their energy, but they are an average public. All rules' games were designed to provide energy to the existing worlds, because during games fans and players often express their human emotions during arguments or even fights (not without some help from low astrals). Emotions are needed for supporting material worlds, but at the same time during these matches a lot of different invisible vibrations are stired and mixed up and Sun Energy is produced. Well, there are minuses and pluses.   

For a start, we need mentally stop the Flow of Sun Plasma into Earth, because we create everything physical on Earth with the help of Sun Plasma and our Emotions. Then we must mentally stop the stream of artificial Binding Force of Aquamarine vibration, and mentally ruin technical source of this artificial vibrational flow, directed to Earth. This must be done to encourage everything material to fall apart. It is necessary mentally to liquidate grey, holographic electronic Net of Fabric of Time in the fake skydome (holographic sky above us) and mentally destroy electronic source, which forms this Net of Fabric of Time. Then we need to get rid of false ideas of Time and Space in our brains!
Alex Collier once said:"We can create worlds, but we also can uncreate them!" He meant, that we can create worlds in our brains, but we can also ruin them in our brains! The same way we can ruin the ideas of Time and Space in our brains and in our lives! How is the idea of Time fabricated? 
False Lines of Time are just different waves-vibrations, which are glued to each other. All this pile of vibrations is around us all the time and among them different lines-vibrations of your past/present/future ! At the beginning, you are made to follow just one line-vibration, then someone throws you into another line-vibration. That happens a few times in your life and you don't get lost, because all timelines are on different vibrations, like radiostations. I take it back: actually you do get lost sometimes not knowing who you are, where you are and where are your things!

Meantime we must nullify, neutralise all Earth's governments first of all in our brains and proclaim or vote for the Source of All Suns to be our Global Government! At the same time we must stop propagating our physical bodies. It means to stop pregnancies and to stop giving birth to babies, to stop growing tube-babies and perform horrific experiments in genetic labs or hospitals on Earth and in any other place of our Solar System. Next, we must mentally transport remaining group souls of animals, plants and others from Earth to the New Universe (imagine the New Universe the way you like, it's not important). All Negative low vibrational civilizations we must mentally move from Earth and from our Solar System in 2 directions. Those, who are of higher overtones of negative vibrations, for example, group souls of negative aliens, we must mentally move higher in the sky and mix them with positive high vibrational civilizations to obtain Sun Energy. But those, who are of low vibrational levels, like parasites in the body, insects, plants, animals and so on, we must mentally transport to the New Universe for further evolutional growth. All Human individual White Souls will move up higher to the 5th Level by themselves when time comes! But those souls, who are vibrationally low and don't want to go higher, we must mentally move to the New Universe (together with water and oxygen). Water and oxygen are hard to manufacture, they need to be recycled, and this process of removal of them from Earth has been performed for quite sometime. Then we must mentally blow up our Planet, if it wouldn't blow up from methaine (shit) by itself. The same we must mentally do with the whole Solar System with all its electronics. Our next stage will be: to use virtual reality and, in our imagination, to mix up all vibrations of non-physical Earth and of our Solar System (with all invisible entities occupying them), in order to get New Sun Energy. It's good to know all these details in case you might use them to create a similar world in other Universes!
Modern, greatly mind-controlled, Females' mentality is the main obstacle in performing this plan. That's why I address Earth's true Females directly. These thoughts must be in your heads, instead of all kinds of nonsense, if you consider yourselves - GREAT SUNNY BEINGS !

Космическое разрастающее Горячее Белое Искрящееся Облако Всех Солнц Старой Вселенной, стремящихся вверх в Источник Всех Солнц!

Описание нашего Видео - 27 октября 2017

(это - новый вариант видео, его уже можно проиграть)

Видео показывает как Горячее Cпиралевидное Облако всех Солнц Старой Вселенной поднимается и расширяется по Всей Вселенной, и похоже на волны океана; спираль слева, помогает указывать направление Солнечной Энергии (вверх). Спираль справа указывает направление Потока Солнечной Энергии и Солнечной Плазмы (вниз), который, кстати, мы засняли на Видео в Портале устья реки Элиэт (Австралия) и показали в одном из видео. Все физические Планеты нашей Солнечной Системы и физические твёрдые Параллельные Планеты Земля уже не существуют. Осталась только физическая Планета Земля (имеет букву Е - Earth). Каким блестящим решением было создание и распространение Светящегося Облака Солнечной Плазмы на физической Земле, под землёй и на похожих физических Планетах всей Старой Вселенной!
Проникновение и Накопление Белой Горячей Светящейся Солнечной Плазмы на Земле/под землёй и на других Планетах физического Уровня Вселенной. Я часто натыкаюсь на ложную информацию, касающуюся вспышек на Солнце. Так вот эти вспышки возникают в момент присоединения Параллельных Планет Земля к Старой Земле, а их Плазменных Звёзд разной световой вибрации к нашему Солнцу, когда они теряют Плазму. В результате этих смешений температура Солнца, а также самой Планеты поднимается! Вибрация Земли повышается, вот так происходит постепенное Глобальное Потепление, а "учёные" бесконечно будут "искать" ответ на это явление, пока им платят!
Музыка, которая сопровождает это видео, была написана советским композитором Дмитрием Шостаковичем к старому фильму "Овод", называется "Примирение", я вам рекоммендую посмотреть эту эмоциональную историю в этом фильме. Для быстрого просмотра видео используйте Firefox браузер.

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Нажмите здесь мышкой для проигрывания видео "Великая Волна Баланса" на Адоб

ЭЛЕКТРОННЫЙ АДРЕС (на Видео - "Великая Волна Баланса"): http://www.theshiftofconsciousness.info/GreatCosmicCloud9.mov

This video you will find at the bottom of this Page - Это видео вы найдёте в конце этой Страницы:

А couple of lines about the POWER OF OUR MIND from Andy Pero, Project Superman, Part 6 :

"...At the meeting one of Grays was trying to gain access to my mind in order to control me. He kept trying to implant the suggestion "You will obey me, You will obey me". I warned him to stop three times. He had no way of knowing my abilities and after warning him the third time I crushed his throat with my mind and then hurled him against the wall with such force that his head splattered open like a ripe melon."


Recommended video and photos, more of these kind of photos are on our link : Odd Clouds - Our Ascending White Souls - Наши, Уходящие ввысь, Белые Души

What The Hell is this.."A Portal"? Feb 3, 2018. I heard a strange sound over my house.. I went outside maybe 60 Second later and I looked up and Seen This... I always see strange things happening in the sky's over Pahrump, Nv... But this... Is a little Different... I'm about a 30 min drive from Mercury, and the Old Nevada Test site... Let me know in the comments what you thinks going on in the Sky....
(This is how groups of our White Souls are moving up to higher vibrational levels through Portals and through our Sun! But sometimes they are taken by some invisible UFOs! LM).

Sky reveals a de-cloaked small fleet of large 'UFOs'! Feb 6,  2018

True humans, us, don't need show-like performances of aliens' sponsored governments, who have been constantly passing the will of aliens behind our backs. Aliens have been hiding their disdusting, inhuman looks behind our governments and in Russia it is so obvious. Humans didn't need governments ever, but if you, people, still want to vote and choose governments, then vote for the Source of All Suns. Because all humans and all life came from the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS and only the Source knows best what needs to be done in every country of Earth. All other global governments are illegal: they need to be destroyed;
they can't dictate humans! True humans, who has Souls, can ruin governments and aliens with their mental powers and their strong emotions (if they only try) and then humans need to mix those chaotic vibrations (in their imagination) into White Sun Energy like tornados do! I do that all the time and insist that you do the same and not just in Russia or in Australia, but in all countries. The situation is critical and this way you will help the whole Humanity and the Source! Voting is compulsory in Australia, you'll be fined if you don't vote. Well, last 2 years (2016-2017) at the time of government election I also voted, but I VOTED FOR THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS !!! I crossed names of all candidates on voting form and wrote: "I vote only for the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS to be our government!" And not just that, I even told everyone present at voting place that I vote for the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS and tried to show all of them my voting form, but, surprisingly, they were covering their eyes from me and my voting form. I didn't expect it : they were in such a panic to break "an alien law" forbiding others to see whom you voting for, especially Women! But I don't give a shit! I despise all these alien governments' laws and regulations and wouldn't give up showing them that.
What 300 american Hollywood actresses and actors are trying to achieve with their recent project of raising 15 millions dollars for their personal protection in courts, has nothing to do with what I am trying to tell them about their own mental powers and power of their emotions, built into them! These 300 people can use that for their protection (and not 15 millions dollars). The same way these people can help the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS in ruining all holographic negative worlds of Earth and negative worlds of other space bodies, if they only try! I do that all the time with good results and advise to everyone to do the same !
Alien activities on Earth reached the peak performance just look what is happening in China: you'll be paralised when you know everything what aliens do there! Under these circumstances the whole Earth must be destroyed! When will these 300 Hollywood people finally wake up!? Or maybe they are not from the SOURCE OF ALL SUNS at all ?!

I address only those Women and Men, whose Souls are really from the Source. Our task is urgently clean up the whole Earth from everything material, mentally turn everything on Earth into chaos of DARK MATTER (dust and ash)! Mentally whirl, stir and mix this, liberated from physicality, chaos of DARK MATTER like tornados do! And then, in your imagination, turn all these different vibrations into White Sun Energy, directed to the Source!

This is not just a GLOBAL Females' REVOLUTION, it is a Females' REVOLUTION IN THE WHOLE SOLAR SYSTEM (for a start). We didn't come here just to create and support numerous worlds for thousands of years, but we came also to ruin these worlds, when the Time Comes! AND THE TIME CAME NOW: MENTALLY TURN EVERYTHING INTO DUST AND ASH EVERYWHERE,
the dust and ash will be carried away to the New Young Daughter Universe for New Stars to make Crusts around themselves and create new Planets there !

The root of the word 'SOLAR' is the word 'SOUL'. WE HAVE SOLAR ENERGY IN OUR SOULS, BUT WE ALSO GENERATE NEW SOLAR ENERGY WITH THE HELP OF OUR 7 CHAKRAS - vortexes for mixing civilizations of different vibrations and creating new Solar Energy (George and I created a video devoted to this subject, which you can find on this and other Pages). Electrical Solar Panels are COLLECTING THE SUN ENERGY produced by OUR SOULS, VIRTUALLY ROB ALL OF US of our energy ON A HUGE SCALE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS.
And we pay for electricity, when electricity should be free for us (same as land and water)!

The word 'a son' really means a brilliant SUN (they just changed one letter); and in many countries girls' names are often a brilliant SUN in their native languages. Below is a picture of numerous huge round fields of solar panels (one after another) in Saudi Arabia, which generate electricity for alien usage. More photos of such fields in other countries are on :
Our Solar System in Universe 

Explanation of similarities between Parallel Human Personalities and Parallel: Suns, Galaxies, Universes

When you work with a computer you do a lot of glueing/superimposing one program on top of another one on the same screen of your monitor. You may start checking your emails, then, without removing them, on top of emails you may superimpose another program like: page of notepad; or some browser with an interesting website; or open a composer page of your own site or google to find some info; or open your photo or video albums and other stored programs in your computer. You can glue all of them on top of each other on the same screen like a bunch of pancakes or russian matreschka. Such layers are called Parallel Human Personalities, Parallel Earths, Parallel Suns, Parallel Galaxies, Parallel Universes !

You would feel your Power only when you start mentally and with emotion destroy all existing worlds, the whole Old Physical Earth! As one guy said :"It feels good to be bad!"
Alex Collier said:" The lower you are, the worse you are treated!" Then rise up! Robert Monroe said :" Brake everything: all taboos, boundaries, all physical/non-physical illusionary worlds around you!" Only don't do it with your hands, but do it with your MIND like Andy Pero did ! I constantly do it with a great satisfaction!
For a start, we need to speed up the Liquidation Process on our Old Earth. It is necessary to mentally (with emotion) destroy all physical/non-physical Levels of Time and Space and free millions of human slaves on and underground Earth. We can do it with the Force of our MINDS (especially Men), our Power is in mutual Intent !
As soon, as each one of us finish mentally (with emotion) ruining our physical Planet (the Earth is our trap as Robert Monroe said), then finish with other numerous physical/non-physical planets/stars/moons/asteroids/comets/brown dwarfs/UFO's in our Solar System! All these physical/non-physical bodies are in there for just one purpose: to use and torment a human in every which way possible (alien way of mixing with us)!
Then start mentally destroying the physical Content of our Old Universe: mentally burn up or blow up (with emotion) everything what comes your way (except White Suns), your Soul will be relieved from anxiety!
Our worlds, our planets are so artificial, they are mirror projections, real are only White Suns and our Souls! there is an interesting video to watch, it is an interview with an Italian Astro-Physicist Giuliana Conforto, she speaks about a central crystal and a system of mirrors inside Earth; about planets of our Solar System, which are just layers around Earth and reflected by mirrors into the dome (our holographic sky). By the way in an excellent old book "Plutonia" (you can find it on our site) the author, a russian researcher, wrote the same thing, that inside Earth there are a few other spheres (all Planets of our Solar System). These Planets are not outside Earth, but inside, and by system of mirrors reflected outside, creating an illusion. There are a few things in that video I disagree with like Black Sun. There is no such a thing: there is a black hole in a Sun, but the rays are always White! And a few other things, which amuse me like calling Sun Energy 'a weak force' (no wonder: that's what she was taught at uni), but there are also valueable things she is saying, if you'd understand her accent and her line of thought :

Black Sun : Absolute Must Watch Interview with Astro-Physicist Giuliana Conforto. Mar 12, 2017. Wow, an honest Astro Physicist!

To refresh your memory to know what kind of moons/asteroids/planets etc. are in our Solar System (a great deal), read books/articles about stars/planets etc. in our Universe or go on astronomical/astrophysical sites or find Pages of our sites like :  Galaxy-Галактика 
or  Our Universe - Наша Вселенная
Our Solar System in Universe - Наша Солнечная Система
Start mentally with emotion eliminating all old physical stars and star systems, planets, moons, brown dwarfs, planetoids, comets, UFO's and aliens. First: around Earth and in our Solar System, and then in our whole physical Galaxy - Milky Way. I do it with a great success and advise you to attack the physical Level instead of sitting and waiting for some Miracle to occur ! Remember how Richard Shaver finally broke his chains and released himself and 4 of his warriors from Satanic Trap, and how he caught the Satan?
Read his  
"I remember Lemuria" , the book is on this site : it'll give you Power !

All civilizations had enough Time to leave physical Time and Space and get to the 4th non-physical Level or to move to the New 3D physical Daughter Universe, if they couln't or didn't want to reach the 4th Level. There is no Need in physical Space and Time any more! Remember what Robert Monroe said :"We can do absolutely EVERYTHING (if we do it together with the same Intent)", including the Destruction of Time and Space in our Old Universe !

All substances and gases originated from vibrations of Sun Energy, the difference is only in: what kind of vibrations, what quantity and their order. Destruction of physicality in our Solar System (the Law of Free Will) will speed up the Mixing Process of All Vibrations in the whole Old Universe! More information on this subject is below on this Page. Stars do have rainbows-auras, but only of one colour, like pink star would have a pink aura-bow around it, there are some photos of it on this site. This is not really a rainbow, but just a pink bow; only White Suns and true Humans have real multi-coloured Rainbows-Auras around themselves.
Here is another popular misunderstanding : most of us (if not all) have jews or mind-controlled prostututes (females/males) or both (jews and prostitutes) as our PARALLEL PERSONALITIES in this Planetary Game. The sooner we release our other personalities from where they are, the sooner we will get to the 5th Level!

Moon is the biggest brothel with thousands human sex-slaves in our Solar System and a center of alien genetic laboratories. So many songs were written about love for this hellish moon!


Это - не только ГЛОБАЛЬНАЯ РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ, это - РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ ВО ВСЕЙ НАШЕЙ СОЛНЕЧНОЙ СИСТЕМЕ (для начала). Мы не пришли сюда только за тем, чтобы создавать и поддерживать миры тысячи лет. Мы также пришли сюда, чтобы разрушить эти миры и освободить миллионы рабов, когда наступит время!
ЭТО ВРЕМЯ НАСТУПИЛО, МЫСЛЕННО ПРЕВРАЩАЙТЕ ВСЁ И ВЕЗДЕ В ПЫЛЬ, которую унесёт в Новую Молодую Вселенную для Новых Звёзд, которые сформируют Кору вокруг себя и превратятся в новые Планеты !  

Итоги съезда граждан СССР - Dec 18, 2017. Съезд состоялся 9-10 в г. Владимир. В беседе обозначены некоторые интересные моменты развития событий возврата СССР.

Перемены не только в России, но и во всём мире происходят в результате ОБЪЯВЛЕНИЯ УЛЬТИМАТУМА ВСЕМ ИНОПЛАНЕТЯНАМ ПОКИНУТЬ НАШУ ПЛАНЕТУ И НАШУ СОЛНЕЧНУЮ СИСТЕМУ И СОЗДАНИЯ ГЛОБАЛЬНОГО ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВА, название которому - ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ ! И за выполнение этого Ультиматума нам нужно бороться всем миром! Признание этого Ультиматума (Уход Инопланетян) всем Человечеством, а также признание всеми Источника Всех Солнц нашим Глобальным Правительством - вот этого нужно добиться! Интересно, что такое Правительство невозможно заменить клоном, как это делается во всех земных правительствах.
Переход к Старому Советскому Союзу, что похоже задумала королева английская, означает продолжение Планетарной Игры, но это также означает уничтожение всех религий и сэкса с борделями, а также прекращение всяких войн и СВОБОДУ ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСТВУ И ВСЕМ ВЫСШИМ ЗНАНИЯМ ВСЕЛЕННОЙ ! Если Россия хочет вернуться обратно в Союз Советских Социалистических Республик, то не в том Драконовом виде, в котором этот Союз просуществовал столько лет. Это должен быть обновлённый Социалистический Союз Народов Всего Мира и должен быть в первую очередь в наших головах, в наших мыслях (один Intent)! Должен быть без Драконового скрытого фундамента, то есть настоящий Социализм с учётом ошибок прошлого! Если вы уж так хотите флаг этого Социалистического Союза, то он должен быть белым как Солнце, потому что белое Солнце находится в наших Душах и в нашей крови (белые кровяные тельца), которые содержат все вибрации существующих цивилизаций Вселенной! И пожалуйста, без всяких красных Драконовых звёзд и другой красной негативной мишуры/бижутерии/перафиналии. Неплохо было бы привлечь все другие страны мира к этому Социалистическому Союзу, чтобы вся Планета была если уж не КОММУНИСТИЧЕСКОЙ, то хотя бы Социалистической для Перехода выше вибрацией!

Вопрос только в том: как много будет производиться Солнечной Энергии народом нашей физической Планеты при таком раскладе вещей?!
Бизнесмэнов обычно интересует сколько она-он заработают денег от каждой сделки, а меня интересует сколько Солнечной Энергии и как быстро Источник Всех Солнц получит от преобразования России в Советский Союз со всеми вытекающими отсюда последствиями!

Если это случится, то идеально было бы хотя бы для всех иметь Коммунистические мысли в головах. А то что получается?
Современные СМИ (особенно в форме электроники) как Телевидение, Интернет, Радио до сих пор всеми силами стараются понизить сознание Человечества и естественно качество их мыслей, чтобы продолжать Планетарную Игру, а Газеты/Журналы и многие книги добавляют. В то же время Негативные часто обрубают электричество, чтобы читатели не могли изучать наши сайты. Снижается вибрация всего Человечества не только с помощью СМИ и электроники, но и с помощью ещё 3х Глобальных Наркотиков: Политика, Религия и Сэкс! С помощью этих 4х наркотиков Негативные заставляют большинство людей фокусировать своё внимание и создавать мысли/эмоции на темы, проталкивамые этими 4мя наркотиками. Единственный способ освободить из рабства все наши Параллельные личности и присоединить их к нам это - разрушить все миры: физические и нефизические.
Как я уже говорила: уединитесь где-нибудь в кресле, на диване, на кровати и разрушайте (с эмоцией) всё что вы вспомните, все, окружающие вас, голографические миры в ваших мозгах, в вашем воображении. Не подпитывайте существование этих дрянных миров своей энергией изо дня в день! Вдумайтесь в это! И уверяю вас после ваших усилий Глобальные положительные события начнут происходить с умо-помрачительной скоростью!
Снижение вибрации всего Человечества также делается с помощью знакомых нам, так называемых, "стихийных бедствий" например: супер-высокими или супер-низкими температурами, да ещё и выключая электричество! Ну кто, задыхаясь от жары или обледенев от холода, будет способен изучать что-либо или воображать что-либо!?

"Протесты в Иране. Внутренняя политика и протест в Иране. Dec 29, 2017 (отрывок из статьи)
"Реформаторы и консерваторы, игра (планетарная игра, имеется ввиду! ЛМ) окончена" - этот лозунг особенно популярен у студентов Тегеранского университета. Участники протестов дают понять, что все политические силы, за которые людям предлагается голосовать на парламентских выборах, вызывают у них лишь недовольство и раздражение. Студенты в Тегеране выступают с лозунгами против всех политических сил"...  видео: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUK-qkoQLRU.

И ещё раз о правительствах. Любое земное правительство означает продолжение всей этой несчастливой бессмысленной жизни на Планете и продолжение жесточайшей Планетарной Игры !
РАЗ МЫ ПРОИЗОШЛИ ИЗ ИСТОЧНИКА ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ, ТО НАШИМ ГЛОБАЛЬНЫМ ПРАВИТЕЛЬСТВОМ МОЖЕТ ЯВЛЯТЬСЯ ТОЛЬКО ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ И БОЛЬШЕ НИКТО ! ЗА НЕГО И ГОЛОСУЙТЕ ВО ВСЕХ СТРАНАХ ! Людям на всей Земле инопланетные правительства не нужны, люди и без них прекрасно могут справиться! Человеко-образные, или скорее дико-образные правительства нужны и будут как обычно выбраны негативными инопланетянами, чтобы прятать свой устрашающий нечеловеческий вид за правительствами и в России это видно как нигде лучше. Уж если вы все так хотите голосовать за правительство, то голосуйте во весь голос за: ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ, который как никто лучше знает положение вещей не только в России, но и на всей Планете и может помочь ситуации в любой стране. Я настаиваю на этом не только в отношении избирателей России, но и избирателей во всех странах на Земле! Я лично это уже сделала в прошлом 2016 году и в ноябре 2017 года когда в Австралии были выборы. Я всех кандидатов в австралийское правительство перечеркнула и написала что избираю правительством Австралии: ИСТОЧНИК ВСЕХ СОЛНЦ. Потом я стала об этом говорить и тыкать эту бумагу (voting form) в нос всем присуствующим на выборах ! Они в страхе закрывали глаза руками, особенно Женщины, так как видеть кого выбирают - не положено (ещё один "инопланетный закон")! А мне плевать на все эти идиотские правила, не я их выдумала, а aliens, я всё равно от своего не отступлюсь !
Вы только поглядите чем занимаются в данный момент в Америке (статья ниже)! Эти 300 глупцов (в основном актрисы) тратят своё время и энергию на собирание 15 миллионов долларов для судебных тяжб "жертв сексуального домогательства" со своими обидчиками, то есть на продолжение Агонии Планетарной Игры (вроде кандидатов в президенты России). Эти женщины-актрисы только заняты своей личной судьбой, только бы получить моральную и денежную компенсацию для себя! Когда же они проснутся наконец, иногда мне кажется что все эти люди не из Источника Всех Солнц, а откуда-то ещё !

В США основали движение по борьбе с домогательствами - 2 Jan 2018

Я обращаюсь к тем Женщинам/Мужчинам, кто действительно из Источника. Наша задача срочно мысленно очистить всю Землю, все миры от всего материального, превращая всё в прах (пыль и пепел), а освобождённый хаос вибраций мысленно смешивать как в миксере или как торнадо это делает. Для чего? Чтобы получить из этого хаоса Солнечную Энергию в своём воображении, её нужно очень много ! Тренируйтесь изо дня в день, уединившись от всех (чтобы не мешали), и тогда будет получаться ! Если вы уже испытываете одиночество, то это есть тот самый знак для вас, производство Солнечной Энергии и есть ваша главная цель пребывания на Планете в это время!
Если Женщины вроде Марии Лондон (при всём моём уважении к ней) вам желают "берегите себя!" это означает: мучайтесь, но продолжайте эту варварскую Планетарную Игру (я бы сказала:"Берегитесь,  евреи-сатанисты и церковники!"). Эти Женщины не знают, что перед финальным взрывом Планеты, который не за горами, инопланетяне уже толпами валят с Планеты и бросают на произвол судьбы своих помощников евреев, церковных рептоидных служителей и других сатанистов! Евреи бегают в панике, а я их толкаю в задницу без ядерной кнопки! Так и хочется петь старую советскую песню времён войны :"Вставай страна огромная, вставай на смертный бой (с инопланетянами)!"

Не могу остановить свой гнев, устала ждать когда все образумятся, слишком долго ждала конца этому безобразию и поняла, что ни до кого ничего не доходит чтобы я не писала, и единственный выход из положения - это самой мысленно уничтожать, взрывать, сжигать и освобождать всю Планету от earth-addicts, что я и делаю каждый день до победного конца! А мужчин могут призвать в армию не только на Украине, чтобы они (earth-addicts) поубивали друг друга и освободили Планету, от них толка: как от козла молока. Исключением только могут быть те, кто мысленно помогает Старой Вселенной уйти из жизни, эмоционально разрушая миры на земле в своём воображении, такие здесь сейчас и нужны !

Многие из нас столкнулись с необычно тяжёлым явлением в наших семьях, на работе, в отношении наших политиков или любимых нами актрис/актёров/юмористов/певиц/певцов/писателей/музыкантов и т.д. Мы их больше не узнаём, их поведение нам кажется неадыкватным, странным, не похожим на тех людей, кого мы знали когда-то. А причина в том, что уже пошло на миллиарды людей в течение многих лет заменялись и заменяются до сих пор инопланетянами, их (людские) живые или мёртвые, но оживлённые тела (recycled) использовались, или для них выращивались новые тела в инкубаторах. То есть настоящая личность уходит с Планеты или переводится в другое место Земли или другого небесного тела, а в его тело заходит слабая инопланетная личность.

Такая инопланетная личность мучает всю семью или всё государство. У этой личности плохая память (несмотря на предварительную тренировку и накачиванию памяти коренной личности), странное поведение, часто они спиваются, сходят с ума, становятся наркоманами или бомжами, потому что не могут выдержать свирепую Планетарную Игру, как это могла выдержать предыдущая коренная настоящая личность. Для таких и существуют все наркотики, казино, игра на скачках или спортивных матчах и винные заведения на всей Земле, такие часто и оказываются бездомными. А потом на Ютьюбе мы наталкиваемся на множество видео, показывающих как спиваются, погибают от наркотиков, стреляются, становятся убийцами или сходят с ума наши любимые "актрисы-актёры" (давно уже заменённые на других) или кто-то ещё, о ком мы храним светлую память. Советую вам ментально уничтожать такие видео, их сделали нелюди.
Политиков вроде Путина многие не узнают, потому что у него больше чем 4 двойника, у Брежнева, Сталина и других политиков двойников-инопланетян тоже было хоть отбавляй! То есть нами всеми по всему миру управляли политики-двойники-
инопланетяне ещё со времён Лемурии - 12000 лет назад. Уже тогда эта технология достигла совершенства. Пора этому обману положить конец: вы только посмотрите что творится в Китае (ниже адрес статьи о современном Китае!

Родина знает - Китай следит за всеми гражданами и подчиняет их всемогущему роботу - 3 января 2018

Сейчас происходит не только ЖЕНСКАЯ ГЛОБАЛЬНАЯ РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ, но и ЖЕНСКАЯ РЕВОЛЮЦИЯ ВО ВСЕЙ НАШЕЙ СОЛНЕЧНОЙ СИСТЕМЕ (для начала). Мы не пришли сюда только за тем, чтобы создавать и поддерживать миры тысячи лет. Мы также пришли сюда, чтобы разрушить эти миры, когда наступит время! ЭТО ВРЕМЯ НАСТУПИЛО, МЫСЛЕННО ПРЕВРАЩАЙТЕ ВСЁ И ВЕЗДЕ В ПЫЛЬ И ПЕПЕЛ (как торнадо делают), и всё это унесёт в Новую Молодую Вселенную для построения Коры Новых Звёзд и превращения их в новые Планеты ! На наши Души это никак не отразится, они не физические, их сломать нельзя, они не боятся взрывов, пожаров, ветров и других стихийных бедствий как писал Роберт Монро ! Только тело боится, потому что оно материальное!
Разрушая всё материальное и плазменное (как наши вторые тела) на Земле и во всей Солнечной Системе мы освобождаем наши Души для эволюционного продвижения на высокие вибрационные Уровни!
Сероводород или метан ("природный газ") от гниющих остатков людей-животных-растений из генетических лабораторий под водой и под землёй достиг критической точки и вылезает наружу во многих участках Планеты уже много лет, вызывая взрывы и обвалы на поверхности Коры Земли, вырываясь наружу со дна океанов (особенно в Новой Зеландии и на Чёрном море, где я много путешествовала и натыкалась на места, где выход метана ничем не остановить) ! Там, где холоднее всего как Аркика-Антарктика, больше всего метана! Так как уровень вонючего метана или сероводорода ("природный газ") от распада всего живого на Планете увеличивается, это дополнительно увеличивает температуру поверхности Земли (ускорение вибрации Земли тоже увеличивает её температуру). Чтобы предотвратить постоянные пожары и взрывы от метана (животный газ) проводят плановые "стихийные бедствия" вроде:  длительного ледяного бомб-циклона, ледяного дождя, обильного снега и крупного града в любое время года, долгих дождей, значительного понижения температуры, наводнений, грязевых обвалов или потоков, гейзеров воды из под земли, особенно в городах, что снижает температуру поверхности земли и воды, а также растворяет в воде вонючий метан. Ниже одно из многочисленных видео об угрозе общего Планетарного взрыва от масштабного скопления газа горящего в воде (остальные видео вы найдёте в конце этой Страницы):

Permian History Methane Gas Explosion From Ocean Wiped Out 95% Of Life...oceans can and have produced methane gas responsible for the Permian Mass Extinction. This explosion killed up to 95% of life on Еarth during that period. A seafloor basin of methane saturated water may have a breaking point. An earthquake, underwater landslide, or even a meteor impact could have triggered this, and suddenly the deepest part of the ocean would have exploded in a deadly storm of methane bubbles." Something similar happened in 1986 in Lake Nyos in the nation of Cameroon in Africa. This created a ground level carbon dioxide cloud that killed many nearby villagers. This is also mentioned in this video. My personal concern is the oil-saturated Gulf of Mexico and the idea of using a nuke to seal the flow.

Корень английского слова SOLAR (Солнечный) слово SOUL (Душа). Помимо того, что Солнечная Энергия имеется в нашей Душе, мы ещё и вырабатываем дополнительную Солнечную Энергию с помощью наших 7ми Чакр (центры смешения цивилизаций разных вибраций) в Солнечную Энергию. Искусственные Солнечные Батареи забирают Энергию наших Солнечных Душ т.е. лишают нас нашей Энергии, чтобы, прежде всего, обслужить этой энергией инопланетян, их генетические базы и бордели, и крохи достаются самим людям (в смысле электроэнергии от Солнечных Батарей). Многие из нас (если не все) имеют в числе своих Параллельных Личностей: запрограмированных проституток (обоих полов) или евреев (это ведь Планетарная Игра)! Все свои Параллельные Личности мы должны найти, присоединить к себе и стать полными (вроде лука со всеми его слоями).

Объяснение Схожести Человеческих Параллельных Личностей с Параллельными: Солнцами, Галактиками, Вселенными

Во время работы с компьютером вы часто вынуждены наслаивать на тот же самый экран компьютера разные программы. Вы можете начать с проверки вашей электронной почты и, не убирая её с экрана, наклеить сверху на emails, скажем, страницу notepad и какой-нибудь сайт сверху notepad. Затем сверху этого вы, например, накладываете google, чтобы найти какую-то информацию для себя или открываете и наклеиваете сверху альбом фото, видео, аудио или какую-нибудь другую программу, хранящуюся в вашем компьютере. И вся эта стопка слоёв (програм) на одном экране выглядит как стопка оладей или как русская матрёшка. Все эти слои и будут называться параллельными по отношению к сердцевине лука, дерева, матрёшки или человека. То же самое относится к Солнцам, Галактикам и Вселенным, только в этом случае всё намного сложнее!

Звёзды имеют Радуги-Ауры только одного цвета (посмотрите фото розовой радуги розовой звезды на этом сайте), а Солнца имеют Радуги-Ауры многих цветов!
Все вещества и газы происходят из разных вибраций Солнечной Энергии, зависит от того, какие вибрации, в каком количестве, сочетании (порядке) и пропорции.

СОЛНЕЧНАЯ ЭНЕРГИЯ НАШИХ ДУШ ОБОГРЕВАЕТ НАШИ ТЕЛА (без неё наши тела бы просто замёрзли насмерть). ДРАКОНЫ И ДРУГИЕ НЕГАТИВЫ ДУШ НЕ ИМЕЮТ ВООБЩЕ. ОНИ - ХОЛОДНЫЕ ПОЭТОМУ ОНИ ЕДЯТ НАС, ЧТОБЫ СОГРЕТЬСЯ. ОНИ БОЯТСЯ СОЛНЦА: ОНО ИХ УБИВАЕТ; ОНИ ВЫБИРАЮТ БОЛЕЕ ЖАРКИЕ СТРАНЫ, НО ЖИВУТ В СВОИХ КОСМИЧЕСКИХ КОРАБЛЯХ ИЛИ ПОД ЗЕМЛЁЙ, ОБОГРЕВАЕМЫЕ ЭЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИМИ СОЛНЕЧНЫМИ БАТАРЕЯМИ ИЛИ ОГРОМНЫМИ КОСТРАМИ (вулканическая огненная лава и пепел - результат их жизнедеятельности и жизни миллионов подземных рабов, которые приготавливают пищу и всякие товары для наших супермаркетов и других магазинов). Больше информации на эту тему на Домашней Странице этого Сайта :  Главная Домашняя Страница

Вы почувствуете свою Силу только тогда, когда начнёте мысленно разрушать все старые миры! Для начала, нам надо ускорить общий Процесс Ликвидации всего физического в нашем сознании! Необходимо разрушить мысленно с эмоцией физический Уровень Пространства и Времени, то есть физический 3й Уровень Сознания и мы это можем сделать силой нашего Разума
согласно ВСЕЛЕНСКОМУ ЗАКОНУ СВОБОДНОЙ ВОЛИ (особенно Мужчины и особенно Русские Мужчины)! Как только каждый из нас покончит мысленно и с эмоциями разрушать нашу физическую Планету (Земля - наш капкан, как сказал Роберт Монро), разрушайте все остальные физические коричневые карлики/планеты/звёзды/луны/астероиды/кометы/НЛО в нашей Солнечной Системе. Потом переходите на содержимое всей нашей Галактики и затем займитесь Старой физической Вселенной. Мысленно с эмоцией взрывайте или сжигайте всё физическое, что попадается на вашем пути (на Душе полегчает).
Для этого идите на сайты астрономов и астрофизиков или на Страницы нашего старого сайта как : 
Galaxy-Галактика  и
Наша Вселенная  
Или найдите книги/статьи на эти темы (освежите свою память). Понять какое количество жутких генетических лабораторий и борделей (публичных домов) на астероидах, лунах, планетах, планетоидах, коричневых карликах, НЛО только в нашей Солнечной Системе можно посмотрев Страницу :   Наша Солнечная Система во Вселенной

Разрушайте мысленно и с эмоцией все старые физические звёзды и звёздные системы, планеты и т.п. (кроме Белых Солнц: они нефизические) вплоть до физических Галактик. Я это делаю с большим успехом и вам советую идти в атаку, а не сидеть сложа руки и ждать Чуда! Вспомните как Ричард Шэйвэ разбил свои цепи и освободился из капкана Сатаны, в который он и его друзья попали, а потом поймал самого Сатану.
Читайте отрывки из "Я помню Лемурию" на этой Странице или читайте эту книгу на английском на Странице :
Ричард Шэйвэ "Я помню Лемурию"  -  это даст вам силу.

У всех цивилизаций было достаточно времени чтобы выйти из физических Пространства и Времени выше на 4й нефизический Уровень, или вообще уйти в Новую физическую Дочернюю Вселенную, если они не могут или не хотят двигаться выше. Так что нужда в физическом Пространстве и Времени в нашей Старой Вселенной уже давно отпала !
Помните что Роберт Монро сказал:"Мы способны сделать абсолютно всё (если будем это делать вместе)", в том числе и разрушить Пространство и Время во Всей Старой Вселенной (если поднатужимся)!
Я не чувствую себя лидером (как и Роберт Монро не чувствовал), который впереди всех, скорее я - толкач, который находится сзади всех и толкает всех вверх!

Australia. Starting from 15 Nov till 4 Dec
2017 we didn't have any DARKNESS, as promised by NASA (they lie as usual).

In our videos we show a Sun rising up to the 5th Level, this Sun is us all from Earth, and we are expected by crowds of White Beings of different intensity (bigger part of me is there too, waiting for us to arrive). Sun of Earth is symbolic: it is us Human Sunny Spirits of Earth! I know, that we can't create a Sun from all of our Souls, because each of us belongs to a different Sun on higher Level.
BUT WE CAN FORM CLUSTER of OUR SOULS and move up to the 5th Level together. We tried it in our location and some of us succeded on 11th November early morning (watch our last video below), but not all ! The reason is, that many of us are still not complete, our other parts-personalities are lost somewhere and we need to find them and join them to ourselves. Then each one of us will be complete.
We gather our lost parts only on 3d and 4th Levels. When one of my parts-parallel personalities is joining me, I first hear unusual frequency in my left ear, get hot flash and heart arythmia (heart is loosing usual rhythm as a result of merging of 2 different vibrations). What I saw later on 11th November in the night sky above our Centre in Australia, was a lot white fog - our Spirits, not COMPLETE SOULS! Huge roundish forms of fog of different sizes, many of them were standing above me and above the coast line. Those foggy forms were clusters of you - human Spirits, gathered on the 4th Level and visible to the eye, but we need complete Souls, not uncomplete Spirits! That night wasn't dark at all: you could see everything without a torch.
For many months in our village in Australia I've been watching how clusters of white human Souls were leaving Earth through Sun! Millions of them! I've made so many photos of them on different days. The Universal Flow is moving through the Sun and the Graduates are moving up within it. Usually it takes a сouple of hours for the whole cluster of White Human Souls to move up and disappear from the sky of 4th, visible to us Level, to the 5th, non-visible to us Level in the sky. And it gives me such pleasure to see it. Watch the skies and you'll see the 4th Level of Consciousness! All sorts of clouds/auroras/gamma rays/fire and light balls/stars/comets etc. are living Beings of different civilizations, but our White Souls and White Suns are not other civilizations of different vibrations! Humans are balanced Sunny Beings!
In order to free ourselves from the Prison-Planet we need to destroy it first, to ruin mentally our numerous holographic worlds of every country, which you might see or remember. Blow up with emotion your night dreams (travels to inorganic worlds) esp. nightmares; eliminate mentally dreadful images, memories, movies, sights, articles, videos, that you don't agree with; blow up the whole bloody history of Humankind - empire after empire; burn all satanic gatherings of all governments (like summits), their headquaters and all their members; taxation offices and banks, the whole money system; nuke world's police, military of all kinds, Pentagon, White House, all Parliaments and the like; Cern; psychiatric institutions, jails, detention centers and hospitals; castles and churches. If we are really going to have 2 weeks of darkness (no Sun) from 15th November till the end of this month (maybe open arrival of aliens), then you will have a good opportunity to make yourself comfortable and start mentally the process of destroying your previous years of life. And you will see how new events start unwrapping up and change the reality faster, how many people will start disappear (or "die") and your lost parts start joining you. Robert Monroe told us to break everything, he said, that we can do everything possible, well then ! This is what I mentally do with emotions and advise all Men and Women to do the same.
I mentally nuke with imaginary atomic bombs the whole Earth's Crust into pieces (like in our videos): all holographic Antarctica, Australia, Arab Countries, Asia - China, Russia, both Americas, Africa, Europe; the underground/underwater bases with their genetic labs; Planets/Planetoids/moons/asteroids/UFOs (Moon, Mars, Phobos, Enzelada, Pandora, Ganimede, Nibiru and all the rest of them); the Haarp and all Mobile Phone and other mind-controlling Towers; blow up Human Sex-Pile Robert Monroe was writing about; all brothels, Sathanas (halfmen-halfgoat), described by Richard Shaver, and other negative aliens on Earth! You will realease lots of humans from hell this way. Just mentally blow up with emotion all the worlds you ever been to, or the place you are now (I did it many times)! Blow up the tunnels of Inorganic Worlds Carlos Castaneda was writing about, where so many human Men (your other parts) are imprisoned, release them and visualise how their White Sunny Spirits are rising up and meet you! Inorganic Worlds are the most difficult to visualise and blow up.

Meantime we must nullify, neutralise all Earth's governments first of all in our brains and proclaim or vote for the Source of All Suns to be our Global Government !
On 20th January 2018 shutdown of US government took place! And if we never stop ruining all material and holographic worlds in our brains without ever more providing these worlds with our energy (thoughts/emotions), then all world's governments will collapse ! Only the Source of All Suns is our Global Government, that will help us all to move up !
I mentally blow up all the holographic worlds around me not to let them drag me back to Earth! Men can do this job better, than Women ! Unfortunately, Female Energy creates and protects holographic worlds, but Male Energy destroys these same worlds! Though there are many males (esp. in governments and police), who go against their nature by trying to protect our old, good for nothing, worlds, instead of ruining these prisons.

Most women are still busy with their personal life, their problems, their families, with elections to get into governments. Men, you need mentally go against such men and women, who is trying to protect the Planetary Game. No wonder, that Internet is now flooded with articles about women, who are exposing males, who have been sexually harassing females and males in entertainment industry and among politicians for years! All these accusations are printed in order to prevent us from focusing on our Departure from Earth! They have been trying to replace men in all governments and in other key places with women, in order to continue the Game. And women fall for it!
We should've been departing Earth long time ago, but the timeline was artificially prolonged: they have that technology! Only on balanced 5th Level, where real Communism is, we can be teachers of what we know (according to R. Monroe), but on this level we can be only slaves of all kinds! Communism is Balance in everything, these words were never written in "Capital" by Jews - Marx and Engels, who wrote this thick last century.
It doesn't help just to know, that our Universe is holographic: we need to do something about our release from this HOLOGRAM ! I see, hear and feel a tremendous Advance of high vibrational forces in our Old Universe and their victories. Singing "The Internationale" will help to unite our Souls: it's a Signal for Departure, you will hear the voices of others, if you start singing it yourself ! "The Internationale" is constantly on my mind !

The videos below will show methane gas sipping through the surface of Earth in many places esp. where fresh water is stored. Methane means alien bases, where humans are taken and dealt with, like genetic labs, brothels, military underground installations! 

Fun with burning methane on a lake First experiment. Dec 17, 2014. I have made a video of my first trial to burn gas accumulated under the ice, and to make coffee on the flame.
I had to use matches because my lighters were empty. As can be seen, was i little nervous the methanegas was mixed with oxygen and could.explode when it catched fire....

WARNING! Impending Arctic Methane Emergencyю Apr 5, 2017. Methane is between 100 and 120 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. This being said there is enough methane trapped under the permafrost in the arctic to extinguish all life on earth many times over. This is not a good situation to have on an ever warming planet where the poles are the most susceptible to changes in the environment. Russian scientists have recently discovered more than 200 lakes that are bubbling and releasing methane. Also very large holes and craters that used to have an unknown origin have also been attributed to the methane gas being released. This is a very urgent and dire situation that all of humanity needs to focus on right now or else there wont be a foreseeable future for anyone.

Methane in the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. May 23, 2017. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf has received more attention in recent years in regards to a potential contribution of the greenhouse gas methane, for the global methane budget, from several different sources. However, more studies are required to better constrain this potential accelerator of ongoing climate change.

Terrifying! More than 7,000 underground methane gas bubbles explode in the Arctic. Mar 21, 2017. Terrifying! More than 7,000 underground methane gas bubbles are about to explode in the Arctic. Explosions in recent years has led to the formation of spectacular new craters. Bubbles were created by methane gas being unlocked by warming temperatures
There are startlingly more gas-filled domes than previously known. When the bubbles explode they release methane gas which is approximately 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. 

They Are Doing things...(to make men violent). Mar 8, 2018


Cайт http://www.bbc.com (и на английском и на русском) хранят гробовое молчание о 2х днях Женского Марша миллионов протестующих Женщин в 250 городах в 66 странах 20-21 января 2018 года
Website - http://www.bbc.com (in english and in russian) keeps silence about this Global Event: marches of millions of Protesting Women in some 250 cities in 66 countries on 20-21 January 2018 ! There are a few articles and a lot of photos below about this event !

ГЛОБАЛЬНЫЕ МНОГОТЫСЯЧНЫЕ ЖЕНСКИЕ МАРШИ ПРОТЕСТОВ СОСТОЯЛИСЬ в 250 городах в 66ти странах 20 и 21 января в 2017 и в 2018 !

Такие Женские Марши Протеста тысяч Женщин и немногих Мужчин вдохновляют и дают энергию. Миллионый Женский Марш Протеста произошёл в США сразу же после избрания президентом Доналда Трампа в январе 2017 года. Многотысячные Женские Марши Протеста опять произошли в 250 городах в 66 странах 20 и 21 января 2018 года. В обоих случаях эти Женские Марши Протеста не преследовались, хотя и наблюдались полицией, тогда как демонстрации Протеста против правления Путина под руководством Навального в городах России в 2017 были подавлены полицией ! Это говорит о том, что наконец наступило время Женщинам восстановить справедливость на Земле! Хотя конечно протесты Женщин не всегда выражали реальную картину и это пока что на руку инопланетянам. Все их протесты, иногда выраженные в плакатах и лозунгах как 'Make America Kind Again' (cделай Америку доброй опять) - это только доказывает что Америка много лет жила в достатке по сравнению с другими странами.  Иногда демонстранты повторяли одну и ту же фразу, которая вертелась вокруг Земной Жизни и Планетарной Игры, вокруг смены президента Трампа на кого-то другого или другую, вокруг сексуального рабства во всех сферах жизни, вокруг равной зарплаты и равноправия в общем и т.д. На плакатах не было написано и никто не высказывал, что Женщины (все кроме чистокровных евреек) устали от иллюзий, от тел, от секса, от беременностей и деторождений, от воспитания детей, от месячных менструаций (aliens, alien гибриды и дэро едят людей и всё ещё вытаскивают из миллионов Женщин зародыши, это - деликатес, таким образом съедают женскую энергию у всех кроме чистокровных евреек).
Жещины (все кроме чистокровных евреек) устали от инопланетного и мужского засилья, от побоев и оскорблений, от нищеты, от недостатка воды, еды и жилья, от всех религий и религиозного доминирования. И ещё: Женщины не знают о скрытом миллионном людском рабстве в подземных/подводных инопланетных базах и генетических лабораториях! Это всё на таких Маршах нужно высказать открыто и написать на плакатах, тогда это будет иметь силу, перемены к лучшему наступят быстрее! Женские Марши олять произойдут вскоре, тогда нужно объявить во всеуслышание и написать на плакатах, что мы - ВЕЛИКИЕ СОЛНЕЧНЫЕ СУЩЕСТВА, мы - Солнечные Души и мы не хотим больше иметь физические тела, что мы-Женщины хотим жить выше чем в иллюзорных Времени и Пространстве, что там мы будем иметь все права ! Существует огромное количество видео этих маршей на Youtube.

They Are Doing things...(to make men violent). Mar 8, 2018

Международный Женский День 8 марта (число11) 2018, ниже несколько фото



GLOBAL MARCHES OF PROTESTING WOMEN (in millions) TOOK PLACE in 250 cities in 66 countries on 20 and 21 January in 2017 and in 2018 !

It feels good for millions of Women and Men to gather and protest without being attacked, but just monitored by alien police in 250 cities in 66 countries! Such Gatherings happened twice in USA during Women's Protests Marches in January 2017-2018. But the problem is that these Women are protesting as humans, not as Souls, they don't say in their placards, that they are - Sunny Souls - Great Sun Beings! Whatever they write on placards would usually mean: to go back to Earth's Life and the Planetary Game, change one alien government like Donald Trump for another one, go back to your monthly bleedings (aliens, alien hybrids and deros don't stop eating females' fetuses and humans in general); back to having sex and pregnancies, back raising kids, make and watch movies and so on! Women are against hard conditions of the Planetary Game they play, but still want to play the Game instead of mentally ruining it. Their demands are shown in their sometimes not very bright signs (at least on photos of the printed articles, like placard 'Dump Trump' or 'MAKE AMERICA KIND AGAIN'). No wonder most americans had a relatively good life for many years compare to other countries. Their desire to return to the Planetary Game means to let hidden slavery to exist: those millions of human-slaves underground, who are forced to supply all global supermarkets and other shops with food and other goods; those millions of sexual human slaves (mainly children), who was abducted and forced to supply aliens and alien hybrids with their energy in thousands of hidden brothels and not just on Earth (mainly children)!
The final victory will be when all Earth's Protesting Women (pure jewish women wouldn't) will protest against not just sexual slavery, beatings, insults or against the president Trump, but against all aliens' and males' domination, against alien presence on Earth, against Earth's Alien governments, against all illusions, against poverty and all religions, against having bodies and bleedings every month, against illusions of Time and Space. That doesn't concern pure jewish women, who don't bleed, they don't want changes, they are quite comfortable in every way! But we need to mentally ruin both: Time ans Space to be free from the chains of human bodies! The problem is that these Protesting Women don't intend to destroy these illusionary worlds, these Women intend to live on Earth forever for the sake of their children, but it's not going to happen! These Women's Marches are allowed to take place, because they support alien governments (to change one president for another one) and continue with the Planetary Game, instead of mentally ruining all of it!
Women, climb higher, than Time and Space! Marches of Protesting Women will be happening more and more often and Women should express and write on placards more powerful demands, then things start change faster! There are so many videos devoted to this subject on Youtube (just a few below).

Video good: Women's March 2018 San Francisco California. Jan 21, 2018. Women's March on Market Street between 3rd Street and 4th Street in San Francisco, California on Saturday, January 20, 2018 

Video good: Everything you need to know about women's march 2018 - scarlett johansson is coming too! Jan 20, 2018

Video: 2018 Women's March Call to ACTION. Jan 15, 2018. A look back at the past year - and a Call to Action to participate in the the 2018 Women's March.  The People Persist.

Video: Dallas Women's March 2018, Jan 20, 2018. Thousands of women took to the streets and marched through Dallas for women's rights and equality.

Video good: Men, women and BABIES at the LA Womens' March 2018

Video: Scenes from the 2018 Women’s March on N.J. in Morristown. Jan 20, 2018. Scenes from the 2018 Women’s March on N.J. in Morristown with Estina Baker’s “Conversation Between Sisters”

Video: Team Coverage: Bay Area Cities Ready for Women's March

Video good: Hundreds Of Thousands Attend Chicago Women's March. Jan 20, 2018. The turnout was at least as good as last year's 250,000 in downtown Chicago. CBS 2's Audrina Bigos reports. Nearly 300K Attend Women's March Chicago

Video: Denver’s 2018 Women’s March. Jan 20, 2018. Thousands of people of all ages, races and genders poured into Civic Center park Saturday morning for Denver’s 2018 Women’s March, propelled by a year of social and political tumult that many of them hope to calm at the ballot box.

Video: Activists protest around the globe for another Women's March

Video good: New York Women's March organizers talk protest in the age of Trump

Video: The Women's March on Washington, one year later. Jan 19, 2018. These are five breakthroughs that followed the Women's March on Washington, which took place the day after President Trump's inauguration.

 100 Thousands of Protesting Women in New York, Philadelphia, London

Kenyan women protest political gender gap, 22nd January 2018

Protesting Women, Africa, 2018, Kenya

According to Kenya's 2010 constitution, women must have at least a third of seats in parliament and a third of appointed positions.Women react during a protest against repeated failures to apply laws that women must hold at least a third of government seats in Nairobi, Kenya, on January 22, 2018. KENYA - Hundreds of mostly female activists marched in Kenya's capital Nairobi on Monday to protest repeated failures to apply laws that women must hold at least a third of government seats. According to Kenya's 2010 constitution, women must have at least a third of seats in parliament and a third of appointed positions. But successive parliaments and governments have fallen short of the target. "The women of Kenya are tired of being treated like second class citizens and now stand together to ensure that we take our rightful place at the decision-making table," said Wangechi Wachira, an organiser of the protest from women's rights organisation the Centre for Rights Education and Awareness (CREAW). President Uhuru Kenyatta won re-election last year and has so far named an all-male cabinet, although vacancies remain. "Out of the possible 13 positions that remain, the president must by law ensure at least nine go to women," said Wachira. Waving placards and chanting, the 500-strong crowd accused Kenyatta of making unconstitutional appointments. "Implement Article 10, Article 27 and Article 81 (b) now. Women need to be free and not tearful," read the banners, referring to various clauses of the constitution against gender discrimination. Parliament, too, remains a mostly male domain, in spite of Kenya's progressive constitution. Efforts to pass a law that would force the dissolution of parliament if the one-third threshold is not met has been repeatedly stymied by male lawmakers. There are 76 female MPs in the current parliament, equivalent to just over a fifth of the 349 seats. Kenya's upper house, the Senate, fares better but still falls short with only 21 female senators instead of the 23 demanded by the constitution. Wangechi charged that parliament is "improperly constituted and operating outside the law, a fact that parliament has conveniently chosen to ignore."

Such things never happen to a Jewish girl, but other nationalities, you all know why! My advice for Sherry Johnson would be mentally with emotion ruin these nasty worlds. Only then things will start improving faster and don't waste the energy improving laws, gathering money for abused and on supporting the Planetary Game. Breaking worlds will help us eventually throw our bodies away and move up as high , as possible!

This Will CHANGE EVERYTHING You KNOW! Mind Control Facility! ( Feb 19, 2018)

You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth. Apr 20, 2018. This might be one of the most important videos I've edited in 2018.  After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Not Human. Oct 29, 2017

Congresswoman Won't Let Mark Zuckerberg WEASAL His Way Out Of Her Question About Tracking People!  Apr 11, 2018

Beyoncé Caught Shapeshifting In Front Of Celebs. Feb 5, 2018. Beyoncé’s legions of fans were dealt a devastating blow when the Single Ladies singer was caught shapeshifting into a reptilian at Serena Williams’ wedding ceremony.

This Sun double rainbow lasted for 9 hours in Taipei - Taiwan, it's never happened before, 3 December 2017 (upper photo)! Gathering of a few Suns above Montana, US, 2017 (below).

The Source of All Suns creates all Universes, not just our Old Universe! In return, All Sun Energy, produced in All Universes, is sent to the Source of All Suns for purification and for further use where it's needed most. Departure of our Old Universe and its Replacement for a New Universe is not the End of Life and Light, but the End of Chaos and Darkness! It's impossible to stop Sunlight for good. We have always been little Suns, who came from the Source of All Suns! In order to return back to the Source, we need to turn into Big Suns after gathering all our lost parts. First we need to get to non-physical 5th Level of Consciousness and join the Gathering there, but we need to say good-bye to our physical bodies and move up without them. In reality, we have never been a human race, we have never been a woman or a man's body or a body of an alien. We are always little Suns, parts of Big Suns - our Higher Selves! Below is a photo of a Sun with Universal Flow, coming through it, night in Ant-Arctica !

All Games are based on absence of Balance, on constant fight between 2 opposing forces, fight between civilizations of low and slow vibrations with civilizations of higher and faster vibrations. Games can't exist on high vibrational Levels of Consciousness, but only on 4th Level and lower. There was a need to mix european, asian and arabic cultures before the End of Life of the Universe. The wars, which occured in different regions for centuries, were performed for Mixing Vibrations of different races together and for everyone to get different experiences. And it's still going on right now for the same reason: to deliver it all to the Source of All Suns! The idea to create a few socialist states (countries) on our Old Planet, almost at the End of its life, came from the Source of All Suns. And the choice of the first country, where to develop this idea, also came from the Source of All Suns. This country became Russia: it was built up gradually with constant care, especially in the last 300 years. At the beginning one of the most progressive steps was to make a european woman to rule Russia, in order to start equalizing the rights of women in man's world. Her name was Catherine the Great. That German Woman was bringing european, asian and arabic people and their cultures together, she was able to resist many men wanting to take over the power to rule Russia. Czarina Catherine continued to expand Russian territories, which included a big piece of Europe and Asia, Alaska, Caucasus and a part of muslim arabic countries. They later became socialist republics and were included into the Soviet Union of Socialist Republics (former Russian Empire). Earlier, in 12-13 centuary, Queen Tamar was put on a  throne of Georgia with the same purpose: to equalise rights of Women with Men's rights and to mix different numerous races of Caucasus, Armenia, Azerbaidzan, Iran, Turkey etc. together for the later unification with Russia. Here is an extract from wikipedia about her rule:

"Tamar the Great reigned as the Queen of Georgia from 1184 to 1213. A member of the Bagrationi dynasty, her position as the first woman to rule Georgia in her own right was emphasized by the title as 'mep’et’a mep’e' – "king of kings" to mark out her unique position among women...she faced significant opposition from the aristocracy upon her ascension to full ruling powers after her father king George's death. As Georgia had never previously had a female ruler, a part of the aristocracy questioned Tamar's legitimac... Tamar was successful in neutralizing this opposition...she revived the expansionist energetic foreign policy (like in Armenia, Azerbaidzan, Iran)...
Tamar was able to build on the successes of her predecessors to consolidate an Empire, which dominated the Caucasus until its collapse under the Mongol attacks within two decades after Tamar's death...Tamar was married twice, her first union being from 1185 to 1187 to the Russian prince Yuri, whom she divorced by persuading the noble council and expelled him from the country, defeating his subsequent coup attempts. Her second husband Tamar chose herself in 1191, the Alan prince David Soslan. Tamar's association with the period of political and military successes and cultural achievements with western and eastern influences, combined with her role as a female ruler... She remains an important symbol in Georgian popular culture...Christian culture favored by Tamar and she has been canonized by the Georgian Orthodox Church as the Holy Righteous Queen Tamar. In 1192 or 1194, the queen gave birth to a son, George-Lasha, the future king George IV. The daughter, Rusudan, was born c. 1195 and would succeed her brother as a sovereign of Georgia. David Soslan's status of a king consort was dictated by the necessity of male aspects of kingship, but he remained a subordinate ruler who shared the throne with and derived his power from Tamar...a capable military commander, became Tamar's major supporter and was instrumental in defeating the rebellious nobles who rallied behind Yuri... Tamar's chronicle praises her universal protection of Christianity and her support of churches and monasteries from Egypt to Bulgaria and Cyprus...By the last years of Tamar's reign, the Georgian state had reached the zenith of its power and prestige in the Middle Ages...The queen never achieved autocratic powers and the noble council continued to function. She was a King of Kings and a Queen of Queens of the Abkhazians, Kartvelians, Arranians, Kakhetians, Armenians etc. With flourishing commercial centers now under Georgia's control, industry and commerce brought new wealth to the country and the court."

There was a need to destroy monarchy in huge Russian Empire with a couple of revolutions in order to replace czar's rule with socialism, which was the closest to communism existed on 5th Level and higher. That wasn't done in the United States! China, Mongolia and Korea followed the Soviet Union and created a bit different socialist states, which later became capitalist countries (the same happened to the Soviet Union in 90's). A Communist Party was organised in USSR, which was only partially communist: the true supporters of communism were gradually taken out of circulation and replaced by imposters - cowards and lairs. Even socialism was difficult to introduce (and to keep) to huge Soviet Union with so many different peoples, with their languages and mentalities (not to mention communism). Constant involvement into the life of the Soviet Union from hidden negative civilizations of low vibrations was very destructive.

NOW IS THE HIGH TIME FOR EARTH'S WOMEN (your Spirits) TO UNITE your FORCES AND MOVE UP WITH MEN (their Spirits) THROUGH THE BLACK HOLE OF OUR SUN TO THE GATHER-RING OF ALL SOULS AROUND OUR CENTRAL SUN ! THERE WE ALL WILL BE WAITING FOR THE RELEASE OF THE INNER SUN OF EARTH, MOVING UP AND ENTERING THE CENTRAL SUN OF OUR OLD UNIVERSE ! Our Sun gave all Higher Knowledge to me and I pass it on to all of you, use it ! Our Old Universe originated from the Source of All Suns (from their Sun Energy) and at the Departure of this Old Universe, everything, every type of energy will turn back into White Sun Energy !

To help it, I personally have been mentally turning the Planetary Game into a pile of ashes (especially Women are good at it). I mentally burn all Reptilian Flyers, who eat the fringe of our Awareness on our feet every day to make us stupid. I watch how their black dead remains fall down on the ground with a thud - a blow, a fall with a dull sound. For those, who are not familiar with the description of Flyers in the books of Castaneda, here is an explanation and an advice to read his books. I hope, that everyone is familiar with campfires or huge metal smelters for melting metals. If you noticed yellow sparks coming from these huge fire stoves or flying above campfires. These same sparks are also coming out of your eyes, when you hit the ground or someone/something gives you a heavy blow. You are not seeing stars, you are seeing tiny yellow vibrational spirits of Reptilian Flyers, who eats your Awareness, your Consciousness! I also see these flying sparks when I just about to open my eyes after sleep or when I work with computers. The only way to get rid of millions of Flyers is to mentally burn them and you, people, can do it!
Everything in this Planetary Game is opposite of what it really is: they call kings and queens - your highness, but these people usually have the lowest vibration !

I also burn all my bad memories, all bad holographic scenes coming to my mind, to relieve myself from this burden, I mentally burn senseless or ugly articles, robots and holographic artificial intelligence on the Internet, burn all kinds of bad images or images of governors, presidents, military chiefs and all kinds of weapons, various kings/queens worldwide and I advise everyone to do the same ! I mentally destroy all mindcontrolling Towers, microchips/implants, all genetic laboratories, prisons, concentration camps (migrants camps) and psychiatric institutions! The time came for everyone to release our Souls and to vacate the Game!

Summon - Call into Action!

And now is the time to consciously merge with our invisible Twin-World and together move up to the Balanced non-physical 5th Level of Consciousness! More info about our Twin-World is from Carlos Castaneda's book "The Active Side of Infinity", chapter "Inorganic Awareness", p. 189-193, this extract you will find below.

True Women and Men of Planet Earth (not clones, especially Women), we lost our real passion long time ago, we don't love each other the way we used to love, because Draconians gave us their mind (so called Foreign Installation in our natural brain; doctors know about reptilian part of our brain, but they don't make any connection to our odd or violent behaviour)!  As soon as you really start loving someone, Draconian minds of other people (their reptilian mind installations) will suppress any of your true feelings and you are left bewildered: why you don't feel love any more or someone stopped loving you! There are so many songs written and films produced on this subject. In reality, we have never been humans, just played this role. We have always been little Suns (means capable to love and to balance everything around), but we've been fooled time and time again and forgot who we really are. I'll give you a good example.

I love Suns and they understand me. It seems to me so unnatural to love and to focus only on one person, just on one personality, when the Sun has thousands of them and they all have different vibration and force, different experiences and knowledge. Vibration of Sun is the highest vibration there is (means maximum of Life and the Highest Knowledge), true Suns are White. Black color doesn't have any vibration, waveform or line, there is no life in it, no knowledge (and black was always fashionable among people; fashion was/is created, but not by us). Stars are always colored, it means lower vibration, less life and lower Knowledge (depending on color vibration, the lowest is dark-brown). I can't say, that all people love Sun, but many do: the Sun (means former players of the Planetary Game) warms and cheers them up in winter especially at the negative time of depression. The Sun
(means former players of the Planetary Game) gives energy for life to plants and animals (and to other civilizations).

Many people want to be movie, political or some other stars (especially Women). This is a crazy idea, which Draconian mind is instilling in our brain! And people fall for it, it's their Draconian mind installation in our natural brain has ambition and self-importance. It means they want to be worshipped, to dominate others and to be lower in vibration, than they really are (their Draconian mind is always in action till they die, unless they win the battle before that). All civilizations want always be higher in vibration. Who wants to be a movie-star, whose life often ends up in great diappointment, because noone worships them anymore, nobody needs them anymore? Don't ever forget who we really are:
we are White Sun-Rays and vibrationally higher, than any star! But we live like birds in cages (especially Women), and we need to ruin/disintegrate these cages to release ourseves from the burden of physicality and fly free in Cosmos (without such physical attachments like bodies, not like astronauts are flying). If Robert Monroe and Don Juan could do it, why can't we all do it? These cages are the holographic worlds we continue to create (especially Women) and which have been crumbling piece by piece every day with the help of natural disasters (I am so glad). We need to demolish them (especially Women need to do it). Women of Earth stop creating your own cages-prisons and then complain about your life!

(30 October 2017 - my new article)

For many years I based my knowledge on information from books about Hollow Earth and its Sun, written by some old writers. Our videos were based on this info. Only recently
I realised, that Sun can't exist in Hollow Earth: the vibration of Hollow Earth is too low, it suits Plasmic Stars, not Sun with Rays! Sun can only exist outside Earth on higher , than Pink Vibration! These 2 pictures above are wrong, I took them from some site long time ago (don't remember which one)/ The pictures are showing white Sun in Hollow Earth: this is impossible! Below our simplified Diagram of our Old Earth and its Parallel Earths inside and outside Crust, and also about the role of clones (in english and in russian). We hope, that this diagram with a separate list of eaplanations will explain better this complex material.


Original Humans (O) could be in 4 locations (we didn't have a choice):
1. Stay in physical body on physical Old Earth
2. Be moved in physical body underground into one of physical Low Vibrational Negative Parallel Earths
3. Be moved without physical body to one of outer Positive High Vibrational non-physical Parallel Earths
4. Be moved without physical body outside Earth to one of alien (both positive or negative) Planets of Cosmos

Коренные люди (О-оригиналы) могли находиться в 4х местах (у нас не было выбора):
1. Оставаться  в физическом теле на поверхности Старой Земли
2. Попасть в физическом теле под землю в одну из физических Параллельных Земель негативной низкой вибрации
3. Оказаться без тела в одной из не-физических Параллельных Земель Высокой Положительной Вибрации
4. Оказаться без тела на одной из alien чужеродных Планет Космоса

Clones (C) or our parallel personalities are of low vibrations and could be moved only to 2 locations (they don't have a choice):
1. Stay in physical body on Old Earth's Crust
2. Be moved in physical body inside Hollow Earth into one of Low Negative Vibrational Parallel Earths

Клоны (С) или наши параллельные личности обычно низких вибраций и могли быть посланы только в 2 места (у них не было выбора):
1. Оставаться в физическом теле на Старой Земле
2. Попасть в физическом теле в Полую Землю на одну из её физических Параллельных Планет Низкой Негативной Вибрации

Red vibrational star
Orange vibrational star
Yellow vibrational star
Green vibrational star

Звезда Негативной Красной Вибрации
Звезда Негативной Оранжевой Вибрации
Звезда Негативной жёлтой Вибрации
Звезда Негативной Зелёной Вибрации

Blue Vibrational star

Indigo Vibrational star
Violet Vibrational star
Pink Vibrational star

Звезда Синей Вибрации
Звезда Индиго Вибрации
Звезда Фиолетовой Вибрации
Звезда Розовой Вибрации

A Layer of Aquamarine Vibration (BINDING FORCE), is covering Old Earth's Crust. Before it was a Boundary between Parallel Earths of Low Negative and High Positive Vibrations, but when the Boundary was broken, it allowed All Parallel Earths to mix on Old Earth ! 
Слой Аквамариновой Вибрации (СВЯЗУЮЩАЯ СИЛА) лежит на поверхности Старой Земли и когда-то Границей разделял Параллельные Земли Позитивных и Негативных Вибраций. Но когда Аквамариновую Границу сломали, все Параллельные Земли со своими жителями стали смешиваться на Старой Земле, создавая новую Солнечную Энергию!

Brown Old Earth's Crust
Коричневая поверхность Старой Земли

Our visible White Sun
Наше Белое Солнце

4 Parallel Negative Stars were inside Earth (apart from other alien Negative Stars), but they all are gone by now. The Hollow Earth is empty, but Earth's Crust is not.
4 Негативные Параллельные Звезды были внутри Полой Земли (помимо других инопланетных Звёзд), но сейчас ни одной из них там нет. Полая Земля пуста, хотя толстая Кора Земли пока не пуста: там полно негативных баз ! Кору нужно ломать атомными взрывами, чтобы выбить их всех оттуда!

OUR LAST VIDEO : Gradual Rise up of Clusters of our Souls in a form of White Clouds
НАШЕ ПОСЛЕДНЕЕ ВИДЕО : Постепенный Подъём  вверх Скоплений наших Душ в виде Белых Облаков

These kind of White Clusters of clouds are Souls of former human players of Planetary Game, who are moving up together through the Sun. They are visible on the 4th Level, but become invisible to us, when they get to the 5th Level of Concsiousness. This kind of sight you will see, when you are on 5th Level of Consciousness: huge number of little white clouds (or white threads), who will talk to you and whom you might recognise. White Clouds can represent individual Souls or a Group Soul of a former Planet.
I made this video and pictures early morning on 11th November 2017, the scale was impressive: the whole sky above the ocean, above our Centre and above a nearby village was fully covered with thousands of departing White Souls (white clouds of different forms). Souls were arriving all evening on 10th November, all night and all morning on 11th November without stopping! At daytime on 11th November all of them disappeared on to the 5th Level of Consciousness and the sky was clear!

Этот тип Белых Облаков - человеческие Души бывших игроков Планетарной Игры, кто поднимается через Солнце вверх. Души видимы глазу на 4ом Уровне, но уже невидимы нам когда переходят на 5й Уровень Сознания. Вот как выглядит то, что вы увидите на 5ом Уровне: огромное количество белых маленьких облаков, которые будут с вами общаться и многих из которых вы узнаете. Белые Облака могут представлять Душу одного Выпускника Игры или Групповую Душу какой-то одной бывшей планеты.
Я сняла это видео рано утром 11 ноября 2017, масштабы поразили: небо над океаном и над нашим Центром, а также над близлежащей деревней было заполнено до отказа тысячами уходящих Белых ЧЕЛОВЕЧЕСКИХ ДУШ разной формы. Они прибывали и прибывали, не переставая с вечера 10 ноября, всю ночь и всё утро 11 ноября, днём все уже перебрались на 5й Уровень и небо было чистым! 


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LINK to the 3d method of playing Video "Gradual Rise..." http://www.sourceofallsuns.info/SpiritsAscension.mov

Not many know that our Sun consists of millions of personalities - former humans, who already had experiences on Earth. These Sun's personalities give their warmth to plants and animals (to different civilizations on Earth that is). I was always saying, that I never had human/nonhuman teachers of Higher Knowledge (players of Planetary Game), the information has been always coming into my head from our White Sun! And also from the books of 8 my favorite writers: Cathie O'Brien, Brice Taylor, Taisha Abelar, Robert Monroe, Carlos Castaneda, Alex Collier, Michael Talbot and Richard Shaver. Other writers I find either not important or tedious or too difficult to comprehend. Frankly, I haven't been reading books for a few years: too busy with my own thoughts, with our 2 websites. Too much processing of new info from our White Sun is taking place in my head. Below there are 3 photos of me 36-37 years ago, when I was a student of 4 years' TV Operational Techniques Course in North Sydney Technical colledge.

 And now more about clones.
On Old Earth in the year 2000 in all its 7 state parliaments of Australia one important event took place. House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affaires organised Public Forums for everyone interested in all states and gave them a fancy name: "Inquiry into the Scientific, Ethical and Regulatory Considerations relevant to Cloning of Human Beings." At those Forums in all states' capitals (inc. Camberra) discussions took place whether to go ahead with human cloning or not. Cloning of humans and animals on Earth have been done for thousands of years, but never talked about officially. A lot of clones were used during civil wars in Russia and USA last centuary and a centuary before that, and also during WW2 esp. among germans. 

A lot of people attended the Forum in Camberra and a lot of speeches were made by alien scientists in human form from all kinds of insitutions like for instance, professor Sue Serjeantson and Dr Oliver Mayo from Australian Academy of Science, professor Robert Norman from South Australian Council on Reproductive Technology, Executive Council of Australian Jewry mr Earle Hoffman and by other participants, including members of the parliament and other politicians, genetic and medical scientists, members of different Australian associations, lawyers, representatives of religions and  pharmaceutical companies, interested in profits from such an endeavour (both women and men). General Public was allowed too, but not many had an opportunity to speak. All three of us (George, me and 16 year old Robert - our son) also participated in the Forum in parliament of Camberra (capital of Australia). I had a chance to speak, but not much, I was interrupted, maybe because then I was against cloning of humans.

In my opinion cloning of humans creates more confusion and chaos in already very confusing Planetary Game. Yes, confusion and fear among humans and clones what aliens are after. Clones don't know, that they are clones, they think, that they are humans. Many people don't know anything about clones or if they do, they don't know who is in front of them: a clone or a real human. Not always you have an opportunity to see their eyes, if they really shine, if they emit Sun Energy (as human eyes do) esp. if people's heads have glasses (esp. black ones), veils, helmets or hats on them or have slanted eyes. Clones have dull eyes. Many real humans don't even know that they live among clones or how to define who is who. Clone has a tiny part of Soul, sliced from an original Soul of a true human, which is energetically glued to, a freshly made, another human body.

In addition to human cloning, millions of alien clones-players have been reproduced like: all types of reptilians, grays, wolflike sirians and other negatives, who are entirely dependent on electronics. There are exceptions among them when one of Higher Selves (Suns) needs an experience of a negative alien. Then a slice of Soul of an original human player of this Higher Self is glued with an energy cord to a freshly made alien cloned body, some info is inserted into the brain and a clone is ready for use. Negative clones or aliens don't recognise such a clone as their own and this clone would have to live among them and fight for recognition.
Australia was always a perfect ground for clones of all kinds. Genetic laboratory can make a human body of any age, gender, nationality in 3 minutes , they only need 3 cells of an original human, then reptilian installation and a new information is inserted in the brain and it's ready for the use elsewhere. Before that in Russia and in USA a lot of movies were made with famous actors, who portrayed clones and robots, to show them as our friends (esp. robots) and we simply must love them.

After discussions one way or another, Draconian government of Australia made a decision to go ahead with cloning of humans and not just humans. Within 17 years they managed to change
90 % of Australian human population into clones (not to mention animals). George, Robert and our whole village were among this 90%. No wonder I felt like living on an alien planet. Gradually the same happened in other parts of the world. Clones are intermediate stage between true humans and artificial robots, and now millions of clones are moved out of the Old Earth during natural disasters. They are the ones, who would cry like hell, when they lose their relatives or their posessions. I had 300 of my personal clones-parallel personalities, many of them are already out of the circulation, means they merged their vibration with me. The only beneficial side of clones: they give true humans more of different experiences and help to mix different vibrations worldwide. And now the time came for artificial robots.

Human clones could never understand me inspite of all my efforts to explain them Universal Higher Knowledge, some nonsense was always more important for them. To be invited to give a speech on Universal Higher Knowledge in any country in english or in russian is still a dream for me! What I see around, what is everyone is doing (mostly clones)? Trying to beat each other in all sorts of games to show their reptilian self-importance. When I see this happening, it throws me away from people. Human clones like horses with blinkers: don't see anything and believe they know everything. They either indifferent and boring, or agressive and full of fear. I never put people on pedestals, I throw people down from them. Humans become more humanlike only when their rutine worlds are breaking down. The worlds have been breaking down, only not as fast, as I would like it to happen. Old Planet Earth is flooded with clones, it's hard to find a genuine human, they either die out and move up after collecting all their clones-parallel personalities, or they are sent to one of parallel Earths. All this is only slowing down the vibration of Old Earth instead of speeding it up.

Nothing and noone on Planet Earth (and in the whole Universe) belongs to anyone, nobody owns anything. No houses, cars, land, businesses and so on belong to any human, clone, robot or alien; neither children nor adults belong to each other or to someone else. Even physical bodies of humans, clones, robots and aliens don't belong to them: they are borrowed for the time of the Game! Just recently I told the same to two local clones-policemen in our village, obviously they didn't want to believe it, but natural disasters will soon prove it. I told policemen, that they were clones (after examining their eyes). I told the same to George, that he was a clone, he didn't get upset anymore.
Cloning is not a secret:  30 years ago Robert Monroe was writing about it, real Alex Collier (not his clone) talked about it at his conferences 20 years ago. I have seen a clone of David Icke giving a speech at his conference in Brisbane, Australia, on one of parallel Earths. I met a clone of Dolores Cannon, when she came to organise a workshop in Perth in parallel Australia. Hardly anyone saw a real Putin or Tramp (and their predessesors): most saw only their clones!
Cloning was never a secret. Robert Monroe wrote about it in his books, and Alex Collier was talking about it at his conferences and also wrote about it in his book.
I advise you to forget such words in love songs like: 'you belong to me and I belong to you', because it's not true!
The whole idea came from Dragons, they invented these property labels-beLIEfs and belted them into our lives! They flooded Old Earth with clones, it's difficult to find a real human these days. The situation is like this: either a body of a real human dies and the Soul goes up higher in vibration after collecting all her/his parallel personalities (clones), or a real human is sent to one of parallel Earth to live there. This way the vibration of the Old Earth is not going up higher and faster than it should, but it is slowed down!

What people and clones are not used to when they meet me is that I don't talk and think like an ordinary person. I don't consider myself and don't behave like a Woman or a Men, because I don't consider myself a human, don't see it necessary (in spite of all the efforts of cloned George and Robert). Know only, that I am a Sun Ray, detained in a cage, waiting to be released, don't belong to any other sites like facebook, tweeter and the like, because all of them belong to the Planetary Game.

I never truly loved anyone on Earth, not even George - my former husband (who later was turned into a clone), not even our son - Robert
(who was also later turned into a clone), we are just friends.  Maybe because I experienced true Love before coming to Earth and know what it's like? I don't consider myself a Woman or a Man, I am a Sun Ray in a cage, pretended to love - not to hurt people-clones (many of us are doing the same), I wasn't really interested in anyone. It's impossible for me to love humans with slaves' mentality and such human clones surrounded me for all my life here on Earth! I never met a freedom-loving real woman or man (seen them only in movies and again, that was their part to act, they were paid for that). I can't love a clone or a robot and all Old Earth's humans seems to become clones or robots! It's high time to wake up: we are not slaves, clones or robots! I love freedom and I'll never change, just want to fly out of my cage and hope, that maybe some of you will follow me to freedom!

Robert Monroe and I belong to Earth's visible Sun, this Sun is our Higher Self, but there are more, than one our Higher Self (on each higher, than 4th Levels). Apart from us, there are (there were) other famous and not so famous human-players, connected to our visible Sun like: Agafia Lykova, Fedor Konuhov, Peter Chaikovsky, Anna Magnani, Sofia Loren, Don Juan, Carlos Castaneda, Julio Iglesias, Tyrone Power, admiral Byrd and others. I posted on this site some pictures with more information about these people. 

Global catastrophes are only happen in the places of low and slow (negative) vibration, but not in the places of high and fast (BALANCED) vibration. Newly arrived negative low vibrational alien civilizations can't penetrate higher vibrational places of Earth! The best example I can give you is our Centre in Elliott Heads , Australia, where we moved from Sydney in 2000. Before that, this village experienced vicious cyclones, but since we moved here, there were no cyclones or any other disaster of a significant proportion anymore and it's not going to happen! We raised the vibration of this village (esp. by creating our 2 websites), but other villages or towns around us are still experiencing cyclones! If you don't want to experience global disasters, rise above it, raise your vibration with Higher Knowledge, which our sites are loaded with!

Men like: husbands, boyfriends, sons, fathers and other males relatives, friends, collaborators, pupils, students and children have been deliberatory placed in almost every family, in workplaces, in kindergardens and schools, colleges and universities on Earth for thousands of years with the same goal: not to let Women to wake up spiritually, not to raise Females' Consciousness and Universal Higher Knowledge. Earth's Women don't know, that they are White Suns ! Women have been always forced or programmed against their will to raise children, care about their males and obey all of them! That was the reason for changing 'girls only' schools/kindergardens and other females' institutions into institutions for both sexes worldwide (except some religious and secret societies' establishments - they are still 100% males dominated)! In politics are still 90% males for the same reason: not to let Women to wake up to their real role on Earth ! Governments and religions of all countries and at all times have been prosecuting Females for not wanting to be mothers or wives or sex-slaves!
For thousands of years we've been whipped into playing the Planetary Game! Aliens taught us how to whip each other and how to belt our children into playing the Game. We became addicted to it, as Robert Monroe said. Do we have to be whipped again to stop playing the Game?

True Women, you are individual Souls, you don't belong to families and you are not obliged to do anything for anyone. It's enough of being prostitutes for males and get offended by them or play roles of prostitutes in movies, enough of being dictated and beaten up by males and aliens or going through incredible pains during pregnancies/births/abortions/periods/hibred programmes and upbringing of children !

True Women, didn't you have enough of Pain in this Planetaty Game? To get rid of Pains and Tortures, Women need to stop the Planetary Game and get out of it by not doing whatever Women were doing before! GO ON PERMANENT STRIKE AND UNITE IN MUTUAL EFFORT-INTENT ! We need to get rid of our bodies and fly free without them ! Your future is much brighter, than a lousy life you are living here on Earth ! Don't be afraid of criticism from anyone, don't let men to dominate you (most men are not humans anyway: they are aliens in disguise). It's Women, who must lead everyone up out of all physical/material and holographic worlds and men must follow ! Masculine force is only half of Feminine Force, LIKE IN THE WORD: WO-MEN !
Learn Universal Higher Knowledge - Higher Knowledge is Women's Power (not higher education)! I constantly spread Higher Knowledge around the Planet telepatically and you can do that too !
Let Men take care of themselves like in an army! Higher education belongs to the Planetary Game and now you don't need it, better spend time on learning Higher Knowledge!

Why growing numbers of Girls are saying 'yes' to marry themselves (the full article is also on :  Earth Women  )

22 December 2017

It is a well known fact, that raping (esp. group raping of Women, Men and little children) took gigantic proportions in recent years. But hardly anyone knows, that, as a result of such physical and emotional tortures, our other, parallel personalities (clones) have been created for DEVIOUS purposes.
Here is a very good article about a destiny of a very strong Sirian Woman - a political activist, a true revolutionary, such Women will help our Move Up! This article will give you a more clear picture about the situation in Syria and maybe it was worth bombing such an alien place! Torturing Humans by negative aliens has been going on for thousands of years till today,
negative aliens are behind every war and the only way to stop it -  is to move our Spirits up as high, as possible , leaving the bodies behind!

Photo above is showing a gathering of White Inorganic Beings of some civilization of higher and faster vibration in a form of white clouds. They are moving through the Black Hole of our Sun along Universal Flow (both covered with a fake white patch and fake strip) to the higher level of vibration. I made these photos opposite our Centre in Elliott Heads in Australia at the end of August and mid-September, 2017. Pay attention on the photo below: these pattern of clouds are our White Souls, who are moving up to the 5th Level. Africa, Cameroon, November 2017.

Beams of White Sunlight are coming up from the crown chakras of our heads (like on the old picture above) and from our eyes, the same as White Beams coming up from Suns! These Beams are connecting us to our Major Higher Selves: White Suns in the Source of All Suns on the Highest Level of Consciousness, from which all of us originated! These Beams are going through a chain of smaller Suns, situated on each Higher Level (our Higher Selves). Even our Rainbow Auras look like Rainbow Auras of Suns! It is easy for aliens to select those, who have stronger Beams or stronger Spirits, because they can see these Beams.

Below are some videos from bbc.com. One is about a young Kurdish girl from Iraq, who was captured and raped every day for 6 months by a stinking alien reptilian or sirian or grey male,

who only looked like a human. Looks like he whole Middle East is fool of them and constant wars there, have been created by them with the same result: to kill men and to make women sex-slaves! When this young girl was finally liberated and taken out of the country, she decided (after such experience) to study to become a lawyer (means to play the Game again). And the same happened to 300 school-girls in Nigeria, who were abducted and sexually attacked for 3 years (80 of them died, others were returned) !
To overcome raping experiences I advise both Women and Men to burn those images of rapists, those negative emotions and experiences, the whole scenes and you will be released of all nightmares, connected to these experiences. Women are especially good at it. I do that every day: I burn all negative aliens and their establishments. It would be good if we all roast them mentally : aliens think they have a right to do it to us, no, they don't ! Go back in your memories and roast the offenders in big bonfires, you will feel so muuuuch better !
I also advise to learn Universal Higher Knowledge and never forget, that none of us is a physical body, but a Sunny non-physical Spirit! And unless all Women's Spirits UNITE, we would not be able to move out of physical worlds ! Men, please, don't interfere with this Unification, but join in! "THEY LIVE" is the movie to watch!

Don't be deceived by the video below - it is only a drop in the ocean, all-women police is a part of the Planetary Game, it is not going to save all Women from tortures! But there is a possibility, that in the near future, we will merge (for a short period) with a Parallel Earth of a Higher vibration, run entirely by Women! That explains why now Women are learning men's professions and many men are turning into Women! When I am in the calm Higher vibrational world (the world of Silence), I see more Women, than Men. But when I am back in the noisy low vibrational world, I see more men, than women. Below is a photo of huge Sun in our village Elliott Heads, Australia:

Звук Течения Вселенной, двигающемуся от Источника Всех Солнц через наше Солнце в обоих направлениях!
Sound of Universal Flow moving from the Source of All Suns through our Sun in both directions!

Этот Звук на самом деле не радиоционный шторм как написано в статье ниже (чёрными буквами) на -  http://www.spaceweather.com/ ; а Звук Течения Вселенной, идущий через наше Белое Солнце, через наш Центр и через меня в обоих направлениях: от Источника Всех Солнц - в Источник. Я вижу движение этого Потока, который и по виду и по звуку напоминает водопад или поток дождя, но это - не вода! Я почти каждый день слышу этот Звук в моём левом ухе: иногда тихо, но обычно очень громко и даже просыпаюсь от него. Я уже несколько раз до этого описывала на наших сайтах Звук и Вид Течения Вселенной, даже снимала на видео и посылала его на наш старый сайт. Ниже 2 фото Северного Сияния, усеянного точками Течения Вселенной,  напоминающих дождь, сфотографированных в разных местах Земного Шара. Советую послушать этот Звук  Солнца, записанный недавно любителем- астрономом на радио-телескопе, на Странице : Universal Flow Sound

This Sound is really the Sound of the Universal Flow moving through our White Sun, through our Centre and through me; I see its movement, reminds a waterfall, a heavy rain, a flow of water from above, but it's not water, it's energy. And this Sound I often hear in my left ear sometimes soft, but usually extremely loud, it wakes me up. A few times I described this Sound on our sites. Explanation of this Sound, given in this article below (in black) as Solar radio storm, is wrong. The Universal Flow increased and it is in hurricanes Harvey, Irma and others! 

Nevertheless, here there are: 2 photos of Auroras, showing similar dots of Universal Flow like on the picture below; the article from - http://www.spaceweather.com/ ; and the link to the Page, where you can hear this Sound : Universal Flow Sound

SOLAR RADIO STORM: All week long, sunspot AR2673 has been seething with activity, producing not only a fusillade of strong flares, but also a roar of shortwave radio static. Amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft has kept his radio telescope trained on the sun since the sunspot first appeared: "I have been listening to a intensifying radio storm on the sun for the past four days," he says. "It is one of the strongest I have ever heard."

How to avoid playing the Planetary Game (some tips)

Of course every life is different, but still there are some repeating patterns to avoid. I'll give you a simple example from my life. George (my former husband) and I still live together just as friends. That helps us to run our 2 websites smoothly. Apart from the Planetary Game, George still plays lawn tennis (we met each other on a tennis court 40 years ago). I switched to table tennis now (I can't run as I used to). George has a friend, Richard, with whom he plays tennis once a week. Richard is an ordinary 63 years old guy of low vibration (a clone) and, like many others clones, is still up to his ears in the Planetary Game. He is a physiotherapist by profession, does a lot of sports' injury massaging, sometimes also to George (when he is in trouble). When George comes back home from tennis I can't recognise him: such an effect Richard's low vibratonal reptilian installation (in his head) makes on George. George starts passing me all Richard's troubles (dragging me back into the Planetary Game) and when I say 'I don't want to listen to any of it, because I don't play the Game', George becomes aggressive and immediately tired. That can last for days, but I am not going to have myself sucked back into the Game by these two clones. George is also a parallel personality (a clone) and I told him, that his original self was taken some place else, but one day he will merge with his true self. I had to live with a clone for so many years, no wonder , that I failed trying to teach a clone Higher Knowledge. What happened to George has been happening to most of true original humans. They have been sent from Old Original Earth to either different parallel Earths to raise Planets' vibration or to some other Planets. But the opposite was happening to their parallel personalities: they have been sent to the Old Original Earth to slow down or lowering Earth's vibration.
That is the reason why I avoid people (Game's players are mainly clones). Richard has a repeating pattern of problems with his rivals in the area: chinese massage specialists, who are making troubles for him. He changed places for his business, but the problem doesn't go away. His Higher Self is trying to tell him, that he is too involved in the Game. Sometime ago I had a preliminary talk with Richard about Higher Knowledge and gave him the address of our site, but he wasn't interested (clones never are). I am not surprised, that he still has troubles, but he drags George into solving his own problems and George tries to drag me into this mess. They call it "friendship".

I had to learn Higher Knowledge and fight alone everyone resisting me. George is good only for the Planetary Game, but not for Universal Higher Knowledge. I don't even know if he really understands what I am, sometimes, trying to explain to him, he never asked me any questions or initiated any conversation, concerning Higher Knowledge. If George talks to me about our sites, it would be only technical questions. I remember 10 years ago, it took me more, than a year to convince George to help me to organise technical side of our first website, he was so stubborn!
At least, Robert Monroe had true Nancy, who could understand Higher Knowledge he shared with her. Both of them Robert and Nancy could fly together without their bodies to any place in Cosmos.
I never had such a luxury, never flied without the body, that I could remember (and George too), never had someone living with me permanently, who could appreciate and talk about Higher Knowledge, not to mention to fly together in Cosmos (without the bodies). I had to always push George in the right direction to make him to do something for our sites and that would be only a technical side of it. Seems like I always dealt with George's parallel personalities and never with the real one, oh well, maybe someday. You have to learn how to live with clones, a clone has only fraction of the Soul of an original human. When he tells me :"I do it FOR YOU !"
I correct him :

I would like to say a few words about jolts. Often, when people changing vibration/wave (phasing out) and move from one world to another, they experience a jolt, a sudden shake, especially when they are falling asleep or standing next to someone with a strong personal field. That jolt is caused by electronic microchips/implants, our bodies are loaded with! My energy field sometimes gives people (clones) a jolt, acting on their biological bodies stuffed with
electronic microchips/implants. At one stage our son Robert often had a jolt while talking to me, he started avoiding me. Natural original George and our Robert have been replaced by their clones (or parallel personalities) long ago and I was so surprised by their behaviour, but still didn't notice the difference for many years, till it finally dawned on me. Negatives did it to low my vibration, because parallel personalities of others would always slow down and lower the vibration of original genuine people, if they deal with them. Heavily microchipped clones, parallel personalities and robots are slowing down the vibration of the whole Old Planet as well.
On my travels in Parallel Earths I found quite a few original true humans (first I was so surprised to find them there, I thought it was impossible) and also often found myself living on one of Parallel Earths with George's and Robert's parallel personalities. This is what they do. They send our parallel personalities to the Original Earth to slow down the Planet's vibration and to make everyone confused, and just the opposite: genuine people - are sent to Parallel Earths to slow down the vibration of these people
and confuse them (but to raise the vibration of the Planet).

All mindcontrolling technology (for instance microchips or implants) was/is based on electronics and always tested first on people with bigger Souls, and then on the average public. A lot was tested on me first without my concern and later on public. The same jolts are happening to cars, trains, ships and planes (with a lot of electronics) when they change one vibration for another one, one world for another one. When that happens a car, a train or a plane would have a jolt: stop for a moment and then swiftly and suddenly advances forward. Our Old Planet and us are rising up higher and higher, all parallel Earths have been slowly merging with the Old Earth, all kinds of vibrations are present on Earth, the process hasn't been finished yet, nobody knows how long it would take to complete it. We designed a basic diagram to show you this process, you find it below. All electronics are suffering from sudden changes of vibrations on Earth and, as a result, everything, what is based on electronics,
like the Internet, would experience more and more hick ups, failures. No wonder, that now thousands of new sophisticated expensive cars have been squashed down by metal presses (you can watch some videos about it on :  Home Page in russian

For instance, banks or hospitals computer systems worldwide are already experiencing failures. Can you imagine what will happen when all microchips in our bodies will stop working?
We will become normal again.



Below you will find a photo of recent Solar Eclipse in US and 2 photos of Black Hole seen through Sun - ниже 2 фото Солнца, в которых вы можете наблюдать Чёрную Дыру. During Eclipse they killed 2 birds with one stone: covered up merging of the Pink Star of parallel Earth with our White Sun and at the same time: a penetration of even more of new negative civilizations :

Тhe reason why it was/is so hot and so many fires esp. in all Northern Hemisphere and the Equator like in Europe, Southern Russia, Arab countries, Africa and USA this month (in August 2017) and before that, is Merging of our Old Earth and its 2 Suns with a Parallel Earth and its Sun of High Hot Pink vibration. Pink vibration is very high and fast, but White is still the highest, White is Sun's vibration. Pink vibrational Aura of that pink Sun (or rather pink star) is on the photo above, which was just made in England. Microwave is of pink color (of various hues), which is vibrationally higher, than violet. No wonder that we have been exposed substantially to microwave pink rays from towers, TV's, microwave ovens etc. for the last 15 years ! The higher in vibration our Planet rise, the less oxygen we have to expect in the air and the hotter it will become. It's like on very high mountains 7-8 km tall or in flying planes. The taller the mountain, the hotter it is supposed to be, but it's the opposite, it is colder. It is done deliberately: to prevent physical people to settle there and raise their vibration. Freezing of Arctica-Ant-Arctica is done for the same reason.

Since the beginning of August the temperatures everywhere went so high, that many parts of the Northern Hemisphere had to be cooled down by numerous floods, hails, snow, rains and winds! Fires and earthquakes are still happening for the same reason: Merging of two Earths and their Suns. Recent Sun/Moon eclipses also happened for the same reason. Someone didn't want us to see this Merging of Suns and covered the Sun with black holographic patch, called 'sun eclipse'. Numerous fires and strong earthquakes in China and in many other parts of the Old Earth happened and been felt esp. on higher stories of skyscripers or tall buildings, where vibration is higher and hotter. Hot Air is of a higher vibration it rises higher, good example is HOT AIR BALLOONS for transporting people (physicists would never tell you that). Robert Monroe lived on Robert's mountain for the last 30 years of his life, mountains are always of higher vibration, than flat places. I never lived in mountains, always on flat, low vibrational cities of villages.
According to our statistics on the Internet, there is no access (or very limited) to our websites in Russian Federation.

Причиной такой одуряющей жары и пожаров, такого огромного количества проливных дождей, неожиданного снега/града/наводнений и сильных ветров (чтобы охладить Планету), недавние мощные землетрясения в Китае и других странах в августе этого года (особенно в Северном Полушарии и на Экваторе) является СЛИЯНИЕ СТАРОЙ ПЛАНЕТЫ ЗЕМЛЯ с её 2мя горячими белыми СОЛНЦАМИ и с параллельной Планетой Земля очень высокой, горячей, розовой вибрации и с её розовой звездой (но белая Солнечная вибрация ещё выше и горячее)! Аура этой розовой звезды на фото выше, это фото было сделано недавно в Англии. Microwaves (микроволны) - это вибрация  розового цвета разных оттенков, вибрация которая выше и быстрее фиолетовой вибрации. Неудивительно, что последние 15 лет нас всё ещё облучают pink мicrowaves со всех сторон: с вышек, телевизорами, микроволновкам и т.д. Чем выше вибрационно мы поднимаемся, тем меньше нужно ожидать кислорода в воздухе и выше температура. Это как на очень высоких горах 7- 8 км высотой (наз. разряжённый воздух) или в кабинах летящих самолётов. Чем выше горы, тем должно быть теплее, но там холоднее и делается это - искусственно, также как в Арктике-Ант-Арктике, чтобы у людей не было интереса там поселяться и повышать свою вибрацию.

Недавние пожары, землетрясения и затмение Солнца/луны произошли по той же причине и результат были скрыты фальшивыми голографическими чёрными нашлёпками, наклеенными на Солнце и луну ! Недавние сильные землетрясения в Китае и других странах особенно чувствовались на верхних этажах многоэтажек, где более высокая вибрация и естественно жарче. Это и причина почему горячий воздух всегда стремится вверх: он более высокой вибрации, хороший пример: HOT AIR BALLOONS - воздушные шары наполненные горячим воздухом, переносящие людей (физики вам этого никогда не скажут). Роберт Монро жил на горе (выше вибрация), которая называлась Robert's mountain, а я всегда жила в низинах, в городах или деревнях низкой вибрации - это конечно не помогает.
Согласно нашей статистике на Интернете наши сайты всячески скрываются от Российской Федерации !

My rare correspondence in english and in russian

My email to Sveta 13 May 2018 :

Светик ты по скайпу просила инфо о борьбе Карлоса Кастанеда с Inorganic Being (Ally) в Сонорской пустыне, её ты найдёшь на Странице "Other Players" , это отрывок из "Art of Dreaming" Castaneda, открой эту Страницу и найди секцию "Info about Inorganic Beings from "The Art of Dreaming", вот адрес:


"Все те, кто электризует тебя в воде, как : морская вошь (sea lice), электрический скат (stingray) и так далее, на самом деле Inorganic Beings (Allies), кто старается слиться с твоей вибрацией!"

All these spring flowers are from Sveta! Pay attention to the White Sun in her room, when there is no Sun outside, the weather is cloudy!
She also work for the Source of All Suns and has a big Portal in her house in USA :

My reply to Sveta:

Sveta, I was in Venice 3 times, I lived and travelled in Italy for almost a year, 40 years ago. It's a pity, that you are not a musician. Singer-Laura Fabian doesn't sound like an Androgynous Being, she has just one fine female voice (which is not deep enough and doesn't cover 4 octaves), but Dimash sounds like an emotional Androgynous Being (covers almost 5 octaves)! The most valueable is to cover the highest, the fastest vibrations and Laura doesn't do it (maybe she does it in some other songs - I don't know, but not in Adagio) !
Dimash Kudaibergenov: in one body and in his singing there is a combination of a few singers: male opera singer, emotional female opera singer, a couple of young and modern male and female singers, a folk male-singer, and a few musicians-personalities; his diapason is the widest I know of; there are maybe those, who has wider diapason, but the ability to sing those very high notes
for a long time with emotion, and often enough, is extremely rare; listen to his singing - he is good on his own without mixing him with other singers; his emotional "Adagio" and "All by Myself" is : A CALL TO OUR SUNS IN THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS, but not to save us, we don't need to be saved, because we are GREAT SUNNY BEINGS!

(only if Negatives don't change Dimash's singing the way they did it with Vitas)!
I like how Dimash sings 4 songs only (Adagio, All by Myself, SOS and opera2), the rest of his songs is a poor choice and it's a pity: there are so many pleasant old songs to choose from ! Beautiful Adagio is not Laura's or Dimash's song and they changed it a bit their way. Adagio belongs to an old Italian composer Tomaso Albinoni (born 1671 - died 1751). I don't know who wrote modern words for Adagio, but they are very average, the meaning of the words doesn't embrace the whole Universe - this music does! Below there are 3 versions of playing Albinoni's Adagio G minor to listen to : string orchestra, an organ and in video - Infinity of Universe :

Infinity of Universe, music by Tomaso Albinoni's Adagio in G minor 
Бесконечность Вселенной - Томазо Альбинони (born 1671 - died 1751) - "Адажио"

Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio  in G minor (best live version), Jun 13, 2012, Copernicus Chamber Orchestra, Horst Sohm (conducting/Leitung) Tomaso Albinoni - Adagio en sol menor, Live in concert - Festival de Musica de L´Escala Concerts Clàssics L'Escala-Empúries Live performance - 2011


Reaction to Dimash "SOS" | The Singer 2017

"Tomaso Albinoni (Composer): Born: June 8, 1671 - Venice, Republic of Venice, Italy. Died: January 17, 1751 - Venice, Republic of Venice, Italy.
Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni was a Venetian Baroque composer. While famous in his day as an opera composer, he is mainly remembered today for his instrumental music, some of which is regularly recorded. The "Adagio in G minor" attributed to him is one of the most frequently recorded pieces of Baroque music. Born to Antonio Albinoni, a wealthy paper merchant in Venice, Tomaso Albinoni studied violin and singing. At an early age he became proficient as a singer and, more notably, as a violinist, though not being a member of the performers' guild he was unable to play publicly so he turned his hand to composition. Relatively little is known about his life, especially considering his contemporary stature as a composer. A lifelong resident of Venice, Tomaso Albinoni married in 1705 an opera singer, Margherita Raimondi (1721); Antonino Biffi, the maestro di cappella of San Marco was a witness, and evidently was a friend of Albinoni's. Albinoni  achieved his early fame as an opera composer at many cities in Italy, including Venice, Genoa, Bologna, Mantua, Udine, Piacenza, and Naples. He composed as many as 81 operas, of which 28 were produced in Venice between 1723 and 1740. Several of his operas were performed in northern Europe from the 1720's onwards. Unlike most composers of his time, Tomaso Albinoni appears never to have sought a post at either a church or court of nobility, but then he was a man of independent means and had the option to compose music independently. In 1722 he travelled to Munich at the invitation of the Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria (to whom Albinoni had dedicated a set of twelve concertos) to supervise performances of I veri amici and Il trionfo d'amore as part of the wedding celebrations for the Prince-Elector and the daughter of the late Emperor Joseph I. During this time Albinoni was also composing instrumental music in abundance: prior to 1705, he mostly wrote trio sonatas and violin concertos, but between then and 1719 he wrote solo sonatas and concertos for oboe. Most of his operatic works have been lost, having not been published during his lifetime. Nine collections of instrumental works were however published, meeting with considerable success and consequent reprints; thus it is as a composer of instrumental music (99 sonatas, 59 concertos and 9 sinfonias) that he is known today. In his lifetime these works were favourably compared with those of Arcangelo Corelli and Antonio Vivaldi, and his nine collections published in Italy, Amsterdam and London were either dedicated to or sponsored by an impressive list of southern European nobility."

 More info about clones and invisible Inorganic Beings

This is very important what I have to say : Lightnings and Ball-Lightnings; Tornados, Water-Tornados or Fire-Tornados; Blue Jets and Red Sprites; Tunguska (in 1908) and Chelyabinsk (in 2013) "meteorites" in Russia are nothing, but Electric Inorganic Beings from neighbouring Parallel Universes merging with us ! They have been modifying their Sizzling Energy to suit Earth's Wavy Energy. That explains why we had Electricity on most of Earth for a hundred years: to make it easier for these Beings to mix with us! Why do you think so many people have been 'accidentally' or deliberately electricuted at work places/hospitals/jails or by Lightnings? Why do we have water creatures like sting-rays or jelly fish, who electricute you in water (that happened to me)? There are others, who electricute us (mildly), we call them 'sea-lice', but to me they are invisible Water Allies and I had a lot of experience with them. But now you see Allies merging (quite dramatically) with Earth and its inhabitants! They are very Old Beings, each - a few thousands of years old, they gained a lot of Knowledge within that Time frame, which they are mixing with ours. More about their Electrifying nature in an extract from the same book of C. Castaneda below. For better understanding, I advise everyone to read
2 books of Carlos Castaneda "The Art of Dreaming" and "The Power of Silence"

Both books are on our site in english and in full electronic form and I made them easier and faster to read, by explaining difficult part or words. Most interesting parts of these books you also will find on some of our other links and on a link, which is called :  My Alters

Page 111
"...When I became used to the light, I vaguely distinguished some dark, moving Shapes...I noticed, that there were three types: some of them were round, like Balls; others were like Bells; and others yet like gigantic, undulating (wave-like) Candle Flames. All of them were basically round and the same size. I judged, that they were three to four feet in diameter. There were hundreds, perhaps even thousands of them (in the World of Electric Inorganic Beings, LM)".

Pages 53-54-55
"Sit here and visualize their (Allies) shape, until they are just like they are in your Dreams," don Juan said in my ear. "Let me know when you have them in focus."
It took me very little time and effort to have a complete mental picture of their shape, just like in my Dreams. It did not surprise me at all, that I could do it. What shocked me was that, although I tried desperately to let don Juan know I had pictured them in my mind, I could not voice my words or open my eyes. I was definitely awake. I could hear everything. I heard don Juan say, "You can open your eyes now." I opened them with no difficulty. I was sitting cross-legged on some rocks, which were not the same ones I had felt under me when I sat down. Don Juan was just behind me to my right. I tried to turn around to face him, but he forced my head to remain straight. And then I saw two dark figures, like two thin tree trunks, right in front of me. I stared at them open-mouthed; they were not as tall, as in my Dreams. They had shrunk to half their size. Instead of being shapes of opaque luminosity, they were now two condensed, dark, almost black, menacing sticks.
"Get up and grab one of them," don Juan ordered me, "and don't let go, no matter how it shakes you."
I definitely did not want to do anything of the sort, but some unknown drive made me stand up against my will. I had at that moment the clear realization, that I would end up doing what he had ordered me to, although I had no conscious intention of doing so. Mechanically, I advanced toward the two figures, my heart pounding nearly out of my chest. I grabbed the one to my right. What I felt was an Electric Discharge, that almost made me drop the dark figure. Don Juan's voice came to me, as if he had been yelling from a distance away. "You drop it and you're done for," he said. I held on to the figure, which twirled and shook. Not like a massive animal would, but like something quite fluffy and light, although strongly Electrical. We rolled and turned on the sand of the gully for quite some time. It gave me jolt after jolt of some sickening Electric Current (of negative Sizzling Energy, LM). I thought it was sickening, because I fancied it to be different from the Energy I had always encountered in our Daily World (of more balanced  Wavy Energy, LM). When it hit my body, it tickled me and made me yell and growl like an animal, not in anguish (extreme pain), but in a strange anger. It finally became a still, almost solid form under me. It lay inert. I asked don Juan if it was dead, but I did not hear my voice.
"Not a chance," said someone laughing, someone, who was not don Juan. "You've just depleted its Energy Charge. But don't get up yet. Lie there just a moment longer."
I looked at don Juan with a question in my eyes. He was examining me with great curiosity. Then he helped me up. The dark figure remained on the ground. I wanted to ask don Juan, if the dark figure was all right. Again, I could not voice my question. Then I did something extravagant. I took it all for real. Up to that moment something in my Mind was preserving my rationality by taking, what was happening, as a Dream, a Dream induced by don Juan's machinations. I went to the figure on the ground and tried to lift it up. I could not put my arms around it, because it had no mass. I became disoriented. The same Voice, which was not don Juan's, told me to lie down on top of the Inorganic Being. I did it, and both of us got up in one motion, the Inorganic Being like a dark shadow attached to me. It gently separated from me and disappeared, leaving me with an extremely pleasant feeling of completeness. It took me more, than twenty-four hours to regain total control of my faculties (parts). I slept most of the time. Don Juan checked me from time to time by asking me the same question:
"Was the Inorganic Being's Energy like Fire or like Water?"
My throat seemed scorched. I could not tell him, that the Energy Jolts, I had felt, were like Jets of Electrified Water. I have never felt Jets of Electrified Water in my life. I am not sure, if it is possible to produce them or to feel them, but that was the image playing in my Mind every time don Juan asked his key question. Don Juan was asleep, when I finally knew I was completely recovered. Knowing, that his question was of great importance, I woke him up and told him, what I had felt.
"You are not going to have helping friends among the Inorganic Beings, but relationships of annoying dependence," he stated. "Be extremely careful. Watery Inorganic Beings are more given to Excesses. The Old Sorcerers believed, that they were more loving, more capable of imitating, or perhaps even having feelings. As opposed to the fiery ones, who were thought to be more serious, more contained, than the others, but also more pompous."
"What's the meaning of all this for me, don Juan?"
"The meaning is too vast to discuss at this time. My recommendation is, that you vanquish (subjugate) fear from your Dreams and from your life, in order to safeguard your Unity.
The Inorganic Being you depleted of Energy and then recharged again was thrilled out of its candlelike shape with it. It'll come to you for more.

I have books of C. Castaneda, which I bought in Original Earth as well as his books, which I bought on one of Parallel Earths. Books of Robert Monroe also exist on Parallel Earths as well as on Original Old Earth. But there are some differences between them, for example: books are numbered differently or the cover is different, content in some places differ.
Unfortunately Carlos Castaneda wrote many things in general terms or foggy description, perhaps due to someone censoring his books. He didn't explain, that 'The DARK SEA OF AWARENESS' is a negative low vibrational Force of our opposite Twin-World and that Awareness of dead Human Beings merge into negative low vibrational mainly reptilian Force (another Awareness) in order to be mixed with Awareness of a dead human, dead animal or dead plant. This Mixture , with the help of constant confrontations, produces more of White Sun Energy of Balance, which stores all information obtained during the Planetary Game at the End of Life of Old Universe! 
This continious process is very important for the  SOURCE OF ALL SUNS and for this reason, an opposite and invisible to us, Twin-World was formed.
Here is an extract from Castaneda's "The Active Side of Infinity", which gives more details about this subject. Chapter "Inorganic Awareness", p. 189-193, the whole book in in english can be found on one of our links :  C. Castaneda's Books № 5

I added to this extract a few important details to make it more clear. Below there are some photos of materialised Inorganic Beings in an image of birds, also some pictures, reminding Flyers, who regularly eats our Awareness and wolflike Sirians, described by Carlos Castaneda and Alex Collier :

"You already know," he (Don Juan) began, "that there exists in the Universe a perennial Force, which the Sorcerers of ancient Mexico called the Dark Sea of Awareness. While they were at the maximum of their perceiving power, they Saw something, that made them shake in their pantaloonies, if they were wearing any. They Saw, that the Dark Sea of Awareness is responsible not only for the Awareness of (physiacl, LM) Organisms, but also for the Awareness of Entities, that don't have an Organism."
(Negative Reptoids of all kinds, esp. Dragons, visible-nonvisible to us, in various ways constantly diminish not just our Consciousness/Awareness, but also Awareness of all Creatures of both Twin-Worlds. LM).
"What is this, don Juan, Beings without an Organism, that have Awareness?" I asked, astonished, for he had never mentioned such an idea before.
"The old shamans discovered, that the entire Universe is composed of Twin Forces," he began, "Forces,  that are at the same time opposed and complementary to each other. It is inescapable, that our World is a Twin World. Its opposite and complementary World is one populated by Beings, that have Awareness, but not an Organism. For this reason, the old shamans called them Inorganic Beings."
Here Don Juan simplified the explanation a great deal. What he really meant was to say, that the whole Universe consists of a huge number of civilizations of different vibrations, which are  high/fast (positive) or low/slow (negative) or Twin opposing Forces. As a result of constant confrontations between visible-invisible Beings of these 2 Twin-Worlds, their vibrations and experiences are mixed up and new Sun Energy of Balance (with that information) is produced and taken to places, where it is most needed! LM).

"And where is this World, don Juan?" I asked, munching unconsciously on a piece of dried apricot.
"Here, where you and I are sitting," he replied matter-of-factly, but laughing outright at my nervousness. "I told you, that it's our Twin World, so it's intimately related to us.
(It means, that both our Twin-Worlds originated from the same source: the Source of All Suns! LM).
The Sorcerers of ancient Mexico didn't think like you do in terms of Space and Time. They thought exclusively in terms of Awareness. Two types of Awareness coexist without ever impinging on each other, because each type is entirely different from the other. The old shamans faced this problem of coexistence without concerning themselves with Time and Space.
They reasoned, that the degree of Awareness of Organic Beings and the degree of Awareness of Inorganic Beings were so different, that both could coexist with the most minimal interference."
(Not much interference between our Twin-Worlds was at the beginning, but not now, when the end of Time and Space is so near. Now Inorganic Beings are taking shapes of all kinds of humans and animals in our World and mix with us with often drastic results. LM)

"Can we perceive those Inorganic Beings, don Juan?" I asked.
"We certainly can," he replied. "Sorcerers do it at will. Average people do it, but they don't realize, that they're doing it, because they are not conscious of the existence of a Twin World. When they think of a Twin World, they enter into all kinds of mental masturbation, but it has never occurred to them, that their fantasies have their origin in a subliminal knowledge, that all of us have: that we are not alone."
(Average low vibrational people are usually clones, who believe in all kinds of religions, attend churches regularly and explain everything unknown, they confront, from religious point of view. LM).

 I was riveted by don Juan's words. Suddenly, I had become voraciously hungry. There was an emptiness in the pit of my stomach. All I could do was to listen as carefully, as I could, and eat.
"The difficulty with your facing things in terms of Time and Space," he continued, "is, that you only notice if something has landed in the space and time at your disposal, which is very limited. Sorcerers, on the other hand, have a vast field, on which they can notice if something extraneous has landed. Lots of Entities from the Universe at large, Entities, that possess Awareness, but not an Organism, land in the Field of Awareness of our World, or the Field of Awareness of its Twin World, without an average human being ever noticing them. The Entities, that land on our Field of Awareness, or the Field of Awareness of our Twin World, belong to Other Worlds, that exist besides our World and its Twin. The Universe at large is crammed to the brim with Worlds of Awareness, Organic and Inorganic."
(I must add, that all Organic/Inorganic Creatures of our Old Universe, who possess Awareness, obliged to land on our Old Earth and mix their vibrations with us. I suspect, that Flyers from our opposite Twin-World, are also present in our World in a form of Orbs or the like. Orbs are often photographed during natural or manmade disasters, confrontations, in ancient negative places,
in  battlefields, in old castles and churches; in waters and volcanos; in Portals or Cracks in the Fabric of Time. There are heaps of them here around and inside our Centre and around us.
Their food is the energy of our Emotions and Awareness, to empty us and to leave us as complete fools. I mentally burn Flyers: it's high time to put an end to it! LM).

Don Juan continued talking and said, that those Sorcerers knew when Inorganic Awareness from Other Worlds, besides our Twin World, had landed in their Field of Awareness. He said, that as every human being on this Earth would do, those shamans made endless classifications of different types of this Energy, that has Awareness. They knew them by the general term - Inorganic Beings.

Here is a picture
of one of Organic Beings from russian book of classification of aliens, present on our Old Earth. 

"Do those Inorganic Beings have life like we have life?" I asked.
"If you think, that life is to be aware, then they do have life," he said. "I suppose it would be accurate to say, that if life can be measured by the Intensity, the sharpness, the duration of that Awareness, I can sincerely say, that they are more alive,  than you and I."
"Do those Inorganic Beings die, don Juan?" I asked. Don Juan chuckled for a moment before he answered. "If you call death the termination of Awareness, yes, they die. Their Awareness ends. Their death is rather like the death of a human being, and at the same time, it isn't, because the death of human beings has a hidden option. It is something like a clause in a legal document, a clause, that is written in tiny letters, that you can barely see. You have to use a magnifying glass to read it, and yet it's the most important clause of the document."
"What's the hidden option, don Juan?"
"Death's hidden option is exclusively for Sorcerers. They are the only ones, who have, to my knowledge, read the fine print. For them, the option is pertinent (relevant) and functional. For average human beings, death means the termination of their Awareness, the end of their Organisms. For the Inorganic Beings, death means the same: the end of their Awareness. In both cases, the impact of death is the Act of Being sucked into the Dark Sea of Awareness.
(Stored information of this Dark Sea of Awareness is transported to the Source of All Suns. At the time of death of particularly strong individual, but not a Sorcerer, her/his body, Awareness and experiences might not be sucked by the Dark Sea of Awareness, if they choose that hidden obtion. That happened to Robert Monroe and his wife Nancy. He even called his last book "Ultimate Journey", meaning his travelling as a scout in the Old Universe after finishing his life on Earth. But it doesn't mean, that he and his wife lost their connection to our Sun and our Old Earth. LM).

Their individual Awareness, loaded with their life experiences, breaks its boundaries, and Awareness, as Energy spills out into the Dark Sea of Awareness."
"But what is death's hidden option, that is picked up only by Sorcerers, don Juan?" I asked.
"For a Sorcerer, death is a unifying factor. Instead of disintegrating the Organism, as is ordinarily the case, death unifies it."
(Phys. body doesn't rot, it is simply turning into invisible energy of higher vibrational Inorganic Being or a little Sun, invisible to us from low vibrational level of Consciousness. LM).

"How can death unify anything?" I protested."
"Death for a Sorcerer," he said, "terminates the reign of individual moods in the body. The Old Sorcerers believed it was the dominion of the different parts of the body, that ruled the moods and the actions of the total body; parts, that become dysfunctional, drag the rest of the body to chaos, such as, for instance, when you yourself get sick from eating junk.
(In different parts of our bodies live civilizations of different low vibrations, whom we call parasites, worms, microbes, viruses, pathogens, molds, amoebas. These low vibrational civilizations are representatives of all kinds of diseases of humans and animals. Mixing with these low vibrational civilizations gives us pains emotional and physical, and also leading to different tuning of moods and actions of different parts of the body. In other words, it is leading to chaos in the body, esp. among women when other things are added up like: not natural periods 1-2 times a month (removing undeveloped fetuses out of females' bodies for many years); not to mention abortions, miscarriges and birth of babies, which brings the same chaos to different parts of females' bodies. If a body of a Sorceress together with her Awareness and experiences disappears into higher vibrational level with the use of that hidden option, all parasites die. LM).
In that case, the mood of your stomach affects everything else. Death eradicates the domination of those individual parts. It unifies their Awareness into One Single Unit."
"Do you mean, that after they die, Sorcerers are still aware?" I asked.
"For Sorcerers, death is an Act of Unification, that employs every bit of their Energy. You are thinking of death as a corpse in front of you, a body, on which decay has settled. For Sorcerers, when the Act of Unification takes place, there is no corpse. There is no decay. Their bodies in their entirety have been turned into Energy, Energy possessing Awareness, that is not fragmented. The boundaries, that are set up by the Organism, boundaries,  which are broken down by death, are still functioning in the case of Sorcerers, although they are no longer visible to the naked eye. I know, that you are dying to ask me," he continued with a broad smile, "if whatever I'm describing is the Soul, that goes to hell or heaven. No, it is not the Soul. What happens to Sorcerers, when they pick up, that hidden option of death, is, that THEY TURN INTO INORGANIC BEINGS, very specialized, high-speed Inorganic Beings, Beings capable of stupendous maneuvers of Perception. Sorcerers enter then into, what the shamans of ancient Mexico called, their Definitive Journey. Infinity becomes their Realm of Action."
"Do you mean by this, don Juan, that they become eternal?"
"My sobriety, as a Sorcerer, tells me," he said, "that their Awareness will terminate, the way Inorganic Beings' Awareness terminates, but I haven't seen this happen. I have no firsthand knowledge of it. The Old Sorcerers believed, that the Awareness of this type of Inorganic Being would last as long, as the Earth is alive. The Earth is their Matrix. As long, as it prevails, their Awareness continues. To me, this is a most reasonable statement."
"Is there a possibility, don Juan, that ghosts and apparitions really exist?"
"Whatever you may call a ghost or an apparition," he said, "when it is scrutinized by a Sorcerer, boils down to one issue. It is possible, that any of those Ghostlike Apparitions may be a Conglomeratation of Energy Fields, that have Awareness, and which we turn into things we know. If that's the case, then the Apparitions have Energy. Sorcerers call them Energy-Generating Configurations. Or, if No Energy emanates from them, in this case they are Phantasmagorical Creations, usually of a very strong person, strong in terms of Awareness."

Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda with their groups of Sorceresses and Sorcerers left Earth by using this option, written in a fine print. And now fly to different parts of Old Universe and directly observing what is happening there. If there is a need,  they help situations, but that requires a great deal of experience, abilities, knowledge and patience. This is exactly what Robert Monroe was writing about human Graduates of Planetary Game, that it's only them are capable to reach all corners of the Universe, teach and help everyone there. Our Sun's personalities also take those trips. And I wouldn't mind to use such an opportunity myself, because I am greatly disappointed with what is happening on Earth and with what I read on the Internet now. It reached the peak of disinformation and boredom, I could give you so many examples of it, but it is for you to sift/differentiate truth from lies. I would like to add: it doesn't really worry me if I make mistakes in grammar of English or Russian as long, as you more or less understand the whole idea.

Some new Inorganic Beings from our Twin-World already are able to turn themselves into Organic Beings (humans, aliens or animals) to be present in our worlds. To acheive it, they use our own energy and show up as insects for instance, because it's easier to bring big numbers of beings in small bodies: like swarms of locust, mosquitos, cockroaches and other bugs, schools of jelly-fish or all kinds of snakes, stingrays, monster-animals or aliens of different kind. It is always easier for them to turn into someone familiar to us. Often Inorganic Beings appear as our friends/members of our families, our pets or settle down as wild animals/birds closer to people, in/on roofs/walls of their houses.
Here is a good example of how an Inorganic Being turns into a python and invades a bedroom of a boy in Thailand (a few videos and articles):

Switzerland. First European restaurant to serve cats? Jun 9, 2017. This restaurant apparently serves cats---and asks the question “Why do we eat some animals but not others?”

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Video - Plague of locusts overruns Greek isle of Agios Efstratios. A tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea has been overrun by a plague of locusts. Agios Efstratios, home to just 200 people, has been forced to declare a state of emergency. A member of the local administration, Stella Spanou, told the BBC that sheep were starving as so much vegetation had been devoured by the locust swarms. 19 May 2017

Massive 10 foot python found hiding under boy's bed after it killed family's pet cat. Aug 20, 2017. This is the terrifying moment a killer python was found lurking under a teenage boy’s bed. The snake was found under the bed after it slithered through into the window of their bed - after killing the family’s kitten. Thanapoom Lekyen, 42, said she had found the cat outside under the window ledge with a series of bite wounds when she entered her son’s bedroom in the morning last week then fled in terror after she spotted the animal’s shiny scales under the mattress. Fortunately her son, Nong, 13, had been sleeping in his mother’s room the night before and avoided being savaged by the serpent.

Terrifying!! Brave Little Kids Catch Big Snake in Water While Finding Snails in the fields. Jul 7, 2017

Amazing Smart Little Sister And Brother Catch Big Snakes Using Oil Tank With Water Pipe ( Part 2). Jul 14, 2017

В Таиланде в детской спальне нашли питона-убийцу - video

42-летняя жительница тайского города Чаченгсау Фанамум Лекен пришла в ужас, увидев, что ее котенок лежит мертвым под окном. Однако, когда женщина поняла, кто убил ее питомца, ей стало по-настоящему плохо. Она увидела, что из-под кровати ее 13-летнего сына торчит хвост огромного питона. К счастью, змея не успела напасть на спящего подростка. На опубликованных ниже кадрах запечатлено, как представители команды зоозащитников-добровольцев достают питона из-под кровати. Змея успела укусить одного из мужчин, к счастью, эта травма оказалось неопасной. Обездвижив змею, зоозащитники отвезли незваного гостя в ближайший лес.

I would like to add. All Sun or moon eclipses were never natural, they are performed to cover Suns and moons at the time of especially huge alien penetrations into our Old Earth. All of it is done for the sake of Mixing Different Vibrations of our Twin-Worlds even more (Law of Mixing). Last Sun eclipse was planned mainly in USA for a reason : from all countries, it's the USA, which has higher vibrational level. It is appealing for newly arriving civilizations to mix with locals and raise their own vibration. And, as a result of confrontations and an extraction of human negative emotions, new Sun Energy of Balance is manufactured. Most of new civilizations from other parts of our Old Universe (Inorganic Beings) are capable to arrive to our Old physical Earth only in a form of dust, sand, water, different clouds, fog.

A couple of nights ago I have seen a very vivid dream how men were turning into females. It is not really a difficult procedure: just to move the brightest point of our Spirit (the Perception Point) to face the outside of sphere of our Luminous Balls like in Females' Luminous Balls (men have their Perception Points, turned insidetheir Luminous Balls restricting their perception of the Universe). The change to females could be done instantaneously in mass, if there is a need for that ! But I am into a complete destruction of the Planetary Game and our move to the Source of All Suns. I advise you to look at 3 links, where you will see samples of some civilizations and their various and destructive ways of penetration of Earth:

Other Players of Planetary Game

Arrival of New Civilizations

Anomalous Events

Recent Whitish Auroras in Sweden is a good sign!

Sun's Double Aura, Taiwan 2015

Upper photo: This is how huge clusters of White Beings (in a form of White Wavy clouds) are moving through the Black Hole of our Sun! Snaopshot is made from video I made from the balcony of our Centre in Elliott Heads, Australia, Sep. 2017. The Sun and visible Universal Flow, which is connecting Source of All Suns with all the Suns inc. the Inner Sun, is covered with a fake white patch and fake strip. It's done to cover the Black Hole of the Sun and the movement of the Flow. Photo below is showing a cluster of White Beings above England, 2017.

Photo above. This is how huge clusters of White Souls are moving up through the Sky Portals to the higher Levels of Consciousness (and through the night Sun)

The extracts from Robert Monroe's "Ultimate Journey", which are relevant to our videos, p. p. 211- 216:

"Now, what happened? Yes, the dream. Dream (the Hologram)? Or did I live it? Was it real—or someone else's dream?
(As you know our Universe and us are Holographic, but to show holographically our Diagram for Video 11 is a bit difficult ! The Universal Hologram is created by the Beam of White Energy of Balance emanating from the Emitter and creating Mind - Field in our Universe from the Beginning till the End of Universal Life! This Beam will disappear at End of Life of this Universe. LM).

. . . Now everything is in place and operating . . . the dream (the Hologram) is fading quickly . . . something about clouds and curls . . . and moving along an Interstate . . . and life and death, whatever that means . . . something called time-space . . . and a blue Planet . . . a Sun . . . strange, strong energy . . . millions of Suns . . . and Love . . . never forget the feeling of that even if it was only a dream  . . a complicated dream (the Hologram). . . took so much energy to wake up . . .here in this bright coolness . . . What a strange place to wake up in. I didn't go to sleep here. How did I fall asleep? I'd better get back where I belong . . .
. . . the Flow, look at the Flow . . . all moving in the same direction, from all dimensions . . . must join in before I fall asleep again . . . the dream...parts keep coming back... must stay moving with the others . . . but they are all so much larger, than I am . . . I'm just a speck . . . so small . . .
You are indeed, little one. Stay with me. I will help you.
. . . the one next to me, yes . . . so big I cannot see it all . . . a strong surge of energy coming down to me . . .good, that does help . . . my consciousness is filling out more . . . remembering how it happened . . .
yes . . . I was part of the Whole 
(the Source of All Suns. LM) . . one by one, parts were placed here and there, taken from the Whole and placed... where? Can't see it clearly . . . the excitement . . . joy at a new adventure . . . one by one, those around me were placed . . . then it was my moment . . . the wrenching . . . the uncertainty...then the Whole was gone . . .what terrible loneliness . . . alone . . . need to get back to the Whole . . . consciousness falling apart . . . fall asleep . . . sleep . . . what is sleep? . . . losing consciousness, falling apart . . . that was it . . .Now I am moving back . . . back to the Whole, where I belong. I can feel the beginning of the radiation, becoming more intense as we move . . . what joy to return . . .
What Gifts do you bring, little one? I perceive none.
Gifts? Gifts? I have only the need to return to the Whole, where I belong, where there are others like me . . . I am what I have always been . . . Gifts? That means more, than I am or was . . . there is nothing more . . . only the dream (the Hologram). . .
There is something different with you. You bring no Gifts and you are alone. You are incomplete.
. . . Incomplete? How can that be? I am the same, as when I left the Whole. . . I will be complete when I return . . . I do not understand . . . all I need do is return . . .
You do understand, but you have covered it over. We have reached under the covering. Let us help you remember how it began.
What? ... before the dream (the Hologram) began. It was good, but the Whole (the Source of All Suns. LM) needed more . . . and the Whole is . . . yes, that is when it happened . . . the Whole distributing parts to grow . . . to reproduce . . . to add to the Whole  . . . is that it? Then the Gifts would be more of me . . . ? It has to do with the dream  . . . something in it, or the entire dream . . . must open my memory of the point when I was not conscious here . . .careful . . . don't want to splinter my consciousness again . . .
That cannot happen. It will be a blending of what you are now with the awareness of what you call the dream . It is the total of that experience, which is your Gift. You will understand why you are incomplete, why you are small. Observe.
. . . the memory of the dream opens up, and the awakening . . . but now I am the observer . . . trying to move upstream . . . before . . . a flash of Light Energy, as I was inserted into the play of KT-95 . . . the boredom . . . the curiosity . . . departure . . . a lonely migration, seeking, seeking . . . bright Suns of Energy in endless array (an orderly arrangement) . . .joining others like me in the search . . . search for what? It is inexpressible . . . then the radiation of a blue Planet satellite of a yellow Sun . . . entry . . . entry to become  what? . . . Human . . . yes, human!
It is very real even as I observe it. Moving into a physical being composed of distorted energy . . . physical matter, energy locked into limited expression . . . the heavy feeling of that limitation, yet the inborn drive to maintain energy in the physical matter and keep it operating . . . a very wonderful, yet contradictory design... so many passages in and out, from the first small creature with the furry face . . . the rise and fall of awareness and intellect again and again through millennia of passages . . . lifetimes . . .the sum of all these are the Gifts brought back to the Whole (the Source), but I do not have them with me . . . now I see the reason for the distribution of parts . . . what Gifts I have from the dream?
And I am . . . I am all of those life passages, all of them. What did I call the Total . . . the I-There of me (his Total Self or Sun, LM). But I am only a part of that . . .
That is why you are small and incomplete. There is more.
Yes . . . others who are waiting . . . clusters of other I-Theres (smaller Suns! LM). We go as a unit . . . yes . . . So in the dream I was an . . . an advance agent . . . a scout...
When all have been assembled you will come with your Gifts. You will no longer be small, but much, as we are. All of the others will come with you.
Was your process the same? Did one part of you come here first?
With us it was different. You act as you do, because your diversification is so wide. On our Planet, our entire species became aware and made the Shift as One.
Why . . . why are we stopping?
The Aperture is just ahead. It will open soon. Beside it you can perceive the Emitter for the Energy Beam, that creates, what you call the dream.
The dream . . . The Hologram would be a better term . . . The Energy is very strong . . . a flaming Ball of Energy . . . There is a function I have to perform . . .
The Emitter reminds me . . . I need to do this...
We understand, friend. Go.
. . . There they come, two figures, one glowing more, than the other . . . I move closer to the Emitter, very close . . . I shield them from the Energy of the Emitter . . . opening my receptors to help in the shielding . . . and I remember the two parts of me there in the dream. . . and I feel the full effects of the radiation, but now I can absorb it, where they could not . . . I bathe in the radiation . . . filling, absorbing ... how much more . . . how much . . . Yes, now I know what I am, what I have been from the beginning, what I always will be . . . a part of the Whole, the restless part, that  desires to return, yet lives to seek  expression in doing, creating, building, giving, growing, leaving more, than it takes, and, above all, desires to bring back Gifts of Love to the Whole. . . the paradox of total unity and the continuity of the part. I know the Whole . . . I am the Whole. . . even as a part I am the Totality . . . The parts of me from the dream  retreat and I move back, remembering the dream well, and what I must do...
You have grown somewhat, little one.
There is something—I remember something I have to do . . . for us. What happens when we enter and rejoin the Whole?
There is much speculation about that. We can give you a ROTE describing one probable result. It will be interesting to you, when you return to the dream . . . to the Hologram.
When I return? I have to go back to the dream? To lose consciousness again?
You have no choice. You are incomplete. But this consciousness will return with you. You would not abandon those, who are waiting, even if it were possible.
That is so.
Take this ROTE. It may help you to be patient, you and the sum of you.
I am sure it will. But I . . . we . . . need so much to know what it is to become complete. Can you say?
We know this well. It can be said in your words.
There is no Beginning, there is no End,
There is only Change.
There is no teacher, there is no student,
There is only remembering.
There is no good, there is no evil,
There is only expression.
There is no union, there is no sharing,
There is only One.
There is no joy, there is no sadness,
There is only Love.
There is no greater, there is no lesser,
There is only Balance.
There is no stasis, there is no entropy (death),
There is only Motion.
There is no wakefulness, there is no sleep,
There is only being.
There is no limit, there is no chance,
There is only a Plan.
This is as we know it to be.
Thank you. I accept this.
You need to move through the other half of the Circle to complete your journey!
The other half of the Circle? (This Circle you will find in our Video 11 "Eternal/Perpetual Wheel of Balance". LM)
It is much easier. Goodbye, little one."

In the extract below you will see how Bob, first, went into the Future against the Strong Flow of Energy Beam of M-Field, coming from Emitter, and saw how the clusters of our Higher Selves left for the Higher Level, how the Belief System Territories disappeared, how our Earth returned to its original state (the Ring of Dust) as a result of Implosion. Then he moved to the Past, to the Beginning of Life in our Old Universe and saw how the Light Energy of M-Field (the Beam from Emitter) was forming particles of the Hologram, then he followed that Beam higher to the very Opening (the Emitter) and finally realized, that the Life in our Old Universe didn't appear all over sudden as a result of an Explosion or a "Big Bang", that Life came from Emitter in a form of the Beam of Mind-Field, which created a Hologram for all Living Creatures to propagate Life in it! After such a trip, Bob moved to his Sun Cluster to tell them about his findings. He was asked by the members of his Higher Self to low down his Radiation (his Sun Energy), because it was uncomfortably strong for them! From this episode you can see, that the vibration (wavelength) of every member of your Higher Self is different: some lower, some higher! Bob's vibration became so fast and high, that it nearly broke the Energy Cord, connecting him to the physical body! As a result, he nearly lost the body and it took him almost a month to return to normal, but part of his Soul stayed up there for the Future Event, p.p. 219-220 :

"So I have to make one more run, to the other end of the Circle. I know what it is . . . to move the other way on the Interstate, not out (of the Source of All Suns. LM), but in (to the Source of All Suns. LM). If I use my quick-switch phasing and the skip, both of them . . . and I move swiftly in . . . past the I-There (his smaller Suns! LM) Clusters . . . they are gone . . . past the Belief System Territories . . . they wink out . . . past the blue Planet . . . and watch as it reverts (return to a former condition) to a Ring of Dust . . . everything moves, everything moves . . . going against the Flow again, following back to where it began . . . a huge flower of particles and light folding back together . . . back into a Beam . . . a Beam (to  the Emitter). . . get into it, move with it . . . can I stand it? It is so strong . . . and there it is . . . the Emitter! No, there was No Big Bang . . . it came from the Emitter . . . the Creation of the Hologram . . . and there it is, the return Flow off to one side . . . a Cycle . . . a closed Loop . . . a Circle! Now I know . . . now I know! . . . I had better get back, back to the I-There of me. . . let them know . . . easy and quick . . . quick-switch and skip...
Ram, is that you?
It is. Your scout is back.
Control your radiation! You're burning us out!
Oh, sorry. Is that better?
When you broke the uplink, we did not know, if you would come back. But you have! Now we can act. But first you had better...
I have it! I have what you need!
Stop and listen, will you?
What is it?
You must move back into your physical body. Now.
Why? Is something wrong?
We have been trying to send a thought to you. When your uplink broke, it also cut you off from your physical body. If you do not move back quickly, you may lose it. It is not yet the right time.
. . . If they were concerned, so was I! They gave me a surge of energy as I began a rapid shift back to the physical phase. The body was shocked, and I was shocked—it was so cold, the blood pressure very low, the pulse rate slow, the heart near fibrillation. As I started the breathing again, deeply, the body began slowly to warm up, to move back to normal, but the muscles were stiff . . . it would take several days to get them back into reasonable operation . . . It did indeed take several days. The physical body eventually returned to reasonable operation. The essence of me, however, did not. There was not simply a Different Overview, but a remembering of unlimited freedom, an ever so slight glimpse of an Ultimate Option.
And I knew that I had the missing Basic!"

"Ultimate Journey", p. 151-152 :
"The Repertory (the Repertory is a Storehouse, Sun! LM)
So . . . What am I? Beyond the barrier there were hundreds and hundreds of what appeared to be waving beams of multicolored light. Uncertainly, I reached out and touched the nearest one. A rich male voice rang in my mind.  Well, well! Curiosity pays off again, Robert! I pulled back quickly, but the chuckling stayed with me. Immediately another brightly glowing beam, mauve (light violet) in color, came close. This voice was Female!
"Of course! You're not all Male, Bobby!"
That was only the beginning. The process was repeated again and again. Each time it became easier. Now I realized, that every beam of "light" was one of me, one of my I-There (Higher Self) personalities complete with a different life experience. Lodged within my I-There was a corresponding life pattern of each personality in great detail. This, I realize, is an inadequate description, because each is a conscious, sentient Being with an individual Awareness, mind, and memory. Communication was easy, because I was holding forth with myself! However, there was so much, that I could only skim the surface.
The emotional elements were too strong to go deeper."

Video № 12 (Improved Version, posted on 7th July 2012): Returning Home to the Source of All Life!
The Universal Leap of Consciousness!

Snapshot from "Returning Home" video: in the centre we placed Central Universal Suns, which Earth is entering!


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Click to Animation "Returning Home" on Adobe Flash Player

Link to the third method of playing video "RETURNING HOME". You need to press on the address, then a message will turn up below left side of the screen, press on the arrow and on "open"
and video will slowly (2 min.) appear
, if not - try again, it takes a bit of time:  http://www.theshiftofconsciousness.info/ReturningHome1.mov

Returning Home to the Source Of All Suns !

Improved Version of our Video "Returning Home" is being sent on 26th December 2012 and now is available on this Page (below) and on Russian Home-Page! To understand these Videos better
 I advise you to learn more about the purpose of the Aperture, the Emitter and M-Field (Mind-Field) on our link:   Universal, Nonverbal Communication and Mind-Field

This Video №12 is very basic, a symbolic picture of what is about to happen. For the first time in the history of our Universe, millions of Graduates of this Planetary Game on Planet Earth will be moving to the Source of All Suns as Suns. Soon we all will be in Focus 27 (5th Level), in the place called"The Gathering", watching the Earth Crust's Implosion! And that you will see on this Video .
The biggest mistake we are making, if we focus on one person! Not true "Love songs" and marriage unions taught us to focus in the wrong direction (on one or two persons) and now is high time, first - to concentrate on Focus 27 (5th Level) and later on 
THE SOURCE OF ALL SUNS, YOUR REAL HOME, where we are heading! 

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George and I created another Complex, Symbolic Video of actions of Players in our Planetary Game on Earth and in 3 Non-Physical Rings around it. The Video is based on findings of Robert Monroe, who described it in the book "Far Journeys" (written in 80's), p. 238-247. Some of this info is in the extract below, which I advise you to read before watching this above Video:


"Cruising the Rings.
The First Inner Layer or Ring (of non-physical 4th Level Earth, LM) was clear and more distinct from my nonphysical perspective, and all seemed to be completely focused on the activities of the in-human physical condition. Any attempts to communicate or divert their attention were met with total unawareness at the least and, at the most, bewilderment, fear, or outright hostility. All were attempting to participate in physical life in one way or another with no success whatsoever. All seemed to have one common characteristic. They were completely unaware of any existence, other than physical. Only through repeated observation at first-hand was it possible to generally sort out and classify such near-Earth Humans into some semblance of order.
The Dreamers:
This group has a distinctive Vibration or Radiation, that indicates: they are attached to a physical body somewhere in the current Earth Time-Space. This infers, but does not verify, that they may be in an out-of-body state during sleep. They, apparently, are attempting to continue the activity they have been performing during their physical waking hours, or those they desire or fantasize. Some are simply going through the motions; others are trying to talk with those, they know, who are physically awake, or eating, drinking, working, playing, trying to perform sexual acts, acting out Mitty-like roles in the middle of Manhattan — all without fruition; all, with few exceptions, without any recognition of similar activities around them. What might be loosely termed 'evidence of their origin' is that: they suddenly "wink out" or disappear in the middle of an action. Are they awakening in the physical again, out of sleep? Dream analysts may be on the right track, but with the wrong perspective.
The Locked-Ins:
These are very similar to the previous category, and might be confused with them initially, but for several key differences. This group is composed solely of those, who have permanently exited their current physical body — dead physically, but don't know it. Consequently, they are trying constantly to continue a physical existence, to which they have become habituated. They often remain around physical locations, such as houses, and physically living persons to whom they have become attached. Some continue to attempt reentry into their dead physical bodies and to reactivate them, even into the grave—which may give credence to the strange radiation effects sometimes perceived in cemeteries. The anguish these must go through, as they witness the cremation of their physical remains is certainly something to ponder..."

Our Video: "How Sun-Soul-Love-Balance Energy and Creative Force are generated by All of Us in the whole Multiverse!" (20 April 2014)

Sun-Soul-Love-Balance Energies and Creative Force is one and the same White Energy of Balance ! Human Soul (Spirit) gives Life to vortexes (blends) of coloful low and high vibrations entering physical bodies of humans through 7 Chakras, resulting in Pains and Emotions ! White Energy of Balance is generated much more by older Women, who had quite a few past lives on Earth before, than by younger Girls 
(or Men), as well as by various other forms of Life on Earth (but the quality of Balance is not as pure). Please wait till this symbolic video fully downloads to avoid interruptions, it can also be watched on: Our Videos 


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STEVE, THE MYSTERIOUS AURORAL ARC - 1 Oct 2017 (More of various Auroras are on :  Cеверные Сияния - Auroras or Northern Lights)

A strong geomagnetic storm was brewing in the skies above Alberta, Canada, on Sept. 27th when photographer Alan Dyer looked up and saw a ribbon of purple light arcing cross the sky. It was the mysterious aurora known as "Steve. The Steve arc appeared for only about 20 minutes...For many years, northern sky watchers have reported this luminous form occasionally dancing among regular auroras. It was widely called a "proton arc" until researchers pointed out that protons probably had nothing to do with it. So members of the Alberta Aurora Chasers group gave it a new name: "Steve." "We seem to be ideally located in the Canadian Prairies for sighting Steve, as we often get the main aurora to our north, placing Steve overhead or to our south," notes Dyer.No one fully understands the underlying physics of the purple ribbon. One of the European Space Agency's Swarm satellites flew straight through Steve during a previous apparition.


(Their explanation of this orange glow is so alien like all other explanations of anomalous sights on this website! This glow is nothing, but another bunch of new   civilizations of negative low orange-red vibrations, landed on Earth - in Atacama desert! LM)!
When the sun goes down, Chile's Atacama desert can be one of the darkest places on Earth. Last night, it was not. "I couldn't believe what I saw on the screen of my camera when I took the first image," reports photographer Yuri Beletsky, who recorded luminous bands of red rippling across the sky. "The airglow was absolutely insane!" he says. "Parts of the Milky Way were barely visible because of the intense red glow."After sunset, the afterglow appears--usually green, but sometimes red. Beletsky is a veteran photographer of airglow, having captured it dozens of times from sites in Chile and the South Pacific. "The intensity of airglow varies, and sometimes it can be more prominent," he notes. Last night, it was very prominent indeed.

Severe accidents and snow in United Kingdom. March 1, 2018. Detailed report. Some Videos and many photos are in there!
(I wouldn't be surprised if such weather will last till May! How else would you make aliens and people to leave the Planet!? LM).

M4 Wiltshire eastbound. M4 Wiltshire eastbound severe accident, between J15 for A346 Marlborough Road and J14 for A338. M4 Wiltshire - Two lanes closed on M4 eastbound between J15, A346 (Swindon East) and J14, A338 (Hungerford), because of an accident.Sleepout to help homeless cancelled. This Friday's #Sleepout18 is sadly cancelled. BUT Team One25 are absolute heroes and now thinking how they can still give up their comfort to raise cash for women who desperately need support. Bath tub? kitchen floor? Any others? We think you're awesome. Before and after... How much snow have you had? The before and after shots. 24cm with more forecast overnight after the freezing rain! (and this is 'it rarely snows' Somerset!). Frozen pipes advice as water companies deal with emergencies. We’re getting lots of calls this morning from customers who are finding that the pipes in their home are frozen. If problems with your water supply are because your pipes are frozen, we’ve got some tips and advice on what you can do. Water companies say they are dealing with emergency calls across the region. Wessex Water have said they will only deal with urgent calls. Most calls are about frozen pipes. Here's the latest advice on what you can do to prevent them, and what to do if your pipes fall foul of the weather. The cold weather and snow is set to continue over the next few days which can cause pipes to freeze or burst. Major incident declared over hospital staff shortages. A major incident has been declared in Avon and Somerset after essential hospital staff were unable to get to work because of the snow. Police said Somerset's main hospital trusts and the ambulance service requested the multi-agency response as hundreds of people remain stranded in vehicles across the region. A major incident has been declared in the Avon & Somerset Force area due to the impact of the continuing severe weather. Show community spirit and check on your neighbours. The vulnerable and elderly are particularly at risk during the cold, wind and snow. Gloucestershire Police are asking that people check on neighbours and get in touch with care providers where necessary. Age Concern point out the risks to older people on their website. Exposure to the cold can have a devastating impact on older people ... Breathing in cold air lowers the body temperature, and raises the risk of chest infections, heart attacks and strokes. Lorries get stuck in Salisbury. Good Samaritans help lorry driver get on the move again after it got stuck on Castle Road. 2 other lorries not so lucky. Severe accident: M4 Berkshire westbound. M4 Berkshire westbound severe accident, between J14 for A338 and J15 for A346 Marlborough Road. M4 Berkshire - Lane blocked on M4 westbound between J14, A338 (Hungerford) and J15, A346 (Swindon East), because of an accident. Love the snow glinting in the lights at night - #Bristol at its best in #Winter! The Beast From The East can cause chaos, but it's always so beautiful at this time of the day. How to ski in Bath - you need a 4x4 (video). There are plenty of heartwarming tales of people going out of their way to help others in the cold but, judging by the black scribbles on this photo, these good Samaritans didn't want any glory for helping wheel a neighbour's shopping up the hill in Nailsworth earlier. Hot (stinking) bath to warm up? Roman solution closed tomorrow. In response to Police advice that people do not travel tomorrow, the Roman Baths and Pump Room will be CLOSED on Friday 2 March. Age Concern in Cinderford is busy preparing for the snow - by making clients enough meals to last four days. Age Concern gear up for extra support for the elderly (video). CLOSURE DUE TO SNOW. Zoo closes gates in interests of safety. Bristol Zoo Gardens closed its gates for the afternoon and says it will not open again until 11:00 on Friday at the earliest. It says it has been taking extra measures to keep the animals warm. Bristol Zoo Gardens is closing at 1pm today (1st March 2018) because of the severe weather. We will also not open until 11am tomorrow at the earliest. The decision has been taken in the interests of safety for both our guests and staff. Meanwhile, extra measures are being taken to ensure our animals keep warm in the sub-zero temperatures. Tomorrow: no school buses and day centres close. There will be no school buses in Somerset tomorrow and most of the schools have already said they will close as Storm Emma closes in. Bristol council's adult day centres and community support services which help people live independently are also to close tomorrow. Most of the region's universities will also remain closed. In light of the severe weather, all County Council-provided school transport has been suspended for tomorrow (Fri). Most if not all schools will be closed - parents/carers will be notified by schools. Bristol City Council. Due to the severe weather all Bristol Community Links services, including the Drop In Service, will be closed tomorrow 2 March. University of Bath.  The University will now also be closed tomorrow (Fri 2 March) due to the severe weather conditions. Emergency crews get stuck too. Ambulance with patient on board stuck on a hill@in Long Aston.locals rallied round and pushed it free. Tough going on M4: Lorries and cars getting trapped in terrible conditions. We're getting reports of numerous lorries and cars getting stuck on the M4 between Bristol and Bath. Here was the scene a short while ago (video). Don't drive up hills (or down them). Please DO NOT attempt to drive your vehicle up a hill which has snow on it. People are risking this and getting stuck or their cars are rolling back down the hill into other vehicles. The snow and ice is worsening. Do not travel unless an emergency. Ambulance crews battle weather to report for duty (mentally blow up all ambulances - there is no need for them! LM). It has taken some of our staff more than four hours to get in to work this evening (good!) and many will be working through the night and again tomorrow to keep you safe. Bath Half 'monitoring the weather'. The organisers of Bath's half marathon, due to take place on Sunday, say they are "monitoring the weather situation" closely. "Weather conditions have worsened with significant snowfall this afternoon, plus heavier snow and freezing rain forecast for Bath overnight and tomorrow (I hope it will last till May! LM). In light of these worsening conditions and following further consultation with Bath & North East Somerset Council, Avon & Somerset Police and other agencies we will review tomorrow if the event will proceed. An announcement about a decision whether to continue with the race is expected by 15:00 on Friday. Hotwell Road in Bristol looking very snowy indeed. Beat team have responded to reports of vehicles driving antisocially and dangerously at various locations. You are risking your own lives and the lives of others. A number of follow up visits & positive action to deal with these drivers will take place next week. Yeovil hospital cancels all planned and outpatient appointments on Friday. Due to the severe weather affecting Somerset, all planned and outpatient appointments at Yeovil Hospital on Friday 2 March have been cancelled. Patients have been directly contacted. We urge visitors to not attempt visiting the hospital tomorrow unless absolutely vital. Cherry Gardens in Bristol getting slippy. Avoid cherry gardens road in bristol at all costs just seen more than 6 cars get stuck up the hill. Even if you think you can 4WD are getting stuck don’t try it, it is a main road just avoid it. South Glos buses suspended until at least 6am Friday. South Glos Council. Please note that all bus services in South Glos have been suspended until at least 6am tomorrow (2 March) when weather and road conditions will be reassessed by the bus operators. Blackboy Hill in Bristol covered in snow and ice. Blackboy Hill as you haven’t seen it before. Avon&Somerset Police. We're dealing with up to 100 cars stranded in #snow on A303 at #Ilminster & a further 20 on the A358. Avoid Bristol Temple Meads: Trains stranded and major delays. URGENT UPDATE - Please avoid Bristol Temple Meads. We have several stranded trains, and major delays. We do not expect many train to run this evening. Travel: Delays on M4 eastbound near Bath junction. Reports are coming in that a number of vehicles have become stuck in the snow on the eastbound carriageway of the M4, near the Bath junction..Several vehicles appear to have been involved in the collision but some are managing to get past. Trowbridge under a blanket of snow. A431 at Kelston impassable for most traffic. A431 at Kelston impassable both directions to all but 4wd. I know there is lots of traffic on other routes but do try to stick to the main ones (or ideally not travel!). Travel: Heavy snow takes its toll on the West's motorways. These pictures, taken a few moments ago, show the extent of the snow across the West. Motorists are being advised only to venture out in a dire emergency. Pictures: M4 near the top of the M32, Bristol. M4, Second Severn Crossing. M5 near Weston-super-Mare. M4, near Swindon. Severe accident: M4 Berkshire westbound. M4 Berkshire westbound severe accident, between J14 for A338 and J15 for A346 Marlborough Road. M4 Berkshire - One lane closed and slow traffic on M4 westbound between J14, A338 (Hungerford) and J15, A346 (Swindon East), because of an accident. Major incident declared for Somerset's health services. A major incident has been declared for health services in Somerset after severe weather and treacherous driving conditions meant some essential staff have been unable to report to their place of work or make home visits to patients in the most rural parts of the county. All is quiet (almost) on Bristol's ring road. This is the scene on Bristol's ring road - some people are still attempting to drive, with varying degrees of success, despite repeated warnings not to travel. Perhaps some of these people were trying to get to Bristol Hippodrome after the theatre announced tonight's performance of Wicked would go ahead. Village community rallies-round to help stuck ambulance. An ambulance, which was carrying a patient, got stuck in the snow in Long Ashton, earlier this evening. Villagers soon rallied round to help the driver on his way to hospital. Forest of Dean roads all but deserted after snow hits (video). It's covered in snow so many drivers have decided against going out. 'Significant disruption' to rail services expected. Great Western Railway is warning passengers to expect "significant disruption" to services for the rest of Thursday and into tomorrow. It said if trains are able to run they may be delayed or subject to extended journey times. "Reducing the number of trains on the network in a planned way allows the services that do run to operate more smoothly, reducing congestion and delays during difficult conditions," a spokesman said. He added passengers should check with National Rail Enquiries before setting off. Where trains are cancelled and branch line routes suspended, GWR will not be able to provide road replacement transport due to road conditions. Great Western Railway. Severe accident: M4 Gloucestershire eastbound. M4 Gloucestershire eastbound severe accident, at J18 for A46 Bath. M4 Gloucestershire - M4 partially blocked and stop-start traffic eastbound at J18, A46 (Bath), because of an accident and snow. Weston-super-Mare roads 'barely passable'. Majority of roads (minor and major) are now barely passable. People are still out driving, getting stuck & getting involved in accidents. 'Lots of calls' coming in from stranded motorists. Lisa is a call operator at Avon and Somerset Police. Lots of calls from stranded motorists on main roads and motorways. I can’t believe people are not listening to advice from professionals. Severe disruption: M5 Somerset southbound. M5 Somerset southbound severe disruption, at J23 for A39. M5 Somerset - M5 exit slip road closed southbound at J23, A39 (Bridgwater North), because of snow. Have a look at some of the snowy scenes across the West of England (video). Snow moments from across the West Country. Severe disruption: A36 Hampshire both ways. A36 Hampshire both ways severe disruption, between A3090 and Peters Finger Road. A36 Hampshire - A36 Salisbury Road blocked, long delays and stationary traffic in both directions between West Wellow Services Roundabout in Ower and the Peters Finger Road junction in Britford, because of snow. Ian Fergusson has the latest snow forecast for the region (video).
Don't worry - If your car is stranded in Bath, you won't get a ticket. B&NES Council: People can leave their cars in council car parks overnight, if needed - we won't issue tickets. We will review road conditions at 10am and take a common sense approach. We won't enforce if road conditions make it impossible for people to move their cars. Farmers to the rescue. We're getting an increasing number of reports of traffic incidents across the region as the evening draws in and the snow storm intensifies. In Monkton Heathfield, a farmer in his tractor has come to the rescue of motorists whose cars have got stuck as they try to get up Yallands Hill. Easyjet have cancelled all flights until midday tomorrow. Severe disruption: M5 Somerset northbound. M5 Somerset northbound severe disruption, between J20 for B3133 and J19 for A369. M5 Somerset - Very slow traffic and two lanes closed on M5 northbound between J20, B3133 (Clevedon) and J19, A369 (Portishead), because of a broken down vehicle. Severe accident: M5 Bristol southbound. M5 Bristol southbound severe accident, between J19 for A369 and J20 for B3133. M5 Bristol - Very slow traffic and two lanes closed on M5 southbound between J19, A369 (Portishead) and J20, B3133 (Clevedon), because of an accident. Severe accident: A368 Somerset both ways. A368 Somerset both ways severe accident, between A37 and A39. A368 Somerset - A368 in Chelwood blocked and stationary traffic in both directions between the A37 junction and the A39 junction, because of an accident and snow. Travel: Motorways around Bristol and Somerset. A few more views from the roads around the West. First is the M4 near Bristol - just east of J19. Second is the M5 at Filton, and the last image is the M5 near Burnham. Travel: View of the A303 - which is under snow. The A303 is struggling quite badly with snow. The first camera is near the Cartgate roundabout. The second is at Mere in Wiltshire. No travel after 8pm: HIghways England advice for West. We are encouraging people not to travel in the SW between 8pm today (1 March) and 2am tomorrow (2 March).

Winter Storm Riley Brings Highest Tide in 58 Years. Mar 2, 2018. Winter Storm Riley will hammer the Northeast with significant, long-lived and potentially life-threatening coastal flooding, damaging winds, heavy, wet snow and heavy rain, becoming an intense nor'easter that will linger offshore into the weekend. A southward dip in the jet stream currently sliding through the Great Lakes region will steer an area of low pressure eastward into the interior Northeast.  Riley Winter Storm MILLIONS without Power...

The BEACH Completely DISAPPEARED!!!! | Algarve Luxury Concierge, Mar 1, 2018. One of my favourite Beaches Completely Disappeared with the ocean and big waves. Check the Video recorded this afternoon. "EMMA" Storm arrived to the Algarve. 


US. K I L L E R Riley Winter Storm MILLIONS without Power. Mar 3, 2018. Winter Storm Riley K i l l s  at Least 7 in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. More than
2 Million Lose Power. More than 2.1 million customers lost power in the mid-Atlantic, Northeast and Great Lakes. States of emergency were declared in Maryland and Virginia. Winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings and high wind warnings are in effect from the Northeast to the Mid-Atlantic, according to the National Weather Service. The state of Massachusetts has seen more than 100,000 power outages, with authorities warning that additional power cuts are likely. Some coastal communities have been ordered to evacuate, with nearby homes expected to receive extensive damage.

Climate & Extreme Weather News #103 (March 12th-17th 2018) PART I
Climate & Extreme Weather News #102 (March 10th-12th 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #100 (March 4th-7th 2018); #101 (March 7th-10th 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #99 (March 3rd-4th 2018); #98 (February 27th-3rd March 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #97 (February 23rd-26th 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #96 (February 20th-23rd 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #95 (February 16th-20th 2018)
Climate & Extreme Weather News #94 (February 13th-16th 2018)

Portugal. Mini- tornado FARO - ALGARVE. Tornado no Algarve Portugal. Video no Forum Algarve Shopping Centre. The video was made a few seconds after the impact of a tornado into Forum Algarve Shopping Centre in Faro Portugal. 04/March/2018


More about Dolphins and Whales you can read and watch on our Page : About Dolphins and Whales - Больше о Дельфинах и Китах

This happened on our Earth!!! 1-4 , 5-7, 8-11, 15-16, 16-19 March 2018 - Это случилось на нашей Земле!

Hайден пульт управления миром(оригинал). Jan 9, 2018

How chatbots could replace your HR department. 16 March 2018.
(This is a typical abbriviated name of an article on bbc.com : a few Capital Letters and unknown words. They don't explain that HR - harrasment report and chatbots - robots. Looks like a foreign language! LM).

ЕВРЕИ тайные ЗЛОДЕИ - Габриель Боден. Jan 4, 2017


Anomalous Rainbow in winter, 3 December, 2017, Lapland, Finland (Аномальная зимняя Солнечная радуга, 3 декабря 2017, Лапландия, Финляндия)

A few funny pictures from Earth's Planetary Game. Больше юмора на Странице : Смешная Сторона Планетарной Игры - Funny side of Planetary Game

Videos of beautiful relaxing performance:

СУПЕР!!! Мурашки по телу...Любимая мелодия!"Адажио" G minor

HAUSER - Adagio (Albinoni) Nov 20, 2017

HAUSER - Meditation from Thais (Massenet)

HAUSER - The Swan

HAUSER - Oblivion (Piazzolla)

2 CELLOS - Californication [LIVE VIDEO]

Dimash Singer (nonstop 1,2,3,4,5.6,7,8,9,10,12,14) (an astonishing singer! LM)

КOFL! Golden Buzzer Comedian Makes Judges Can't Stop LAUGHING! | Semi Final 5 | BGT 2017

Top 10 Amazing Street Performers Musicians That YOU MUST SEE

Scary North Korean Gifted Youth Program Kids. Jun 17, 2012. Mаленькие корейцы жгут мурку

Cha Sun Chong et al. - "Our Kindergarten Teacher" Dec 2, 2010

Chongam Kindergarten, Chongjin. Apr 15, 2012

North Korean Kids playing Violin. Oct 15, 2012

Piano - Kim Tae Ho, Ri Chi Yeon - Ragtime. Nov 22, 2014

North Korean Children show at Sinuiju kindergarten. Sep 30, 2014. This is what the kids at the Sinuiju kindergarten do daily for tourists. Pretty "impressive", if you want. This show is held more or less every day for Chinese tourists. They visit Sinuiju on day tours that are run from Dandong in China, just across the Yalu river. You can hear the guide speaking in mandarin. This kindergarten is open to tourists and can be visited by everyone with tours operated by Uri tours or Koryo group, or using Chinese one day trips from Dandong.

"We Are Grateful to Generalissimo Kim Il Sung" May 2, 2012. Песня и ансамбль оынгымов «Мы благодарны маршалу Ким Ир Сену»

Lyu Su Yeon (2) {DPRK Music}

"A Goat" (Segori Kindergarten)

There are many photos of unusual flowers and color arrangements on these links :  Unusual Plants
Rainbow Colours
Many trees in Japan are bended, because Japan has a lot of Portals, which bend trees. The same is happening to trees in our garden around our Centre in Australia: many trees are bended, because of Portals. Here is a picture:

China made an artificial star Feb 16, 2016

Man-made Star Shines in the Southern Sky. Nov 15, 2006

Make The Atmosphere Disappear With Adaptive Optics. Jul 29, 2014. How do astronomers get clear pictures of the stars when there's the earth's atmosphere in the way? Today we get to see adaptive optics in action.  Thanks to Masen Lamb and NRC-HIA for making this video possible.

Homeless People in Anaheim, California or Third World Country? Jan 17, 2018

Helicopter over Santa Ana River viewing homeless community near Disneyland. Oct 20, 2017

Santa Ana River Trail Homeless Camp Eviction Noticeю Feb 1, 2018

90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly and this is why. Feb 8, 2018. This is why 90% of you will go to FEMA camps willingly. A good solar day. Legacy will now ship food in 1 or 2 days after the order use the discount code of FASTSHIPPING and you will get 20% off order threw February 19th.

Flying Over FEMA Site (A MUST SEE) Hundreds OR 1,000'S of White...Jun 2, 2012

People are still living in FEMA's toxic trailers. Aug 27, 2015. Ten years ago Hurricanes Katrina and Rita tore into the Gulf Coast and displaced over a million residents. For many of these people, trailers provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency became their homes. But many of the new occupants soon found it hard to breathe, suffering flulike symptoms, stinging eyes, and nosebleeds. The culprit was formaldehyde, which emanated from the hastily assembled, substandard materials used to make the trailers. The toxic FEMA trailers became an embarrassment to the agency and, in the eyes of many, emblematic of the government’s mismanaged response to the disaster. A decade after the storms Distillations followed CHF researcher and medical anthropologist Nicholas Shapiro as he went searching for the remaining FEMA trailers. His search took him to the oil fields of North Dakota, where a different kind of housing crisis is taking place.

FEMA MASS GRAVES IN HOUSTON, TEXAS (Oct. 2, 2012) They Are Prepared !
(Religious people are so scared to lose their bodies! People complain that it is difficult to live on Earth, but don't want to part with it! LM).

SCARY Amount of FEMA Camps In The United States. Jan 19, 2018. There over 800 FEMA camps in the United States, all fully operational and ready to receive displaced/subversive people. They are all staffed by full-time employees, but they are all empty. These camps are to be operated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) should Martial Law or (Executive Directive 51) need to be implemented in the United States. The FEMA camps all have railroad facilities as well as roads leading to and from the camp facilities. Many also have an airport nearby. Currently, the largest of these facilities is just outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The Alaskan facility is a massive mental health facility and can hold approximately 2 million people.

Homeless People Being Abducted And Sent To FEMA Camps, Claims Insider. SEE ANOTHER LINK BE FabricOfTimeNetOnWater2018US.jpg  FEMACampsInUSMap.jpg

Homeless man tells story

URGENT! People! Families Disappearing! Vanishing! In Michigan! Oct 15, 2017

It's Happening Everywhere! UPDATE Vanished Flint Michigan! Who's Taking Them! Oct 27, 2017

Vanished In Michigan! GONE! People Disappearing! This Time AT Meijer! Allison's Story! Oct 24, 2017

Denver's Homeless Round-up-FEMA Camps hidden behind humanitarism. Dec 24, 2014

Climate & Extreme Weather News #68 (September 14th -17th 2017)

A few Videos and Articles about Disasters, more on our old site and on : Worlds are turning into dust

Instead of fast end, we have a slow agony of dying. Heatwave in 10 European Contries 7 August 2017 - map -
Волна Жары в 10 Европейских странах 7 августа 2017

Recommended films, videos and articles:

Boiling hot days in store for much of southern Australia

The last months Storm footage in time lapse Kimberley Western Australia. Jan 1, 2018. The rains finally arrive, Lets hope its a good Monsoon, Until next month youtubers.

Australian bushfires destroy buildings during heatwave. Jan 6, 2018. Bushfires destroyed buildings and threatened lives as a heatwave hit three Australian states with temperatures in excess of 46C (104°F) on Saturday (January 6).
(Жара сейчас в некоторых штатах как Южная Австралия, достигает +46С! ЛМ).

BOM - The Bureau of Meteorology predicts Sydney (Australia) to rise through 36C September heat this Saturday - 23 Sep 2017

A heatwave is expected to turn Sydney's spring on its head this Saturday with temperatures forecast to soar past 36 degrees Celsius in parts of the city...Meanwhile, in western New South Wales, temperatures in the towns of Bourke and Brewarrina are forecast to hit 40C on Saturday...

Bushfire survivors in Adelaide Hills (Australia) undertake 'extreme' rebuild of home complete with bunker, 22 Sep 2017
"The Richardsons lost almost everything they owned in the devastating 2015 Adelaide Hills bushfire. "What I didn't lose was my work vehicle, the wife's car, a cat, a basket of dirty clothes..."

The revival of abandoned US schools - 22 Sep 2017 (just look how these addicts, who complain all the time, want to revive all junk and continue the Planetary Game! LM)
There are 30 abandoned schools in St Louis, which is the result of "white flight" and a rapid population drop. 

Mexico 7.1 earthquake: Girl reportedly trapped under school rubble didn't exist

Hour after excruciating hour, Mexicans were transfixed by dramatic efforts to reach a young girl thought buried in the rubble of a school destroyed by a magnitude-7.1 earthquake that has killed 273 people...But she never existed, Mexican Navy officials now say.  

Video : Красные спрайты в ночь с 3 на 4 августа 2017 года. Красные спрайты над далёкой грозовой системой. Снято в Ирбитском районе Свердловской области

Blue jets and Red sprites . Mystery of the Red Sprites. Feb 1, 2016. As night falls, astronomers at Chile's La Silla observatory are just starting their observations. Suddenly, a strange red flash of light appears on the horizon.

ГРОЗА В США! ЖУТЬ! 14.08.2017

В Чили волны достигают высоты 15 метров - Aug 16, 2017

Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P181, Aug 22, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P180,  Aug   , 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P178, Aug 11, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P175, Aug 8, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P172, Aug 5, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P169, Aug 2, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P168, Aug 1, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P167, Jul 31, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P166, Jul 30, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P165, Jul 29, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P164, Jul 28, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P163, Jul 27, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P162, Jul 25, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P161, Jul 24, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P160, Jul 23, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P159, Jul 22, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P158, Jul 20, 2017
Amazing Monster Flash Flood Caught On Camera P157, Jul 19, 2017

India. North Bengal Flood | Part - 2 | Cooch Behar Flood | Jalpaiguri Flood | Alipurduar Flood.  13 August, 2017: Flood situations of North Bengal worsens after heavy rainfalls at night. 5 districts of North Bengal are affected by this flood. Local people of Cooch Behar admits that they had never seen such flood before. Dams Have been broken in many places. Jaldhaka, Torsha, Raidak, Mahananda flooded their blanks. More than 10 million people have been affected by this flood. Though The State Government has been trying their best to control the situation. People are taking shelter on roads. All the schools of Mathabhanga II has been flooded with flood victims and homeless people. Huge number of property worth many crores have been destroyed. Many domestic animals and pets died after today's flash flood. But the great news is that rain is slackening down gradually.

The surprising truths and myths about microchip implants. By Richard Gray (perhaps an alien is writing if you read the beginning, LM)

2 August 2017
"...It was actually a surprisingly violating experience. Williams installed his chip himself, using plenty of iodine to keep everything sterile. “There was almost no pain at all,” he says. “Removing the tag will be a little harder, but with a scalpel and pair of tweezers it's not a huge job.” Hacking and security concerns, however, are less easily hand-waved away. RFID chips can only carry a minuscule 1 kilobyte or so of data, but one researcher at Reading University’s School of Systems Engineering, Mark Gasson, demonstrated that they are vulnerable to malware. A surgeon injects the glass encased implant into Gasson's left hand. Gasson had an RFID tag implanted in his left hand in 2009, and tweaked it a year later so that it would pass on a computer virus. The experiment uploaded a web address to the computer connected to the reader, which would cause it to download some malware if it was online. “It was actually a surprisingly violating experience,” says Gasson. “I became a danger to the building’s systems.”
While regular workplace entry cards can be hacked too, the very attribute of an RFID implant that makes it so convenient — the fact that it can't be forgotten or left at home — is also its biggest drawback. When a subcutaneous gadget goes wrong, the experience can be far more harrowing. Implantable technology can’t be easily removed or in this case even switched off,” Gasson says. “I felt like the implant was a part of my body, so there was a real feeling of helplessness when things aren’t right.”

Красные спрайты в ночь с 3 на 4 августа 2017 года. Aug 7, 2017. Красные спрайты над далёкой грозовой системой. Снято в Ирбитском районе Свердловской области на сверхчувствительную видеокамеру.

Incredible: Children Have No fear of Pythons, Jul 6, 2017

Activity of geology, hundreds of sinkholes, the ground suddenly collapsed. Jul 22, 2017 (not a bad video, though it's a bit religious. LM)

All floods worldwide are organised and are happening to prevent fires. If it's not done, the whole Earth will be on fire! More info on :  Worlds are collapsing

Purse flooding in Nepal. Мощные ливни и оползни в районах Непала вызвали наводнение.

Jaw dropping extreme hail - Baseball to Softball! - Simply amazing. Another unbelievable climate chaos weather event of overwhelming intensity and strength. Becoming unsafe...Another view from Istanbul from yesterdays destructive storm, this Was probably the peak moment. Simply amazing...

Wildfires in Corsica and Riviera, extreme forest fires in Southern France. Jul 26, 2017. About 12,000 people were evacuated in France overnight!

This happened on our Earth 7-8, 9-11, 14-15 August 2017

Huge HairWorm Parasite inside Praying Mantis - what happen when you put Praying mantis in Water

Почему часть Минска осталась без электроснабжения? Sep 6, 2017. Дневное происшествие в столице. Минск сегодня пережил очередной блэкаут: обесточенными оказались несколько районов и пригороды. Об отсутствии света, воды, сбоях в работе транспорта одновременно стали сообщать жители мегаполиса.

HURRICANE IRMA NOW COMING IN 3! JOINED BY KATIA & JOSE! THEY COME IN THREES! WEATHER & TECHNOLOGY! Hurricanes Irma, Jose, and Katia, all at once on 9/6/17. Live: Tracking Orlando Hurricane IRMA Set to SLAM FLORIDA - Hurricane Irma intensifying Turns deadly. 8 Sep 2017. Puerto Rico will stay without power from 4 to 6 months !

Drone footage reveals staggering damage after Irma in Florida Keys. Hurricane Irma's storm lifted some homes off their foundations, turned others to debris; Phil Keating reports from Islamorada, Florida. Sep 13, 2017.

In Uruguay, waves reach a height of 15 meters. Aug 16, 2017

9 water tornados appeared sumultaneously over Black Sea , Russia, 30 Aug 2017

А good lesson for girls: look what is happening on Earth, now it's not time for marriages! Below is a couple of appropriate videos:
Вам - хороший урок! Дуры-девки, думаете только о своём благополучии! Давно пора заканчивать со свадьбами, посмотрите что делается на Планете! Ниже 2 поучительных видео :

'Livid' brides lose wedding dresses. Dozens of women are demanding answers after a bridal shop closed without warning. 22 August 2017 (a good lesson for them: look what is happening on Earth, now it's not time for marriages! LM).

Wedding dress shop owner tells brides 'we haven't got a penny left'. A woman who part-owns a wedding dress shop in Birmingham which closed without warning said she and her husband had lost all of their savings. Miriam Connolly said they'd invested £65,000 in Emily Eve Bridal Boutique on Smallbrook Queensway, but the business had got into financial difficulties. She said she felt "horrendous" that some brides had lost their dresses and deposits. 23 Aug 2017

Harvey Evacuee on Shelter Conditions: 'Little Kids Should Not Be In The Water'. Aug 30, 2017. Floodwaters are seeping into shelters housing victims of Hurricane Harvey, forcing evacuees to sleep in cots barely above water. The Bowers Civic Center in Port Arthur, Texas, flooded on Wednesday after Harvey made landfall again as a tropical storm. "Water is coming in from every angle," Beulah Johnson, one of the evacuees, said. "They have snakes in the water. They have large spiders." Wading through the murky water, Johnson gave Inside Edition a tour of the flooded area.

Сhain reaction: 30+ cars collide in Brazil, at least 2 killed, 12 injured. A pileup involving more than 30 vehicles in southeastern Brazil has killed at least two people and injured 12 in southeastern Brazil. The press office of the Sao Paulo State Highway Patrol says the accident occurred Wednesday morning near the city of Jacarei when a truck carrying cans of paint rear-ended a truck loaded with metal scrap on an overpass. It said that the pileup ensued when 36 cars behind the two trucks were unable to stop on time and smashed into each other. The truck and several cars caught fire. Aug 30, 2017

Australia thunderstorm asthma risk raised to 'moderate'

The warning is for parts of the state of Victoria. Locals in an Australian state hit by a thunderstorm asthma outbreak last year have been warned of a "moderate" health risk this week. Nine people died in Melbourne last November after rain and wind triggered asthma attacks brought on by pollen. On Sunday, authorities asked people in Victoria to plan for asthma conditions, although they may not eventuate. It is the first warning since an alert system was introduced following a review into last year's event. There are three tiers in the classification system - low, moderate and high. More than 8,000 people were treated in hospital during last year's outbreak. The strain on health resources was akin to a disaster event such as a major bushfire, authorities said. "The number of people affected and the severity of the consequences suggest this thunderstorm asthma event was without international precedent," the review found in April. Thunderstorm asthma typically occurs in spring when rye grass pollen gets wet, breaks into smaller pieces and enters people's lungs, causing them breathing problems.

TIDAL WAVE MIRAGE: Last week, Spaceweather.com reader Honor Wheeler strolled along a beach at Cley next the Sea in North Norfolk, UK. "I was supposed to be bird watching, but was stunned to see an amazingly clear mirage," says Wheeler. "It looked like a tidal wave and in some photos I took people located over the horizon seemed to be floating into view. It was amazing."

Earthquake fault line ripped apart up close M7.8 (Farmland) New Zealand Nov 28, 2016

Odd Foam Clouds turned up in Morocco and another odd cloud on 12 October 2017


Feb 20, 2018. Sinabung Eruption Covers Everything in Ash. When Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano erupted on Monday morning, it shot a towering plume of ash 7km (4 miles) into the sky, blowing away much of its summit. Before and after images show an enormous chunk missing from the stratovolcano following its biggest eruption this year. Indonesia’s Centre for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation said the peak was “completely annihilated.” Devy Kamil Syahbana, a volcanologist, said the missing chunk, known as the “lava dome,” had a volume of at least 1.6 million cubic metres (56.5 million cubic feet). Indonesia raised flight warnings around the volcano on Sumatra island to red, its highest level, and said the ash cloud's top had reached 23,872ft (7,276m) according to a ground observer. Nur Isnin Istianto, head of the regional airport authority, said Kutacane airport in Aceh province had been closed, but the wind direction allowed the airports of Kualanamu, Meulaboh and Silangit to remain open. Mount Sinabung had lain dormant for four centuries before it first erupted in 2010, in an explosion which killed two people. When it erupted in 2014, more than a dozen people were kille d and thousands were evacuated.

What happened on our Planet on
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14  Oct 2017  -  Что произошло на нашей Планете 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14  октября 2017



China: A Nation Submerged

Large avalanche 4 January 2018 Zermatt. Detected avalanche between Zermatt and Täsch on 4 January 2017. Road was closed.

Granizada en Formosa by Victor Andres Gomez - 8 cm Hail Storm in Formosa, Argentina.

Climate & Extreme Weather News #85 (December 1st to 8th 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #84 (November 23rd-30th 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #83 (November 22nd-23rd 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #82 (November 20th-22nd 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #74 (October 14th-17th 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #75 (October 17th-20th 2017)

Climate & Extreme Weather News #76 (October 21st-25th 2017)

Hollywood holds march against sexual harassment
(stupidity of women: instead of mentally destroying our worlds-prisons, they spend their energy on demonstrations! LM)

November 12, 2017
People participate in a protest march for survivors of sexual assault and their supporters on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California U.S. November 12, 2017.
The march was led by Tarana Burke, who started the #MeToo hashtag (centre). Hundreds of people have marched in Hollywood in support of victims of sexual assault and harassment, inspired by the #MeToo social media campaign. The march follows a torrent of assault and harassment allegations against public figures, set off by revelations about the movie mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Manus Island refugees share fears before expected exit, 12 Nov 2017
(stupidity of men: instead of mentally destroying our worlds-prisons, they spend their energy on demands! LM)

Manus Island and Nauru, a small Pacific nation. 'We want freedom'
"It's been 12 days, we are living in hell," he said. "There is no water to drink, no food to eat and no electricity. It has been four-and-a-half years we have been kept here by Australian authority as hostages, tortured... and abused. Tomorrow they are going to use force to drag us out of here..."

Amazing Hologram Technology Is Transforming Our World ''Virtueel Zoo'' Part 13 Jun 13, 2017

7D Hologram Technology Amazing Show in Dubai ! Apr 30, 2014

Мощный шторм в Австралии сносил крыши и валил деревья Бандаберг 7.11.2017 Мощный шторм, сопровождающийся сильными дождями, гигантским градом и разрушительными ветрами, обрушился на австралийский штат Квинсленд. Сильный шторм в Австралии выкорчевывал деревья и сносил крыши зданий

10 November 2017, Arrival of negative nonphysical civilization to Russia (Zelenograd)

Aftermath of 7.3 earthquake in Iranian cities (Compilation), Nov 12, 2017, The death toll 450 people 5500 wounded from a powerful earthquake that has struck Iraq's northeast near the Iranian border continues to rise in Iran. Iranian officials say the temblor has left at least in the country's western provinces. Hundreds of other Iranians have sustained injuries. Meanwhile, rescue teams have stepped up efforts to find those trapped under rubble. Iraqi officials also said the earthquake had killed six people inside the country and wounded 150 others. The U-S Geological Survey said the quake was centered 32 kilometers southwest of Halabja in Sulaymaniyah province. It said the quake was a magnitude seven-point-three on the Richter scale. It has also been felt in Azerbaijan, Turkey and Kuwait. 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Iran Iraq and Kuwait ! 11/12/2017 (First Footage).

Что произошло на нашей Планете 13 ноября 2017

Землетрясение в Ираке, Nov 14, 2017 - Suman más de 500 muertos por terremoto en Irán - Despierta con Loret

ALERT Large Earthquake Hits South Korea, M54. BULL! Lots of Damage. Nov 14, 2017. There is way too much damage for a M5.4 earthquake or even a M5.6. What's going on with the nuclear power plant????

(NEW VIDEOS) Mexico Earthquake 9/19/2017

Poles (from Poland) told to breed 'like rabbits'. A government ad uses the example of bunny rabbits to try to encourage people to have more babies. 9 November 2017

California wildfires surround LA freeway. Homes are being consumed by large fires spreading across the southern California countryside. Firefighters are tackling the blaze as residents flee the affected areas, but attempts at controlling the spread of the fire have been unsuccessful. Drivers filmed the flames from their cars on the 405 near Bel Air  . Flames threaten southern California cities. Thousands are evacuated as Ventura and Santa Paula are threatened by the fast-moving fire. 5-7 December 2017 Craig Strazz captured the ferocity of the fire on Interstate 405 close to the Getty Centre. Raging wildfires in California are threatening parts of the Bel Air area and Interstate 405, a major north-south highway in southern California. The Santa Ana winds are being blamed for spreading the inferno close to the cultural attraction, the Getty Center arts complex, and UCLA, causing major traffic disruption on Wednesday morning. The fires closed the freeway through the Sepulveda Pass as Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted the areas affected. Thomas Fire Destroys Homes. The Thomas Fire in Ventura County has damaged or destroyed more than 150 homes and structures and is threatening 3,000 more structures. Dec 5, 2017. RAW VIDEO -- Ryan O'Kelley Tried Saving Neighbors Home WILDFIRES In Santa Paula Ventura County And Ojai California Thomas Creek Sylmar Rye Fire - BrushFire Burn Santa Barbara Burning embers and high winds helping to fuel a Southern California wildfire that exploded to more than 10,000 acres just hours after it broke out Monday night, forcing the evacuation of more than 400 homes, Ventura County fire officials say. Tens of thousands of customers lost power, according to utility officials. 1 dead and hundreds evacuate in fast-moving Southern California Fire A blaze broke out east of Santa Paula, which is around 60 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. The flames reached nearly eight square miles just hours later. The fire, known as the Thomas Fire, is expected to impact on Ventura, a city of 100,000 people 12 miles away, soon. County have prompted authorities to order evacuations.  1 dead as Wine Country fires burn at least 1,500 homes and businesses, force evacuations, close hospitals Smoke can be smelled as far away as near-by regions are sending fire fighters to help tackle the blazes The Anaheim Fire Department ordered evacuations for more than 1,000 homes in the Anaheim area, as what they're calling Fire2 continues to spread. The blaze comes less as 24 hours after a similar fire broke out in Northern California. Click follow for live updates injected right into your home timeline 12/5/2017!!!
Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes on Monday as firefighters battled a fast-moving wildfire in Southern California that has charred at least 45,500 acres of land, authorities said. Intensified by strong winds and harsh weather conditions, the fire was affecting structures in downtown Ventura early Tuesday, with multiple homes on fire near City Hall. Emergency officials originally said a person died in the fire but later clarified that a dog was killed. L.A. County Deputy Fire Chief David Richardson described the unpredictable conditions that firefighters are facing as they attempt to contain the blaze. "You can only imagine the impact this weather is having on the fire front," he said. "We're chasing the fire and trying to get ahead of it. And we're chasing multiple fronts." Authorities have gone door-to-door to impose mandatory evacuations. So far, about 2,500 homes were under mandatory evacuation in Ventura County as the flames moved southwest toward the coast. Officials said several thousand homes in nearby areas were evacuated because of the fire, although they cautioned that was a rough estimate. "We urge you, you must abide by these evacuation notices," Ventura County Sheriff Jeff Dean said at a press conference late Monday. "We saw the disasters and the losses that happened up north in Sonoma, and this is a fast, very dangerous moving fire." Officials said the blaze started as a 50-acre brushfire in foothills east of Santa Paula around 6:30 p.m. Monday. It grew to 10,000 acres in just four hours, authorities said. Santa Paula's Thomas Aquinas College, which has about 350 students, was evacuated Monday evening. The fire, referred to as the Thomas fire by authorities, knocked out power for more than 190,000 customers in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, Southern California Edison said. Firefighters in Ventura said they were dealing with winds of 25 to 50 mph, which they said made it impossible to fight the fire via aircraft. "The prospects for containment really are not good. Mother Nature is going to decide when we have the ability to put it out, because it is pushing hard with the wind," Ventura County Fire Chief Mark Lorenzen said Monday evening. "As far as getting ahead of the fire, that's exactly what we're doing right now, but it's in defense of structure and property right now, not actually trying to put the fire out," he added. BREAKING: 405 Freeway closed in Sepulveda Pass due to Skirball Fire east of the freeway Wednesday, 6 December 2017. Fast-Moving Flames Destroy 180 Southern California Homes

India cyclone - Ockhi Cyclone Isolates Lakshadweep. Dec 2, 2017. Kochi: Ockhi cyclone has isolated Lakshadweep. Telecommunication systems have been partially damaged. Fishermen who reached Kavarati from places including Cochin have been rescued. It is expected that by nigh Ockhi will move out of Lakshadweep. The light house in Lakshadweep has come under repair due to the gusty winds. The Minicoy light house which is 130 years old has been damaged with the the windows and glass panes completely shattered. Rescue fails during cyclone (ochki) kerala. Cyclone Ockhi: 80 Fishermen From Kerala Missing

Times Mother Nature Went CRAZY Sep 23, 2017


Shocking Footage. How Can Anyone Ignore This! ( Oct 16, 2017)

Here are interesting videos to watch about Antarctic Atlantic and about the destruction of the underground bases on Earth (the latest info). The only thing that I don't agree with David Wilcock's obsession with alien technology and religions, he is a way down of Robert Monroe's Level :

David Wilcock October 22 2017 THE ANTARCTIC ATLATIS & ANCIENT ALIENS RUINS Corey Goode 2017

David Wilcock October 29 2017. SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, LAW OF ONE & R.A MATERIAL - PART 2. Corey Goode

David Wilcock October 24, 2017 THE ANTARCTIC ATLANTIS DISCLOSURE - PART 2, Corey Goode 2017

Nasa’s ambitious plan to save Earth from a supervolcano

(first, they were scaring everyone with supervolcanos; now, after us ruining Earth mentally, they stoped scare tactics and started writing this kind of articles! Human race doesn't need to be saved. Human race will turn up again in the next Old Universe only at the end of its life! LM).
"With an eruption brewing, it may be the only way to prevent the extinction of the human race..."


"Mystical" giant ice circle spotted in Liaoning, China Jan 3, 2018. It can rotate on its own, even with more than a dozen people on it.

Migrant crisis: 'I was sold three times by slave traders' - 29 November 2017 Libya migrant 'slave market' footage sparks outrage

"Harun Ahmed 27, now in Germany. Harun Ahmed dreamed of a better life. Harun Ahmed is one of thousands of young Ethiopians who have attempted the journey across the Sahara to Libya - and from there to Europe. He eventually made it to Germany, but only after surviving months of torture and starvation at the hands of three separate slave traders who bought and sold migrants as if they were cattle..."

Best of Whale Watching on the Monterey Bay as of 7.16.2016. Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Common Dolphin, Risso's Dolphin, Orca-Killer Whales. Chris' Fishing and Whale Watching.

Snippet: Dolphin superpod. Jan 26, 2018. Researchers in South Africa have discovered the largest group of dolphins in the world, which quadrupled in average group size between 2008 and 2016. Dolphin Superpod in Strait of Georgia. Nov 1, 2013. Over 1000 Pacific white-sided dolphins swim alongside a BC Ferries vessel sailing across the Strait of Georgia from Galiano Island to Tsawwassen, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Largest Dolphin Pod EVER... WOW!!!  Aug 26, 2008. About 1000 or more Dolphin 60+ miles off the coast of Destin, FL. This has got to be the coolest thing ive ever seen. Dolphin horseshoe bay vancouver.  Oct 18, 2011, i was doing a service call at gambier island, on the way back to vancouver  100 & more dolphin show up beside our boat , i am soooo happy, double rainbow dolphins . Mar 23, 2011. Dolphins in howe sound between horseshoe bay and bowen island. Vancouver Canada.  Jul 31, 2016.

October, June  2017. Hail, Bangladesh - Argentina - PIEDRAS GIGANTES CAEN EN TODO EL MUNDO !!

Storm with Hailstones. The hour is gathering Jun 22, 2016

Hail rivers, Saudi Arabia - Recopilación Nueva Granizada sobre el Desierto de Taif Arabia Saudí  Apr 25, 2016


Ball - Lightnings are plasmoids, conscious Negative Beings !

Above: Reflection of Town's Electric Lights onto our Skies by internal artificial Earth's spheres with mirrored surfaces (they are wrongly called Light Pillars).  But Reflection of Electric Lights on Water is coming from the sky dome's mirrors! Internal Earth's spheres and the sky dome are made of liquid crystal mirrored layers!

Colorful and Vibrant Red Salt Lakes Decorate City in North China. Jul 10, 2017. The colorful and vibrant salt lakes in the city of Yuncheng, north China's Shanxi Province, were captured in stunning aerial footage on Monday. The dazzling display is thanks to the recent heat wave which brought temperatures in the region up to 40 degrees Celsius. Footage: Algae color ‘China’s Dead Sea’ in red and green. A salt lake in the city of Yuncheng, north China’s Shanxi Province, has proven that Mother Nature is an unmatched colorist.

Оптимизм, держат Газель во время урагана в Новороссийске 28.09.17

Something strange! UFOs Hiding In CLOUDS Above Santiago, Chile?! - 09/25/2017

More about politics of Planetary Game:


Jew - Jared Kushner’s Companies Have Been Subpoenaed By The IRS. Feb 19, 2018. According to a new report in Bloomberg, the companies owned by Jared Kushner and his family have been subpoenaed by the IRS for information regarding their lenders and investments. While details about the investigation are relatively scarce, one thing that is known is that this has nothing to do with the special prosecutor’s investigation into the Trump administration, so Kushner now has a whole new world of problems to deal with. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. Jared Kushner and his family, the companies, the real estate ventures that they own, have been subpoenaed by the IRS for documents relating to their investments, and their investors, and the loans that they have received. Now, this was originally reported by Bloomberg and unfortunately it was kind of short on specifics as to what exactly the IRS is trying to find in Jared Kushner, and his family, and his company's history, but we do know that the subpoenas are asking for information all the way back from the year 2010, which means potentially for seven, eight years now, Kushner and his family, through their companies, have been involved in some unsavory dealings in terms of getting money, lending money, borrowing money, and what have you. One thing the Bloomberg article did point out is that this investigation into Kushner has absolutely no connection whatsoever to the Robert Mueller special prosecutor's investigation into the Trump.  Administration, which means, ladies and gentlemen, right now Jared Kushner is technically involved in two completely separate investigations into potential criminal conduct. You know, Jared Kushner, a guy who has a security clearance in spite of the fact that he hasn't been officially given a security clearance or passed a background check, shouldn't be in the White House whatsoever. I mean, all of the potential signs that are available show us that he should probably be headed to prison, or at least trying to find the best lawyers in this country to defend him, because that's what he's going to need. When you're involved in two separate investigations, one involving potential treason, the other involving potential fraud of some kind with your financial dealings, you're probably not, as Trump would say, the best people. You know, Kushner, to his credit, has been very successful in life. Most of it, almost all of it actually, from his parents and from marrying into money, but there's only so long that you can continue to skirt the law. There's only so long you can do these shady things in public, or private, excuse me, before they become public. That's what Jared Kushner is finding out. We also learned this past week that he and Ivanka's personal debt since they came to the White House has increased by $155 million. Something's not right here. Something's not adding up with the Kushner family finances, and that is exactly what the IRS is hoping to find out from this investigation, and hopefully, at the end of all this, whether it's the Mueller investigation or the IRS investigation, we can get Jared Kushner and his potential threat to national security completely out of the White House.

Jew - Jared Kushner in a struggle with John Kelly over Kushner's Access to classified information. Feb 21, 2018

Jew - Kushner-Kelly rift widens over security clearances. Feb 22, 2018

Analyst REVEALS Jared Kushner May Face The SAME Fate as Paul Manafort. The editor-at-large for CNBC debunked the latest defenses coming from the White House during a Saturday appearance with Alex Witt on MSNBC. “What do the recent developments tell you about how [Robert] Mueller is putting all the pieces together in this puzzle?” Witt asked John Harwood. “Well Alex, we don’t know as a legal matter about collusion, but what we do know is that you had a campaign chairman who had been indirectly on Russia’s payroll through his work for Yanukovych in Ukraine. We know that the Trump organization itself has said that it was dependent on Russian money itself before the campaign started. We’ve got the National Security Adviser to the president having pled guilty and cooperating, and we have a president who has declined to implement sanctions that Congress passed against Russia, who has consistently declined to criticize Russia,” Harwood noted. “And we know that Russian hacking helped him win the election.” Feb 24, 2018

"A Billion in DEBT": Mueller PROBES Jared Kushner SHADY Financial Business. Special counsel Robert Mueller's interest in Jared Kushner has expanded beyond his contacts with Russia and now includes his efforts to secure financing for his company from foreign investors during the presidential transition, according to people familiar with the inquiry. This is the first indication that Mueller is exploring Kushner's discussions with potential non-Russian foreign investors, including in China. Feb 20, 2018.


More about Gays
, Transgenders, 3d Gender - Sexless the most important people is on :  Androgynous Leaders

Carly Williams: 'My heart stopped at my sister's wedding'. Carly Williams collapsed without warning as she walked down the aisle as maid of honour at her sister's wedding.
The bride, Jodie Williams, had been planning her £70,000 wedding for a year. Watch the Victoria Derbyshire programme on weekdays between 09:00 and 11:00 on BBC Two and the BBC News channel. 12 Oct 2017

The Nigerian magazine breaking gender taboos. The magazine was launched this year and challenges masculinity stereotypes. 1 Sep 2017

Our village has been a dead zone in terms of wild animal life for many years now. There is no fish or any sea creatures in the water like it used to be, except occasional jelly-fish and other small newly arriving negative civilizations; no possums, kangaroos, emus, dingo, pythons or other snakes, no cane toads, lizards (except some geckos-Inorganic Beings in our house); not many birds are left as well and they are also materialized Inorganic Beings from our Twin World (upper photo, made 35 years ago, me with our pet cockatoo, who could've been also an Inorganic Being). An interesting detail: sorceresses and sorcerers of Don Juan's and Carlos Castaneda's groups never used mirrors. Mirrors are constantly dictating to human mind, that they are only body and nothing else. You can't see Spirit-Soul of a real human in a mirror.

Recommended Video and a picture below: Mysterious Planet Nibiru Never Seen Before? 2017

Cluster of UFOs Over the US/Mexico Border [SIGHTING] - Sep 8, 2017

Light pollution: Night being lost in many countries

(this article is full of lies as usual. The Planet is losing darkness of night, because we are moving up higher in vibration! The higher we go the more white brilliant Earth will be and we wouldn't need artificial lightning at all! That's how sorcerers like Don Juan and Carlos Castaneda SEE our Planet! LM).
23 Nov 2017
How we are losing the night. A study of pictures of Earth by night has revealed that artificial light is growing brighter and more extensive every year.
Between 2012 and 2016, the planet's artificially lit outdoor area grew by more than 2% per year. Scientists say a "loss of night" in many countries...Their study used data from a Nasa satellite radiometer - a device designed specifically to measure the brightness of night-time light. It showed that changes in brightness over time varied greatly by country. Some of the world's "brightest nations", such as the US and Spain, remained the same. Most nations in South America, Africa and Asia grew brighter. The nocturnal satellite images - of glowing coastlines and spider-like city networks - look quite beautiful...The brightest parts of the UK are getting brighter..."I expected that in wealthy countries - like the US, UK, and Germany - we'd see overall decreases in light, especially in brightly lit areas," he told BBC News. "Instead we see countries like the US staying the same and the UK and Germany becoming increasingly bright... the increases in brightness that we experience will be even greater than what the researchers were able to measure. 'Less light, better vision'...This 2016 image shows India was measurably brighter compared with satellite pictures taken in 2012..."You now struggle to find anywhere in Europe with a natural night sky - without that skyglow we're all familiar with...The Nile and surrounding region are outlined by light at night..."Human vision relies on contrast, not the amount of light," he explained. "So by reducing contrast outdoors - avoiding glaring lamps - it is actually possible to have improved vision with less light.  

Recommended films, videos, audios and articles:

За день до землетрясения в Мексике там наблюдали множество НЛО - video

За один день до мощного землетрясения в Мексике, множество очевидцев сообщали о появлении в небе множества НЛО. Интересно, что подобное нашествие НЛО отмечалось и в 1997 году за несколько дней до мощного подземного толчка. Кроме того множество НЛО фиксировалось над Японией перед землетрясением и разрушительным цунами. В США НЛО часто появляются перед возникновением мощных торнадо, подобно разрушительному урагану обрушившемуся несколько лет назад на Оклахому. Сейчас поступают сообщения о наблюдении групп НЛО в небе над границей американского штата Калифорния и Мексики по линии разлома Сан-Андреас.

UFO's in China

Человек посетивший будущее. Jan 21, 2012. Описание будущей цивилизации физиком - аналитиком Борисом Тихомировым (такая цивилизация возможна, но не в этой Старой Вселенной, а в Новой и на Новой Земле! ЛМ).

Climate & Extreme Weather News #64 (September 6th to 8th 2017)

Clones' best military parade of all time. Oct 8, 2016

Clones' Best Military Parade In The World №1 - China. Jul 31, 2017

FLAT EARTH - How can NASA recover from this, EVER???

No One Has Ever Left Earth On A Rocket Don Pettit NASA. Feb 8, 2017

Flat earth We did'nt land on the Moon Former NASA Scientist admits Game over for NASA. Jan 24, 2017

Flat Earth Proof ~ Buzz Aldrin 7/7/2017 Flat Earth Proof ~ Buzz Aldrin talks "space travel", joe rogan, alex jones, eddie bravo and more

The DNA Hoax Exposed. Jun 24, 2017

THE BEST Flat Earth VIDEO | 1000% Proof The Earth Is Flat | Lets See You Debunk This! Apr 17, 2017

The Swedish physicist revolutionising birth control (if only it could be done everywhere, enough of pregnancies and children on Old Earth! LM)
7 Aug 2017
Elina Berglund Scherwitzl, co-founder of Natural Cycles...

Yazidi survivor: 'I was raped every day for six months'. In 2014, so-called Islamic State fighters targeted the Yazidis, an ethnic Kurdish group in northern Iraq, killing the men and capturing the women and children. Ekhlas, who was 14 at the time, tried to escape up Mount Sinjar but was not fast enough. She was captured and held as a sex slave for six months. 25 July 2017


Video : India's all-women police fighting sexual harassment. Female officers trained in martial arts patrol the streets of Jaipur to rein in sexual violence. Nearly 40,000 rapes are recorded in India each year, but many more are thought to go unreported. Widespread anger over the death of a student who was gang raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012 has driven some progress towards change. 25 Jul 2017.

The increase of White Hot Luminous Clouds over North Pole, the Opening is blackened (July 2017 - photo from space).

Sherry Johnson was raped, pregnant and married by 11. Now she's fighting to end child marriage in America. February 1, 2018

Sherry Johnson, Mother, Wife at 11, USA

Tallahassee, Florida (CNN)In Florida's halls of power, Sherry Johnson is somewhat of an anomaly: a black woman who grew up destitute and survived child abuse. Her story is shocking. Raped at 8 and pregnant at 10, she was forced to marry her rapist at 11. She had to abandon high school after the babies kept coming. For years, she kept silent. But now, her voice rings clear in chambers where the state's laws are made. Her unrelenting public pleas to end child marriage are being heard. After a lifetime of struggle, Johnson's time has come. Finally. At 58, she sports a head full of thick, tight curls and a pantsuit that would make Hillary Clinton proud. She navigates the corridors of the Capitol with a black binder tucked under her left arm, a purse slung over her shoulder and a fierce look of determination. I struggle to keep pace with her as she makes her way past sepia-toned photographs celebrating Florida in the early 20th century, as though they were glorious times for everyone. Past the rows and rows of framed faces of lawmakers who gained fame within these walls. "All men," Johnson observes, as we dash by. Johnson found an ally in Lauren Book, a Florida state senator, who is a co-sponsor of the child marriage bill. On this winter morning, days into the 2018 legislative session, she is on her way to meet with a state senator co-sponsoring a bill to abolish child marriage in Florida. An identical version has been introduced in the House. Johnson has spent the last five years lobbying lawmakers to stop the kind of abuse she suffered in her childhood. An effort to ban child marriage under the age of 16 got traction in the Florida House in 2014, but went nowhere in the Senate. Since then, Johnson's words have fallen on deaf ears. Doors have closed on her. Until recently. As incredible as this may sound, Florida stands poised to become the first state in America to say no, unequivocally, to all marriages of minors. Last year, Texas and Virginia enacted new laws limiting marriage to those 18 and over, but they made narrow exceptions for minors granted adult rights by the courts. The bills before the Florida legislature set 18 as the age for marriage and allow zero exceptions. In Suite 202 of the Senate Office Building, Johnson gets a hug from Lauren Book, a 33-year-old senator from the south Florida city of Plantation, who herself is a child abuse survivor and activist. Book has blond hair, a Florida tan and big, bookish glasses. Her walls are blanketed by inspirational quotations from Plato, Shakespeare and even Coco Chanel: "If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack." She displays a brass desk plate that asks: "What would Beyonce do?" Johnson has been testifying about her cruel childhood at the Capitol. Lawmakers say she has been instrumental in gathering support for the child marriage bill. "Sherry and I have a lot in common," Book tells me. "Until you put a face on this issue, people don't understand," she adds. "And Sherry has been that face. She has been able to destigmatize the process." Book signed on as co-sponsor of the Senate child marriage bill introduced by Lizbeth Benacquisto, a Fort Myers Republican and rape survivor. The two women legislators embraced the #MeToo movement and have been vocal on sexual misconduct allegations clouding the Florida Legislature. In Book, Johnson sees an ally. If the bill passes, Johnson wants to stage a play based on her 2013 autobiographical novel, "Forgiving the Unforgiveable." She's also compiled a budget for a bus tour to promote awareness. She asks Book to help her brainstorm ways to raise money. "When the bill passes, I want the community to know this has happened," Johnson says. "I just want ideas. This is all so new to me."
"You've been working so hard to make all this happen," Book replies. "You have a lot going on. Take a break."
"I can't relax right now," Johnson says without hesitation. "I'm on a journey. I'm coming out'
I first spoke with Johnson a couple of months ago and was taken aback, that child marriage was still a persistent problem in the United States. A girl gets married every 2 seconds somewhere in the world. Child marriages are legal in every US state, because of a hodgepodge of exceptions, that let minors get married with parental consent or judicial approval. A majority of these marriages are coerced and involve girls marrying adult men, according to the Tahirih Justice Center, a national nonprofit group that tracks child marriage and aims to end gender-based violence. The US State Department considers forced marriage a human rights abuse and, in the case of minors, a form of child abuse. Though child marriages represent a fraction of all US marriages, the numbers remain significant. The Pew Research Center found that in 2014, nearly 60,000 15- to 17-year-olds were in marriages. Few perceive America as a land where child marriage occurs; we think of developing nations like Afghanistan, Somalia and my homeland, India, which led the world with almost 27 million child marriages in 2017. If the bills before its Legislature pass, Florida will become the first state to ban, unequivocally, all marriages of minors. My own grandmother was the same age as Johnson 11 -- when she was married off to my grandfather. My great aunt was 14 on her wedding day. When her husband died soon after, she led the austere life of a Hindu widow, ostracized by society until her death at 90 as though she was somehow to blame. I was drawn to Johnson's story and am even more so now, when increasing numbers of women are feeling empowered to speak out about abuse. The women's movement has been gaining momentum and has helped push forward child marriage bills. Besides Florida, a dozen other states have legislation pending, though not all would set a strict age floor at 18. In Florida, Johnson has been instrumental. She has been vocal about the cruel story of her childhood. She hopes, that one day soon, she might be able to stand next to the governor as he signs a child marriage ban into law. That would be the vindication she has so earnestly sought. There has been little opposition to the bill, though critics would still like Florida to make exceptions for minors who are voluntary participants or if their would-be spouses are in the military. Young servicemen and women sometimes want to marry their girlfriends or boyfriends before deploying on dangerous missions. She's only 12, but her father is already planning her wedding
To that argument, Johnson retorts: If you are under 18, you cannot make any other legal decisions. You cannot buy a house, join the military, vote, rent a car or drink alcohol. How is it possible then to make a wise decision about entering into a legally binding partnership, one that is meant to be permanent?
Johnson leaves Lauren Book's office brimming with excitement. "You know that song, 'I'm Coming Out' by Diana Ross?" she asks as we climb into her car. She starts belting out the lyrics: I want the world to know... There's a new me coming out. And I just had to live. And I want to give. I'm completely positive. This is exactly what's happening," she says. "People are coming out. My soul is so happy right now." She has ambitions to organize a conference for survivors of child abuse and child marriage, so they can express themselves in public, just like she did when she testified before lawmakers. "So they can get it all out," she says. She knows the importance of that firsthand. A mother and wife by 5 grade
As a little girl, Johnson lived with her mother in Tampa in the back of the parsonage of their church. She was an only child. Johnson and her mother belonged to an apostolic church and went to mandatory service six days a week, sometimes seven. Hats and long sleeves were required for the girls and women; they could not wear pants or jewelry. They behaved in accordance with strict church guidelines, and the elders told them what they could say or do. Johnson's mother spent little time with her. When she did, it was to bake biscuits and fruit pies for the church. There was no television in the house, but her mother would, on occasion, sit down with Johnson with a coloring book and pencils. That is the fondest memory Johnson has of her childhood. Johnson was forced to marry a man, who raped her. She was so young she did not know how to act and mimicked the married couples she saw at her church. Each day before school, Johnson sought out her aunt for lunch money, because Johnson's mother worked as a substitute teacher and could barely make ends meet. Her aunt lived nearby in the same house as the bishop of their church, and one day, when Johnson was 8, he summoned her into his bedroom. I got your lunch money. Come and get it. He forced her to lie on the bed, used petroleum jelly and penetrated her. He said nothing and then sent her on her way, blood dripping down her legs. Johnson ran to a bathroom to wash herself, but she was a child in the fourth grade. She could not understand what had happened. After that, she was raped repeatedly by the bishop and also a church deacon. But when she tried to talk about it, no one believed her, not even her mother. It happened so frequently that Johnson accepted it as a part of growing up. Her elementary school classmates cruelly told her she smelled like fish. Several months passed when, one day in class, she was summoned to a room, where students received their vaccinations. Johnson was confused. She never got shots; her church forbade them.
Child bride: 'I was forced to marry my rapist'.
She was examined by a nurse and sent back to class. A few minutes later, she heard her name again, blaring through the intercom. She was to collect all her belongings and wait in the office for her mother to pick her up. What had she done wrong? You're going to have a baby, her mother blurted out in the car. Who's been messing with you? I tried to tell you, Johnson replied. But you said I was lying. A doctor examined her and gave her the news: She was seven months pregnant. She did the math and knew it was the deacon's baby. Her mother stood up in church and told everyone her daughter was lying about being raped. She blamed Johnson for bringing shame on the family and sent her away to Miami with the bishop, who had raped her. She was dropped off at Jackson Memorial Hospital and left there alone to have her baby. On a February night in 1970, Johnson, only 10 years old, waited in a hospital hallway. She tried to imagine how a baby would come out of her body; no one had explained it to her. The stares burned through her; she felt like an oddity at an amusement park. At 1:54 a.m., she gave birth to her first child. When she returned to Tampa, a child welfare worker came by to ask questions. She figures her elementary school must have tipped off the state. The men who had raped her were adults and if the truth were to surface, they would face statutory rape charges. Instead, Johnson's mother arranged for her daughter to marry one of her rapists, the deacon. She bought a white dress and veil for her daughter and accompanied bride and groom to the Hillsborough County courthouse in Tampa. Johnson was 11. The man she was marrying was 20. Johnson remembers sitting at a long table that seemed bigger than her house. She remembers her mother speaking with the judge. The judge refused to marry a girl so young, even though she had a baby. But a month later, they tried again, this time in neighboring Pinellas County, where Johnson was allowed to sign on the dotted line. The judge was fully aware of her age; the license lists her date of birth. She had not finished fifth grade yet on March 29, 1971, when she became a wife as well as a mother. So began a life of burden, a life she was forced to accept. Johnson's mother took her daughter to Pinellas County to get married to her rapist. She was 11; he was 20. Marriage before adulthood often has crushing consequences, undermining a girl's access to health, education and economic opportunities. Girls and women in abusive relationships often suffer from low self-esteem and can fall into a self-destructive pattern of attracting more exploitation. Johnson was no exception. At first, she returned to school while her mother looked after the baby. But her church prohibited the use of birth control, and Johnson had baby after baby. Her husband abandoned her each time she was pregnant. She had no choice but to take him back when he returned after the baby was born. They lived in the same parsonage house with Johnson's mother and slept in Johnson's old bedroom surrounded by cribs. Girls her age played with baby dolls. Johnson found herself with real babies. She washed diapers, cleaned the house and cooked one-pot stews. Her husband rarely spoke with her; she was just there for sex. They struggled to pay the bills. She was too young to know how to act, so she watched married couples in church and mimicked their behavior at home. She loved studying and even skipped a grade one year. As it turned out, school was the only normal thing in her life. But that, too, was taken from her. She made it somehow to the ninth grade, but then could go on no longer. By the time she was 17, she was raising six children. She never knew what it was like to play sports or go to the prom or graduate. Robbed of her childhood, she lost all motivation. Every day when she woke up, she cried. Johnson has become a public speaker on child marriage. Here, she watches a video of herself at a recent panel discussion sponsored by the Tahirih Justice Center. It was her husband, who should have been handcuffed, she thought. She felt she was handcuffed instead. She grew tired of her husband's lack of support and sought help from Legal Aid. They wrote her a check for $75 to pay an attorney to file for divorce. But not long after, at 19, she married a 37-year-old man. He, too, hurt her verbally and physically. She bore three more children and was 27 when her youngest daughter was born. By then, Johnson felt the weight of nine children -- five girls and four boys -- and an abusive husband pulling her down. She was frustrated, tired, bitter and, most of all, angry that this life had been forced on her. It began to affect her relationships with her kids. She hollered and fussed at them more often and tried her best to remember they didn't ask to be born. It wasn't their fault. She smiled on the outside, but inside she was always crying. She felt worthless and even contemplated driving her car off the Howard Frankland Bridge that spans Tampa Bay. It was only after she left her mother's church, that Johnson was able to start healing. Through a new church, she met a psychologist, Joan Gaines. The two women began talking. It was the first time, really, that anyone had listened to her. It had taken almost half her life for Johnson to find her voice. I listened to Johnson recount her story, but I couldn't fully understand how she was able to heal after such horrific experiences. I called Gaines for her perspective.
"She was a child with nine children," Gaines told me. "She began to grow up much later in her life." Gaines described Johnson as a smart, resilient woman, who was keen on setting herself on a better path. She was like a round-bottomed roly-poly toy: No matter how many times you knock it over, it comes right back up. Gaines, too, was an only child, but she had a happy childhood. Johnson's mother's actions were beyond comprehension. "You don't have to be nurturing to be a mother," Gaines said. "All you have to have is a vagina."
Johnson leaned on Gaines and looked inward. She learned to forgive her rapists, her mother and, most important, herself. It was time, she realized, to escape the dungeon of bitterness, that was sapping her energy. The past was hurting her because she had chosen to hold onto it. For Johnson, forgiveness was the only way to move forward, the only way she could speak freely about what she had suffered so she could save others. Johnson works as a caregiver and visits Tommye Hutto twice a week to help her out at home.
'The whole state of Florida failed me'
Hours after her jaunt to the Capitol, Johnson makes her way across town to see Tommye Hutto, a 78-year-old woman curtailed by rheumatoid arthritis. Playing lobbyist is Johnson's passion, but her job as a private caregiver pays the bills. She also had been teaching behavior-challenged children at an elementary school but gave that up to focus her energy on the legislative session. Hutto retired as communications director for the California Teachers Union and moved to Tallahassee to be near her daughters. She lives by herself in north Tallahassee, needs assistance around the house and is one of several elderly clients Johnson sees. The day before, Johnson helped a woman in her 90s who can no longer fend for herself. Johnson fixed her a dinner of fish sticks and steak fries and then wrote out a checklist...I watched Johnson intently before blurting out the obvious question: "What's it like to take care of people after you did nothing but that all your life?"
"Well, I have to earn money somehow," she answered. She took this job, she explained, because caregiving is what she's good at. She raised nine children, after all. She moved to north Florida in 2008 after she remarried again. She and her third husband ran a barbecue place together in Tallahassee. But that marriage, too, ended in divorce. Johnson could have returned to Tampa, where all her children were. But that was when she felt a calling. She felt compelled to share her story to make things better, so no one else would have to endure what she had. She did not want her obituary to be confined to mother, grandmother and divorcee. She stayed in Tallahassee and launched her crusade. She turned a small third bedroom into a home office and surrounded herself with her achievements. They serve as reminders, that her life is no longer broken: a volunteer of the year award, a congratulatory letter on her book from Michelle Obama, a high school diploma from Franklin Academy. Johnson took classes online and at the age of 55, marched in the school's 2015 commencement ceremony. By her desk is a card one of her sons sent her on Valentine's Day. "Of all the moms in the world, you are by far the best the world has seen." Johnson became an advocate for child marriage survivors and wants to make sure others will never have to suffer. Despite her struggles, Johnson has no regrets about having her children.
"I still feel like I did everything I could do as a parent. I gave it my best shot with what I had," she told me. "I don't feel less than a mother." On this evening at Hutto's house, her motherly instincts kick into gear. She fixes dinner for Hutto and plops down on the living room couch. It feels like a long day after her rounds at the Capitol.
Sometimes, the two women watch "Wheel of Fortune" together. Tonight, they decide on conversation instead. They discuss the tribulations of aging and one of their favorite foods: fried chicken from the Publix deli...Hutto knows most of Johnson's story and was, like others, in disbelief, that such things could happen in America. She's glad to know the child marriage bill is well on its way to becoming law and that it's getting attention. "What caused you to start advocating?" Hutto asks, her curiosity piqued. Johnson mentions her book and a non-profit she launched to support abuse victims after she began speaking at small gatherings and realized the need. Hutto says she knew of one girl in her high school, who got pregnant, had her baby and then came back to school. But she didn't get married. "Did you know there were over 200,000 child marriages in America in the last 14 years," Johnson says. "Over 16,000 were in Florida."
"That's amazing," Hutto replies. "I had no idea. How did we not know?"
Johnson brings up her own case. "The hospital knew. The school knew. The courts knew," she says. "So plenty of people knew, but nothing was done. The whole state of Florida failed me. I feel my life was taken from me," she says. "The ones, who were supposed to protect me, didn't." No response seems appropriate in this moment, and seconds pass in silence. Johnson looks down and takes a slow bite of fried chicken. In a few days, she will be back at the Capitol, making her rounds -- and hoping that the state that failed her will not fail again.

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Fires are very good Mixers of physical and non-physical civilizations of different color vibrations. On picture below (from video, the address is above) one can see how pink and violet high vibrations are mixing with red and yellow low vibrations and create White balanced Sun Energy!

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Sexsomnia: My boyfriend raped his ex-girlfriend 'in his sleep' -
5 Dec 2017


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From torture victim to human rights student

Sirian Political Activist - Noura Al Jizawi

18 October 2017
Noura Al Jizawi has come to study in Toronto after escaping Syria's civil war. Noura Al Jizawi has survived more than a decade of extreme risk. Now she's going back to her interrupted life as a student. Growing up in Homs in Syria, the 29 year old has been a student activist, experienced imprisonment and exile and has been a leader in Syria's opposition. Now eight months pregnant, she has gone back to her studies, beginning a master's degree at the University of Toronto's Munk School of Global Affairs. Noura's first awareness of human rights - and of their absence - came early: "I remember when I was just a kid, I was angry because we couldn't choose our notebooks. Missing persons.
"We could have only one type of notebook - one with a photo of Assad's father on it." She soon learned that other, much worse things were wrong with her country. "Many of the students, a couple of years older than me, were mentioning their missing fathers. I became aware we had missing persons in Syria. While I was growing up, I remember hearing mothers supporting each other... they were the mothers of missing persons. Those guys were the detainees arrested by Assad's father in the 1980s. Some of them are still until this moment missing … there were no bodies, there was nothing, just silence." Activism and arrests.
Noura came up against the regime as an undergraduate at the University of Homs - and reading books such as George Orwell's Animal Farm chimed deeply with her own experience.
Noura's increasing activism, her work as a blogger, publishing imaginative allegorical fiction, and her readiness to speak out, led to two early arrests. Nevertheless she continued this dangerous work, accessing forbidden websites to distribute anti-regime articles, disseminating ideas of democracy and non-violent protest. "We never believed there would be a real revolution in our lifetimes," she said. And then, in December 2010, the Arab Spring began in Tunisia, and spread rapidly, arriving in Syria with a demonstration in Damascus in March 2011. "For me it was like a dream. We have a revolution." Noura was still in Homs, but was in touch with activists around the country, and abroad. She became an organiser of demonstrations and an advocate for the rapidly rising numbers of detainees. Social media.
In the response that followed, many of her friends were killed, many others imprisoned and tortured. "To be honest we were not shocked, we knew too well that this regime would not allow people to demand their rights. They were more shocked, she said, by the lack of any effective response from the international community. We were saying, back in the 70s and 80s, when there were great massacres in Syria, there was no internet, there no media channels. But we thought, now we have the social media channels, hopefully this would protect us. But it did not protect us." Noura's young life has been against a background of war. Noura moved from city to city, organising, motivating, dodging the authorities - until in May 2012, she was ordered off a bus in Damascus by armed men and bundled into a car. "It was not an arrest, it was abduction, a kidnapping," she said.
Tortured in prison.
Noura emerged seven months later. During that time she was detained in some of Syria's most notorious prisons, and said she had been tortured with electric shocks and beatings. She plays this down, saying that so many have endured - and are still enduring - far worse. For her the hardest experience to bear was hearing the sounds of her fellow-prisoners being tortured. Her captors realised this psychological torture would be more effective in her case - but still she remained silent. Noura explained how she survived: "I was not afraid for myself, I didn't care about myself... I cared only about the revolution… I cared about the people who were still continuing this revolution outside. We were still a non-violent movement on the ground... and I kept thinking about them... I wanted to make sure that in the questioning I would not speak about any one of those activists. I would pray to my body not to break down." Noura was released late in 2012, and believes that an international campaign played a part in this: "For sure, all of those activities protected me. That is why we need this advocacy, all the time, for all detainees and for missing persons." For Noura, the torment continued, as her younger sister, Alaa, had also been imprisoned and was suffering even worse: "They tortured her harder than me, many times, because of me. Alaa was released in a terrible physical state; the family decided they had to leave Syria, and fled to Turkey to get urgent medical treatment. She was my only reason to leave Syria," said Noura. "Otherwise I would still be there."
Geneva talks on Syria. Noura became a representative in peace talks in Geneva. In four years of exile in Turkey, she joined the coalition of Syrian opposition forces, (SNC) and became its vice-president in 2014, as well as being elected to sit on its negotiation panel in Geneva. She joined because she realised this much-criticised group of mainly male, middle-aged "hotel revolutionaries" needed "the blood of youth" and also a strong female voice. Geneva was a real challenge for Noura: "I felt I had to be calm and clever, I had do everything I could do, to interact." She worked hard to get an agreement to break the two-year siege of Homs. Many of its surviving citizens were dying of starvation. 'Scholars at risk'
Noura resigned from the coalition in 2016, but continued working for an NGO she had created, Start Point, which provides advocacy and psychological support to Syrian women who have suffered torture and sexual violence in detention. She had also met her husband in Turkey, another Syrian activist in exile, who was one of a network of cyber-security experts working for the Munk School's Citizen Lab; hence the Toronto connection. Noura came to Canada as one of 24 international students with scholarships in the university's "scholars at risk" programme. With her daughter due to be born next month, Noura is aware of how this might change her activism. But she's determined not to give up the fight. She sees the master's degree as another step to help her continue her work to bring democracy to Syria."

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